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BarCompetitive7220 t1_iu0tzz0 wrote

Dude said he would quit if he was wrong. He was WRONG!


PlayfulParamedic2626 t1_iu0utqa wrote

He lied.


metalslug123 t1_iu36htz wrote

Of course he would lie. Who was dumb enough to believe that shit he was spewing out?


Awkward-Fudge t1_iu1oglk wrote

Those parents have a ton of restraint.


KJBenson t1_iu3m0oo wrote

Let’s see about that restraint after nothing changes.

I give them a year or two before someone takes more immediate action if nothing changes.


Awkward-Fudge t1_iu3tyz8 wrote

I give it 6 months. I can not imagine the magnitude of grief they are pushing through each day.


Uncle_Jiggles t1_iu4iavl wrote

It hasn't even been six months yet since that horrible cluster fuck of a day?


iDuddits_ t1_iu56h0g wrote

Thinking of my kid, the police station would be rubble by now if this was my town. Good luck to them and probs for keeping it more composed than I would


Gorf_the_Magnificent t1_iu34g8b wrote

If this guy were as quick to protect those children during the shootings as he was to deflect the blame afterward, those kids would all be alive today.


Ghuntboy t1_iu3u856 wrote

These guys don't have guns so he can act brave in front of them.


Kizmo2 t1_iu2oswd wrote

He's a paragon of public safety. Leave him alone./s


Katatonia13 t1_iu39icz wrote

“We won’t know how many kids could have been save.” Well know of at least three shots fired on body cam footage and we know officers were there within minutes. We know the door wasn’t locked. I’d say if he was still firing after that long he was there to make a statement and didn’t expect to get as far as he did. He expected to die well before he did so I’d put the over under at five innocent lives if they would have acted and he went in spraying.


vegabond007 t1_iu52668 wrote

Stop paying city taxes till he is gone and the department held accountable. Officers won't stay without a paycheck


JMaboard OP t1_iu54oq5 wrote

Umm he’s state police that won’t effect him.


vegabond007 t1_iu599s5 wrote

Then stop state taxes.


JMaboard OP t1_iu5cwss wrote

Lol you can try doing that but you’d need enough people in Texas to actually effect him. You’d just end up having to pay back taxes.


Sad-Cloud973 t1_iu5j4pj wrote

There’s no income tax in Texas and vendors are the ones that collect sales taxes. The only thing you could really avoid paying is property taxes, and back taxes would be the best possible outcome there. More likely they’d foreclose and auction your home.

I agree that this is just not an option unless you have overwhelming support.


JMaboard OP t1_iu5ngzs wrote

It’s a stupid comment, “just don’t pay state tax so he quits” it would literally do nothing that would effect him.

Better off gathering a ton of people to protest outside his house and follow him around protesting until he resigns.


rrickitickitavi t1_iu0xfi3 wrote

Is that a picture of Kid Rock?


JMaboard OP t1_iu196cb wrote

He’s the guardian of one of the kids that died.


The_Yarichin_Bitch t1_iu2oexq wrote

I thought you meant Kid Rock was a guardian and I was almost commenting "No way 😮" 🤦🤦🤦


indoninja t1_iu1eu6e wrote

Are you the type of person more worried about a grieving family memebers dress and haircut than police coverup?


Ghuntboy t1_iu3ucdn wrote

I mean he looks like kid rock or maybe even Johnny depp in hat. The thumbnail makes it that way and if you get upset at somebody pointing that out maybe you need to take some time off the internet. Try touching grass perhaps.


KJBenson t1_iu3m4zg wrote

I’m honestly surprised it hasn’t come up more for this story. Almost every other story of corruption or incompetence ends up turning into something else this far after the tragedy. I’m glad more people are calling it out here.


Ghuntboy t1_iu3uenu wrote

What? Are the comments not open for discussion? That guy looks like kid rock.


jwccs46 t1_iu1l16r wrote

Is that you, derailing the conversation?