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igottagetoutofthis t1_iu1zvg1 wrote

I grew up in the 90s in Bucks Co and remember this guy. There were always rumors of him abusing other kids. Glad people finally spoke out.


TheChalbs t1_iu280zy wrote

I also grew up in Bucks County, as a matter of fact I lived a few doors away from the police station he worked out of in the 90's. I know various people who had been victims of him. People knew. Found out when this all finally unfolded, people I am still friends with after 30 years were victims. I believe he was protected by the police union. He was always too nice and it creeped me out.


scoop20906 t1_iu2bfoa wrote

I feel like the police unions are going to turn out to be the Catholic Church of our times.


SeaChart2 t1_iu4990x wrote

Police Unions promote LEO testilying and backing felon-cops. Unions resist all Reforms in training, pay disclosure, and truth-telling under oath. As 2 former Police Chiefs said, “Police Unions resist all reforms, innovation and integrity.


IKillZombies4Cash t1_iu2gamy wrote

The Venn Diagram of cops and Catholics would probably be interesting.

I’m not anti cop fwiw (also not pro-cop - im in the middle, where no one seems to be anymore), just staunchly anti catholic.


Most_Ruin_3005 t1_iu37f5f wrote

> I’m not anti cop fwiw

You should be.


IKillZombies4Cash t1_iu3vusk wrote

Well I’m not pro cop either…like we NEED law and order, but we don’t need oppression either.

We need police who live in and know the community, we need cities to not be crime ridden, and a lot of that is bringing back blue collar living wage jobs that out compete the street hustle for labor, it’s complicated and any reasonable person would agree with this on some level


ouchouch2233 t1_iu3z6cs wrote

I think everyone would agree with you on "needing law and order" the issue most people have is when (insert article) "Cop put on paid leave after 30 years on the force after accusation of sexual misconduct with 5 boys". Then people come out of the wood work "Oh yeah Officer touchboys everyone knew he touched boys! No one said anything due to harassment from other cops, and the union wouldn't fire him even after he killed that guy on the street for no reason". You can be for law and order. The US system needs serious reform and accountability for its enforcers otherwise the system remains broken


aluminum_oxides t1_iu4o4og wrote

Why? Did you know that historically police are a recent invention?


IKillZombies4Cash t1_iu4qrq5 wrote

So is clean water and sewers.

But I'm all ears for your ideas, Again, I'm not 'pro police' but I'm not 'defund the police', neither is the answer, but in our hyper-partisan world, they are they only two choices, and both are wrong, and people get blasted by the extreme right or left when they don't pick one of the extreme right or left 'fixes'.


Zerole00 t1_iu4ne32 wrote

Isn't the Catholic Church still the Catholic Church of our times? I highly doubt the abuse has stopped.


Paladoc t1_iu3vjqe wrote

"Some of these victims describe being sexually assaulted upwards of 200 times," said Assistant District Attorney Audrey Mark.

Rose's victims were sometimes 6, 7 or 8 years old, prosecutors said, and he raped the six victims in his West Roxbury home over the course of 30 years until 2020.

"By virtue of his position, he had their trust, and he violated it over and over. He violated their bodies. And these children, and these adult survivors will live with that trauma for the rest of their lives," Mark said after the court listened to victim impact statements.

Rose addressed the courtroom Monday.

"I am so sorry to each and every one of you. Please try to accept that I am solely responsible, and not let your hatred destroy who you are or each other," he said."

Ah, so he pled to it, should never be outside again j suspect.

"Rose was sentenced to 10 to 13 years in prison followed by 10 years of probation. Upon release, Rose cannot be unsupervised with children, must stay away from victims and must register as a sex offender."

Wait a fuckin' second, 10-13 years total?!?!?!? Not per kid? There's a chance this shit ball doesn't die in prison?????

There ain't no coming back


RoyRoger20 t1_iu221au wrote

Oh shit what district


igottagetoutofthis t1_iu22g6b wrote

I was in Centennial SD. But I think he spoke to many schools throughout Bucks Co.


TheFrogWife t1_iu2q5sg wrote

I don't quite remember his face it was so long a ago, but I do remember his name, I was in CB in the early 90s. I think I remember hearing rumors back then but I was young and didn't understand what others were talking about.

Also DARE didn't work, all my friends from back then are dead.


OrphanDextro t1_iu3jv02 wrote

We didn’t have D.A.R.E. at my school and all my friends are dead, so it’s really either way.


igottagetoutofthis t1_iu3iwhe wrote

I remember stupid shit so I remember the first time he came to our 3rd grade class and introduced himself as officer Jim Carey, “like the actor but spelled different.” What a douche.


RoyRoger20 t1_iu22l2o wrote

No shit I was in CB but moved to WT for high school.


VovaGoFuckYourself t1_iu648ob wrote

Wow. My former D.A.R.E. officer from the 90s now works security at a recreational marijuana dispensory. I can't stop smiling at that irony. Very cool dude.


WirelessBCupSupport t1_iu4859b wrote

I lived near Tyler State Park, and every time I saw a black car or lowered Honda, you knew they had those DARE tags on the back. Drugs were so popular at that Council Rock (north) they had police stationed there all the time. DARE was a joke.


