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Double_Fabulous t1_ir3vo0w wrote

I didn’t expect to see Ghaddafi mentioned in the story but it makes it 1000000x more salacious


CritaCorn t1_ir40m2w wrote

But Trump selling off our Top Russia Spy to Putin was ok….

GQ article if your interested in reading it, Trumps a fking traitor


djinnisequoia t1_ir424k2 wrote

But, did he ask for a Special Master first? Did he try judge shopping til he found a slavishly sympathetic one? Hey, maybe those documents were pLaNteD!!!1!


surfeat t1_ir43tzn wrote

I'm thinking trump's crimes are more damaging to the country so hopefully the punishment is commensurate.


yiannistheman t1_ir46uew wrote

Sure, but how about the Times:

The Washington Post:


I guess they're all not credible either. At some point, when you've whittled down the list of credible sources to Fox News, you might want to have a look in the mirror.

Meanwhile - the bizarre behavior of cozying up to Putin and NK, withholding classified documentation for no reason whatsoever in a private home with uncleared staff all around - that is just normal behavior, right?


Swimming_Coat4177 t1_ir47fbp wrote

All of these articles show no actual proof. They all say the same thing. You ever stop and think that they may be a little biased. Also, a two investigation into Trump’s alleged Russia connection netted nothing. It was proven to be using a source paid for by the DNC


yiannistheman t1_ir4818w wrote

It did nothing of the sort. In fact, the instructions from Barr in his memory, which they fought tooth and nail to keep private and was released the same day as the report, basically just said "he's the president you can't charge him'. Mueller laid out ten scenarios where obstruction would have been on the table for anyone but the King of the US. Everyone else is subject to trial and conviction based on reasonable doubt, but you'd like him to be standing over the dead body of this asset.


dinoroo t1_ir4qpqo wrote

Dummy, should have run for US President first then he could do whatever he likes.


Morgolol t1_ir4ujvi wrote

You trust that beanie fuckwad? Holy shit. No wonder your sources are so awful. Imagine trusting pool over actual, legitimate journalists.

Also maybe read the report? And who did brick brain interview exactly? Can't find his name


Rusty-Shackleford t1_ir51v7u wrote

New york's hottest club is Guilty!. Located in Little Tokyo next to the Ducati Dealership, this Demerol Drenched freak fest has everything: Armenian Cigar addicts, Fake lawyers handing out rosaries bracelets, Utah polygamists, leaky 55 gallon drums of bio diesel, you name it! Oh and look who it is- famed UAE bad boy and pill afficianado, Sheikh Djibouti! If you stay long enough, we'll get to go search for Gaddafi's lost gold using human shovels.


CrashB111 t1_ir54vpy wrote

  1. No she didn't donate to terrorists

  2. If she donated to a group last year. How would Trump have protected her from anything since he hasn't been president since January 2021?


BinaryBlasphemy t1_ir5p08h wrote

You’re reffering to the Armenian Mafia which is a US based gang. No direct relation to Armenian Mob, in fact there are rumors that the mob has orders to shoot any Armenian Mafia members on sight.


Quincyperson t1_ir5sck8 wrote

Is this the LA Armenian version of the Whitey Bulger story?