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TraditionalGap1 t1_itot9wo wrote

Is attacking military targets really terrorism? We're always condemning them for attacking civilian targets, are there no valid targets for armed resistance?


zxcvb94105 t1_itovdns wrote

One example. 4,600+ Hamas rockets targeting Israeli civilians in the dead of night for a week. Without a strong defense, and interest in defending versus offensive obliteration, tens-of-thousands of Israel’s Jews and Arabs would have been killed.

Enough said.


bawng t1_itp6q4v wrote

But that is not what they said lead up to this.


[deleted] t1_itpkcwk wrote



Bit-Random t1_itr1k9i wrote

Yeah, right, they probably do it for the lizard people and Martians to rule the planet.


ATNinja t1_itp0dh9 wrote

I would say it isn't. But a terrorist organization can attack military targets and still be a terrorist organization for their terrorist attacks.

This organization is only a couple months old but has carried out attacks targeting civilians. So they're terrorists.