AlbrechtSchoenheiser t1_iu22aqr wrote

A cop AND a pedo. He's going to have a bad time in prison.


karmeleeon t1_iu29uht wrote

Unfortunately he probably won’t. They are usually segregated


guyhabit t1_iu2askx wrote

Death finds a way.


HangryWolf t1_iu35ttp wrote

They were so preoccupied with whether they couldn't, they didn't stop to think if they shouldn't


Ratmole13 t1_iu3b8qa wrote

Which is total bullshit. Like anyone should even give a fuck, total waste of resources.


COVID-420- t1_iu34cni wrote

So hopeful of you to assume he’d go to prison. Let’s be real here. Paid vacation wait I mean “paid administrative leave”.


Fucknutssss t1_iu224lq wrote

Police thin blue line fucks


Aggravating_Head_60 t1_iu22gu2 wrote

Those "thin blue line fucks" arrested this guy for doing it instead of covering it up.


Dendad6972 t1_iu23e52 wrote

After 30 years. According to another poster from the area.


boundfortrees t1_iu23ht7 wrote

Only 20 years of abuse happened in the mean time!


Aggravating_Head_60 t1_iu23vcf wrote

Yeah! That never happens outside of law enforcement, right? Oh wait, it does, all the fucking time.

People grow up being sexually abused their whole life by people who aren't in law enforcement, and it happens for years, decades before they're caught. If they ever even are caught.


hamsterpookie t1_iu28drb wrote

Hold your law enforcement to higher standards, not lower standards.

By your standards they're just criminals.


KennyMoose32 t1_iu28cg9 wrote

I don’t understand your point tbh…..

He’s a cop whose a monster, not sure why you went to whataboutism.

Odd, almost feels like a boot licking


sexisfun1986 t1_iu28vyo wrote

You know that’s literally their supposed job right?


Donde_La_Carne t1_iu237bc wrote

When did the despicable acts happen and when did they do something about it? Seems the thin blue line likely bought him quite a bit of time.


SandboxOnRails t1_iu2gqgi wrote

Don't worry. Thanks to the police, he was only empowered by the police to sexually assault children for a few decades.


Donde_La_Carne t1_iu2hneg wrote

I get that investigations take time but to imply that the “thin blue line” doing their job decades later rather than covering it up as some sort of vindication is the absolute wrong take… unless you’re part of the “thin blue line”.


SandboxOnRails t1_iu2k9pf wrote

I was being sarcastic, but I can't blame you for thinking a real "thin blue line" supporter would be that stupid.


Donde_La_Carne t1_iu2kyxs wrote

I get your sarcasm, hard to take what you said as anything but. I was mostly referring back to the comment comment I originally commented on. My bad if it seems like I thought you were being serious!


thatfreshjive t1_iu2i6p6 wrote

You are given power as LE, power that no other citizen has.

Of course this power is going to be abused by certain individuals - the problem is your fraternal mafia organization.


thatfreshjive t1_iu2igch wrote

The Fraternal Order of Police, the fat blue line, is a goddamn disgrace to justice, and the USA


moxiejohnny t1_iu24vv3 wrote

A different thin blue line, not his thin blue line.


Aggravating_Head_60 t1_iu22c4j wrote

D.A.R.E. still exists???


SLCW718 t1_iu25dvv wrote

When I was a kid I had a D.A.R.E. bumper sticker on my car, but it said D.A.R.E to keep Cops off donuts!, and D.A.R.E. stood for Donut Abuse and Rotundity Elimination. The local cops were very irritated by it, and I got tickets on more than one occasion because of it.


BuzzCave t1_iu3i2fl wrote

My friend wore a shirt to school that said

D.A.R.E: Drugs Are Really Expensive


IniMiney t1_iu88jml wrote

Yeah, just this past summer they had a booth setup outside of a Five Below lol


[deleted] t1_iu233xf wrote

Dare was always a crock of shit


Soren_Camus1905 t1_iu4gags wrote

I liked DARE day, didn’t really pay attention otherwise, started using drugs shortly thereafter.


IniMiney t1_iu88mzh wrote

I think my favorite thing is seeing people wearing DARE shirts at raves lol


going-for-gusto t1_iu34zz3 wrote

Is it still going?


reanocivn t1_iu37t4p wrote

don't think so


sniper91 t1_iu4egaq wrote

I remember DARE leadership spoke out against Euphoria, so I think it’s still around, just not as widespread


Wilmanman t1_iu3bb4i wrote

It was in Oklahoma in 2013 which I believe was after that program officially ended


mikya t1_iu29m0m wrote

Ever notice how when a cop gets busted for something their department can't cover up they always emphasize that they're an "ex-cop" in the statements to distance themselves from their disgraced brethren?


[deleted] t1_iu23wg2 wrote



deadbeat95 t1_iu2sbay wrote

I'm looking through the article, where are you getting the info on his political and religious status?


