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skankenstein t1_itgs84c wrote

I know this school. I used to teach around the corner. I also know CA. This wasn’t an insurance decision. We have Medi-Cal.

Edit: He should have waited for the ambulance. In a panic, I wouldn’t remember which was the closest ER while dealing with a GSW and there really isn’t one super close without multiple freeways or surface streets. You def want UC Davis with your GSW and that is far from Grant by car.


justhammerbaby t1_ith2gy8 wrote

Closest hospital is Sutter on L. UC Davis is probably better because of its trauma services. I went to Grant. I remember when they took away night games in the 90’s because of a shooting there.


skankenstein t1_ith31qh wrote

Oh yeah. Sutter is a little closer but UC Davis is ultimately who I would want tending to my injuries.

This isn’t the first death on Grant campus that I can recall since I’ve lived in Sacramento. There was a drive by shooting in broad daylight a few years back. Football players were the targets.


justhammerbaby t1_itjkxs2 wrote

But it wasn’t at Grant. That drive by was at Mabel and Sliver Eagle, but they drove to the school.


spark3h t1_ithynhj wrote

You have to be extremely poor to qualify for Medi-cal. Like, if you make minimum wage full time, you don't qualify. Someone making 20K a year definitely can't afford an ambulance ride, but makes too much to qualify for Medi-cal.