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Enders__Game t1_ir73wnt wrote

I wonder how many Ukrainian daughters have died because of Russia’s invasion?


code_archeologist t1_ir79gtf wrote

And how abhorrent was their existence in the hands of the Russians before being murdered?


amateur_mistake t1_ir7m3ao wrote

If Ukraine wants to catch up to russia on assassinating prominent russian officials, it's going to have to work much quicker.


khinzeer t1_ir8kizj wrote

I think MANY of these assassinations of high profile Russians have been committed by elements of Ukrainian intelligence. It would be easy for them to infiltrate Russia.

I also think it’s possible that Ukrainian intelligence is also behind the destruction of nord stream. They definitely had the best reason, and probably could have pulled it off w an underwater drone and high explosive.

edit: lol at the downvotes. i support Ukraine's right to do this, it's classic asymmetric warfare, but the it's pretty obvious they are the ones that have the most reason to do it.


Carpet_Wax t1_ir96ler wrote

Russia entered the chat.


khinzeer t1_ir9prvs wrote

I support ukraines right to do this. They got invaded. Putin actually doesn’t benefit from these assassinations OR the pipeline attack.

You probably thought Putin killed dugina, even though it was fairly obvious who was behind it.


Alvinite t1_ircsr2t wrote

>I support ukraines right to do this. They got invaded.

So when some Islamic extremists bombed any Western countries in a terror attack as retaliation for what the West did in the middle east that means they have every right to do so and we shouldn't brutally root it out?


khinzeer t1_ireh6lx wrote

Not all Islamic terror attacks are the same. September 11th really had no pretext, and was responding to Saudi internal politics.

Iraqi resistance attacking American soldiers and media was not something I loved seeing, but it was an inevitable and somewhat justifiable reaction to an illegal invasion, yes.

That being said, while the invasion of Iraq was illegal and bad, what the Russians are doing in Ukraine is an order of magnitude worse, and they should expect a worse reaction.


TheManassaBaller t1_ir8y9h5 wrote

Do you have any evidence or is every country that borders the country of an assassinated politician guilty just because they live close by?


khinzeer t1_ir9pkd3 wrote

They are at war. There’s clear motive and (I would say) moral pretext for doing it.

If I said “Ukraine probably killed Dugina” last week I would have gotten downvoted, even tho it’s obvious.


DosEquisVirus t1_ir76nv1 wrote

Are there ever unplanned car bombings? Of course it was pre-planned.


code_archeologist t1_ir79o8b wrote

They may have hit the wrong target, since it was her father's car.


DistortoiseLP t1_ir7hwt1 wrote

She was more of a less valuable target than the wrong one, because like the article says she was also a frequent and high-profile figure in Russia's disinformation engine like her father, and also one of their more prominent war hawks like him too. That's why they went after him in the first place.

I imagine they wanted to catch the bigger fish, but whoever blew that car up isn't crying over the death of a harmless bystander.


p4r14h t1_ir877o6 wrote

Even in a defensive war, you cannot assassinate non-military or inactive military units. I’m all for Ukraine targeting Russian military targets, but a citizen propagandist is too blurry of a precedent.


Squire_II t1_iraklqv wrote

The only rules that exist in war are those determined by the winner.


IamSauerKraut t1_ir7kvsd wrote

Or, alternatively, her father wanted her gone and caused her to be the target.


Diazmet t1_ir8diom wrote

Doesn’t matter she wasn’t innocent either


ZA-X t1_ir7tlzz wrote

Always use protection


bubblehead_maker t1_ir7dk61 wrote

Oh no, poor Russians. Maybe if they don't invade other countries, they won't have bad things happen to them.


Catacomb82 t1_ir75ols wrote

Honestly who could blame them? Give me liberty or yaddy yaddy ya.


SuDragon2k3 t1_ir76enb wrote

When you're fighting an invasion, nothing is off the table, all tactics are valid.

Why is America surprised when this happens to them?


nooblevelum t1_ir79x0g wrote

I doubt you would have been saying that if someone assassinated family members of political leaders in the US during the Iraq or Afghan wars


Biertrinken t1_ir7g8ze wrote

I definitely would. If someone invaded my country, I'd sure as hell consider their political leadership a valid target.


[deleted] t1_ir7ahl8 wrote



nooblevelum t1_ir7ay6q wrote

You mean the same regime that the US supported during some of those invasions, including helping Saddam target Kurds with chemical attacks? Using your logic then it is definitely justifiable to attack US political leaders in retaliation for illegal wars of aggression and brutal invasions.


Tiktocktheclock t1_ir7qzin wrote

Anger at an event isn't the same as saying that event shouldn't have happened or it's not fair. If there was an retaliatory attack on the US. There would've been anger, and questions would have been "how dare they attack us". Hell in the US education system we learn of the phrase "All is fair in love in war". Usually it's geared towards the romantic side. But the whole phrase is in the education system. It's not a hard jump to have gone oh it would be fair.

So it would've been fair. Hell we still look at the pros and cons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in us government in highschool. And I remember 15+ years ago an assignment where two sides took opposite sides in those bombings.



Proregressive t1_ir7sp0k wrote

Reddit claimed it was a false flag but Ukraine has been assassinating pro-Russian figures in the occupied parts of Ukraine for a while now, this was just the logical escalation.


Liet-Kinda t1_ir85xat wrote

Yeah, I’m having a tough time getting judgmental. It’s war, fuckers, and the last 60 years of Russian battle doctrine boils down to “flail around incompetently and then commit all the war crimes,” so if someone takes a shot at their chickenshit war hawks, my field of fucks is barren.


