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Rusty-Shackleford t1_ir51v7u wrote

New york's hottest club is Guilty!. Located in Little Tokyo next to the Ducati Dealership, this Demerol Drenched freak fest has everything: Armenian Cigar addicts, Fake lawyers handing out rosaries bracelets, Utah polygamists, leaky 55 gallon drums of bio diesel, you name it! Oh and look who it is- famed UAE bad boy and pill afficianado, Sheikh Djibouti! If you stay long enough, we'll get to go search for Gaddafi's lost gold using human shovels.


me_brewsta t1_ir7n51d wrote

What's a human shovel?


Rusty-Shackleford t1_ir7qjb6 wrote

It's that thing where you make a human wheelbarrow out of a Midget but you make it use its hands to dig holes.