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Thanato26 t1_itxz05l wrote

They don't. Canada is completely independent of Great Britain. To Canada King Charles is the King of Canada, technically separate but equal to that of England.


nrrp t1_iu0dzxf wrote

They are basically in a personal union, a single monarch of a single dynasty holding multiple hereditary kingdom titles. So there's Crown of United Kingdom, Crown of Canada, Crown of Australia, Crown of New Zealand and all the others and a single person of a single house (Windsor, formerly Saxe-Coburg and Gotha) holds all of them in hereditary fashion.


nsdwight t1_itzzhb3 wrote

Do they swear oaths to the King? Indeed. Therefore they're not completely independent. Neither is the UK for that matter. Slaves to the old world system.


Badtrainwreck t1_iu06lhq wrote

Idk if the people arguing against this are pro monarchy and want to bury the connection in semantics as much as possible or are so anti monarchy, but pro status quo that they cannot fathom acknowledging the connection of the monarchy and Canada


Thanato26 t1_itzzpl6 wrote

Depends, members of thr Militsry, New citizens, etc sweath allegiance to the Monarch of Canada, who is Ling Charles thr Third, King of Canada.


TailRudder t1_itysdfh wrote

So.... Instead of referring to him as the king of England we can call him the King of Canada from now on?


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nsdwight t1_iu00esl wrote

Great Britain is the island. Charles is king of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The untied kingdom.

So yes, he's very much the King of England.


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Thanato26 t1_iu1l9y7 wrote

He is still a Prince and is line for the thrown. If his father and brother die before the next heir is 18, Harry rules until thier 18th birthday but not as king.


randomnighmare t1_ity3ohc wrote

Canada claims that the British monarchy is the head of their government. So yeah, it's basically a part of the UK but with some kind of home rule.


Badtrainwreck t1_iu062qb wrote

It’s not a part of the UK it’s a part of the commonwealth which is run by the head of the commonwealth Charles. Idk people would couldn’t just say that rather than saying “no it isn’t”

It obviously is a part of the monarchy in that regard, which is reflected in their currency.


randomnighmare t1_iu09wep wrote

Your head of state (or ceremony head of state) is the same as the UK's monarchy. That implies it's part of the same country but you guys have home rule. Hell, you guys put the monarchy on your money and make people in Canada swear allegiance to the British Monarchy.


davidreiss666 t1_iu2pj5b wrote

Just for the record, the Head of the Commonwealth is the Head of the Commonwealth. All capital letters. As the official title of the Head of the Commonwealth is literally "Head of the Commonwealth". Not "Monarch of the United Kingdom" or any other country. The fact that the Head of the Commonwealth has always been the King or Queen of the UK is just an accident of titling now. The reason the title for the Head of the Commonwealth is such a weird thing is that several -- a majority of the Commonwealth nations even -- are not monarchies. Only 16 of the 56 Commonwealth realms are monarchies now a days. The majority of the Commonwealth realms are REPUBLICS.


Badtrainwreck t1_iu2zubm wrote

😂 come on dude, the guys a monarch and he is the head, it’s not like you guys accidentally keep selecting one of the people in the same bloodline.


davidreiss666 t1_iu52va1 wrote

There is some discussion in the Commonwealth on removing Charles at the next meeting of Commonwealth nations and instead appointing somebody else entirely. Somebody who has real live experience at diplomacy and who would make more sense as the Head of the Commonwealth. The majority of them, being Republics, literally don't give a shit about Bonnie Prince Charlie who accidentally became a King because mummy tripped and died.


Badtrainwreck t1_iu55zuv wrote

That’s exactly what should happen, no monarch should have any position of power including ceremonial ones. If they want to be a king let them be king of their own mind