Pavo_Feathers t1_ir7g6l4 wrote

Wouldn't surprise me if it was true. Not much of a loss, to be frank.


Sbubbert t1_ir9gl36 wrote

Who cares? I say well done Ukraine.


[deleted] t1_ir7t3cj wrote



ChallyPrime t1_ir7yn94 wrote

Russia is still run by mobsters. Anyone can have a grudge or seek more power.


Queensthief t1_ir8asjy wrote

I doubt it, but t if they did, I'm ok with it, asymmetrical warfare is always condemned by the more powerful forces.


MonkeMayne t1_ir817as wrote

Yeah I remember when reddit was saying this was a false flag and now everyone's like "so what". Kinda funny.

Anyway, these kinds of things will not look favorably on Ukraine regardless of the situation they find themselves in. Let's hope the bombings on the oil pipes were not Ukraine either..which honestly they and the US are the only ones that have anything to gain from it. And the US wouldn't do that kinda thing on ally territory. I would hate for them to lose any kind of support, with how well things are going on the battlefield.


medhat20005 t1_ir7ro29 wrote

The "mistake," objectively speaking (if that's possible at all in war), was that any net benefit from this killing was offset by the negative press and perceptions of killing a non-combatant. It's not as black and white as some would make it, for example, the assassinations of the appointed leaders in the Russian-occupied territories seems to be much more socially acceptable, and yet they're not soldiers. The difference in this war is that there's been such a gap between Ukraine and Russia with regards to moral standing that an episode like this that potentially muddies the waters doesn't help the Ukraine side. All that said, I think the American response has been appropriate, and we haven't seen (publicly) that similar events have occured in the aftermath. The earlier this is finished the better, and the complete restoration of Ukraine, including Crimea, is the start. The downfall of the Putin regime is the logical next step, and likely should occur internally. Finally, and some will argue on this, but large scale rebuilding efforts for BOTH Ukraine and a post-Putin Russia will be necessary for an enduring peace. My prediction is that China will swoop in on the Russian side to prop up a pro-China government, while the US and EU will rebuild Ukraine.


roo-ster t1_ir7qyy4 wrote

US knows Russia's government authorized assassination across Ukraine.


mjgoot t1_ir8fj8p wrote

doesnt putin have a daughter?


karsh36 t1_ir8fe2f wrote

Risky game with assassinations - can't quickly get in the disfavor of the public. Especially if the innocent are killed unintentionally


Whargod t1_ir8qf1y wrote

I mean fair is fair.

But why say something now? This is not the time to give Putin the high ground in any sense. Bury it until later.


redux44 t1_iraplfk wrote

Wait, you mean the majority of Reddit that were blaming Russia for the killing of someone pro-Russia were wrong?

Next thing you know it wasn't Russia that blew up a Russian gas pipeline to Germany nor Russia that shelled a nuclear plant they controlled.


AnonymousShmuck t1_irat28g wrote

So Ukraine might also be responsible for the Nord explosions?

Good for them IMO


xkeepitquietx t1_irbo2f4 wrote

Good for them, Russia has been assassinating fools in other countries for decades.


Coopermeister t1_irh78as wrote

Who gives a shit, 1 is way too little. Hit them at home to show the public what they’re dealing with. Slava Ukraini


Dogzirra t1_iriibab wrote

Putin has used bombings to cement his hold onto power, and has a history of killing his own in false flag attacks. His desperation leads me to not trust anything Russian taint -ed.

Russia sent several groups to assassinate Ukrainian leaders. Sometimes it is better to not turn the other cheek and take the high road. Uber-Hawks in Russia need to be on notice.


DaveOfTheDead3 t1_ir7h6k2 wrote

What are the "sources" it's just as likely Putin had this done and trying to make it look like the source MTG? Bobble head Boebert?

Sounds like gossip....more likely Russian propaganda. Ukraine gained nothing by doing it...Putin however....


gunnergoz t1_ir7t2rz wrote

The first mistake is believing anything in CNN ("Credibly Not News"). The second mistake is believing anything coming from US Government about Ukrainian intel sources and methods. The US IC got it all wrong before, why think they're right now? Finally, pro-GOP sources working in government would love to embarrass the Biden administration with this kind of hooey.


[deleted] t1_ir7579a wrote



Boondala t1_ir75znf wrote

Really, we would destroy the ecosystem that keeps us hoomans alive. The Earth will keep on happily cruising around the sun for many more billions of years. Question is, which species will rise up to take our place??


Keshire t1_ir767zo wrote

If Timberborn has taught me anything, it's that Beavers will take over.


Dependent_Yesterday9 t1_ir7b741 wrote

"If youre an animal you want to have a beaver as a friend; they have some kickass houses. That shit is on the lake. Lakeside my ass; Lake-On."-Mitch Hedberg

(Sorry, couldn't resist)


lookslikesausage t1_ir76eyq wrote

I'd put my money on Spam. Spam will rule the world. With an iron fist no doubt.


Gamer3111 t1_ir7730a wrote

Something that thrives in high heat with high concentrations of greenhouse gasses.

And absolutely. Have you Seen what people would do for money?

Personal my bet's on a member of the aquatic kingdom or a corvid of some kind though. Maybe an octopus gets born without it's killswitch in one of those billions of years and takes over the planet.

But who am I kidding, in 10000 years nobody's going to remember there was a border conflict on this planet since we'll have already left this rock to burn.