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DANBlLZERIAN t1_iu2kdjh wrote

It literally says in the article they are looking into the fact that he may have influenced U.S policy


groveborn t1_iu2lcjb wrote

Yes, but people do that constantly. Often at the behest of foreign nations. There's a registry for them to be on. Sometimes people don't get on it when they should, but failure to register as a foreign agent isn't a betrayal, it's a minor crime. It'll be akin to driving without a license.


MSteele1967 t1_iu45wh4 wrote

"Driving without a license'. Whoa - huge understatement to say the least. If he has used his role/training as a CIA office against US interest he is a traitor and should be tried. Even if he had registered as a foreign agent.


groveborn t1_iu5v5sr wrote

I don't think I'm in agreement, but it could be you mean something other than what I understand.

Dude isn't currently employed by the US, but is using his skills as an investigator to investigate people at the Olympics..

I'm not sure how that would be against the US interest. Also, speaking to lawmakers in an attempt to influence them - which is acceptable. He'd need to register as a foreign agent, but otherwise, not a big deal.


MSteele1967 t1_iu5yykr wrote

I don't think you are understanding the situation as well as what limitations former gov employees with clearances are allowed to do and not do. He is not just some guy.