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mtarascio t1_itfxv2p wrote

Didn't call an Ambulance and got himself to hospital before dying.

What's the bet he didn't have health insurance?

Or was afraid cops would show up and shoot him again?


fbtcu1998 t1_itgluyg wrote

I doubt no insurance was a reason. If it was, he wouldn't have even gone to the hospital at all. Avoiding the cops is possible, but I doubt it was because he was afraid they'd shoot him. He could have been involved or had warrants or something like that. Or just prioritized his health first and didn't want to play 20 questions with the cops before getting medical help. My guess is he or someone else thought he'd get medical care quicker by driving him to the hospital rather than waiting on an ambulance. Not that uncommon for people to drive to the hospital vs waiting on an ambulance if time is of the essence.


jrhoffa t1_ith9zyf wrote

The ambulance ride can easily be the most expensive part of an ER visit.


fbtcu1998 t1_iti0b0y wrote

Doubtful in this case. The average ambulance cost in CA is around $600. Granted his could be more given the severity of the injuries. But the average cost for an ER visit in CA is nearly $3k. Considering this was a life threating gunshot wound he'd need x-rays, surgery, blood, etc. He could easily be $10k+ for the hospital bill. I just can't see any way his ambulance ride would be more than the ER.


jrhoffa t1_iti1whq wrote

Last ambulance bills I saw in CA were around $2k a pop.

Are you using the mean or median average? Source?


fbtcu1998 t1_iti2mm3 wrote


Like I said the ambulance part could easily be more considering his injuries, but I can't see how it would be the most expensive part of the entire thing.

Edit: Oh that is just the private ones, 911 probably would go thru a municipality which could be more than the average, but I still don't think it would 10k plus like the ER visit could.


jrhoffa t1_iti6h3o wrote

Still curious what the median costs are, since the mean is early skewed by large outliers.


fbtcu1998 t1_iti8mv8 wrote

I won't pretend to be able to unravel all the layers of that stinky onion. There are costs, reimbursements, different costs based on insurance or not, private vs public, subsidized vs not, etc. A man's gotta know his limits, and untangling medical costs is where I tap out.


jrhoffa t1_iti9457 wrote

Yeah, it's a quagmire on purpose. This is a conversation that should never have come to pass.


vermiliondragon t1_itila9k wrote

I have two pending ambulance bills in California. One is $2600, the other is $11,500 (I think that covers 2 rides). They considered out of network but insurance will still limit what they can collect and, frankly, I just wouldn't pay them if they didn't. They're saying I should expect to pay $250 for one and $650 for the other but I don't have final bills yet.

$10k is a massive underestimate for a surgery and a couple days in the hospital. The per day hospital stay alone is likely $10k. My husband's bypass surgery alone was $115k and that did not include individual surgeons, lab work, anesthesiologists. The anesthesiology bill is pending at $6550 (like the ambulances, considered out of network but assume insurance will reduce it).


skankenstein t1_itgs84c wrote

I know this school. I used to teach around the corner. I also know CA. This wasn’t an insurance decision. We have Medi-Cal.

Edit: He should have waited for the ambulance. In a panic, I wouldn’t remember which was the closest ER while dealing with a GSW and there really isn’t one super close without multiple freeways or surface streets. You def want UC Davis with your GSW and that is far from Grant by car.


justhammerbaby t1_ith2gy8 wrote

Closest hospital is Sutter on L. UC Davis is probably better because of its trauma services. I went to Grant. I remember when they took away night games in the 90’s because of a shooting there.


skankenstein t1_ith31qh wrote

Oh yeah. Sutter is a little closer but UC Davis is ultimately who I would want tending to my injuries.

This isn’t the first death on Grant campus that I can recall since I’ve lived in Sacramento. There was a drive by shooting in broad daylight a few years back. Football players were the targets.


justhammerbaby t1_itjkxs2 wrote

But it wasn’t at Grant. That drive by was at Mabel and Sliver Eagle, but they drove to the school.


spark3h t1_ithynhj wrote

You have to be extremely poor to qualify for Medi-cal. Like, if you make minimum wage full time, you don't qualify. Someone making 20K a year definitely can't afford an ambulance ride, but makes too much to qualify for Medi-cal.


dudeedud4 t1_itgnffl wrote

Cops are coming NO MATTER WHAT if you show up with a gunshot wound so thats off the table as well. It was probably way quicker to drive themselves or get driven then wait on an ambulance.


Pirat t1_ithjjkp wrote

Yeah, but the cops are less likely to shoot you in a hospital as opposed to a parking lot.


dudeedud4 t1_ithm3lb wrote

You've obviously never been to an ER like this.. I'm more likely to get shot /at/ my hospital then away from it. Just because you hate police doesn't mean everything is bad.


HumbleRecognition t1_itmak2b wrote

It's Sacramento so maybe to the first question and definitely for the second.


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Monte-kia t1_itg0oi5 wrote

No he's clearly an American citizen who empathize with the man shit.


OrganicPrinciple130 t1_itg0d8a wrote

I see no lies in what was asked…. Probably true no health insurance and cops do tend to escalate everything or just unalive you right off the bat.


scurvy4all t1_itgj45p wrote

What's the bet cops wont let an ambulance into the scene of an active shooting.

Dude that was shot wasnt waiting for a ride. RIP


fbtcu1998 t1_itgnrfk wrote

Its not so much the cops won't let them come in, its more a policy they have to wait for the scene to be secured. EMTs don't want to run into an active shooting scene anymore than you or I would.