SLCW718 t1_iu24uom wrote

What a monster! I can't even imagine what those boys went through, and continue to go through. He basically destroyed the lives of those kids, and all the people who love them. Lock him in a box until he expires.


SnakeDoctur t1_iu32x2n wrote

And he was a cop meaning those kids had ZERO recourse. Back in the 90s and 2000s and half dozens kids could've made accusations and NOBODY would've believe them.


kingofpotatopeople92 t1_iu2m2py wrote

2'x2'x2' metal box placed under a large magnifying glass for 4 hours mid summer until crispy and golden brown... shit, now I want some fried chicken.


Manoso1 t1_iu27cdr wrote

I bet he goes to church every Sunday and votes Republican


Thetimmybaby t1_iu20e74 wrote

Seems like it's been going on for quite some time. I'm glad finally somebody stopped him.


green_n_bean t1_iu28jse wrote

He's definitely not a RINO. That's real republican shit right there.


SorryMess4913 t1_iu2avbm wrote

Another D.A.R.E. Officer Patrick Haynie did it in Clarkdale, AZ. Gotta watch school resource officers closely.


zootsuited t1_iu2522r wrote

good ole bucks county


thumpngroove t1_iu4emhd wrote

Bucks is nuts. Politically, it’s the most divided I’ve ever seen.


Ok-Swordfish2723 t1_iu26aww wrote

But he kept the kids off drugs, right? That’s a good thing, right? /s


Lex_Innokenti t1_iu2a9ab wrote

"Despite his role in D.A.R.E., investigators found that Carey allowed children to drink, smoke and do drugs in his presence."

Yeah... not so much.


Jazzy41 t1_iu2fvwa wrote

But please, ban more books Bucks County.


PodporuchikKJ t1_iu291v0 wrote

That's a surprise. Usually, D.A.R.E cops just sell drugs to the kids.


deadbeat95 t1_iu2rqxx wrote

Remember kids say no to drugs; but adults diddling your holes is just fine.


vs-1680 t1_iu3ys7r wrote

Every single officer in his precinct knew or suspected that this monster was raping children for decades...and chose not to do anything about it. They're either all incompetent or complicit. There are no good police in that precinct. It's all 'bad apples'.


tbass1965 t1_iu23yq9 wrote

Maybe the boys in the cell block will return the favor!

I type that with malice but, truth be told, I've know a few victims. Rape is such a heinous act, I wouldn't wish it on anyone!


fluffybunny87 t1_iu3pjgc wrote

For this type of news, what’s the reason they do not disclose the specific acts / details he committed? I feel like the language of “sexually assaulted” is a softball and makes it appear less harmful than it actually was. Be transparent about the monster these people are. I’d bet it get more people angry and upset (more new coverage) and drive more change in laws and how these cases are handled (faster and harsher punishment).


melouofs t1_iu27slg wrote

Another shitty cop…not news, they’re everywhere


[deleted] t1_iu2ds9i wrote



melouofs t1_iu2h0ii wrote

Different expression of their shittiness.


BlueCyann t1_iu40o18 wrote

They do both. The plethora of cops raping detained women is well known, not much of a leap for the same sort of mindset to do it to kids.


Gnd_flpd t1_iu50rhg wrote

Well, since it was boys, the homosexuality of it all offends many. Now if it were females, that's different!!!!!!!! /S


personofshadow t1_iu2zwim wrote

Is D.A.R.E. still a thing? I thought they gave up on that program a while ago


scotticusphd t1_iu49npm wrote

Now prosecute the people who protected him.


Yappa_Pie t1_iu4ljr8 wrote

I worked at a Campground with him, always gave off creepy vibes and was overly friendly with the kids. Glad to see he got his.


FN1987 t1_iu2jgpd wrote

Looks like a kingpin variant who went in to an entirely different form of crime.


ODBCP t1_iu3tmup wrote

I’m sorry is nobody going to mention that this dude’s name is Jim Carey?


MacMac105 t1_iu4137b wrote

The guy who got the DARE award in my class went by the nickname "Heroin Tony" for a while so I'd say DARE is not great.


CDavis10717 t1_iu44ge3 wrote

There are monsters among us.


dratsablive t1_iu4ajgs wrote

From Bucks County, and a Cop, definitely a Trumper.


Aliteracy t1_iu4lwux wrote

Fuck em. At least he will get some unwanted attention of his own.


SeaworthinessEast999 t1_iu4qghk wrote

That whole just say no rule in DARE just didn't make the cut I guess


CaptainMcAnus t1_iu4w3wd wrote

It'd be great if my county made national news for not awful things for once.


shf500 t1_iu6w0ab wrote

You know that people were reading the headline hoping it was a drug charge.


yourcousinfromboston t1_iu78hmx wrote

But I was told we gotta worry about them transgenders and drag queens


muppethero80 t1_iu2kz0i wrote

I mean it was say no to drugs. Not say no to cops wanting to have sex with you


Mindthegaptooth t1_iu3sxjl wrote

That wasnt having sex. It was rape. Avoiding the word makes it seem less.


muppethero80 t1_iu3t1i2 wrote

Very true. But to be fair DARE is a war against something that has no need to be warred against. I feel like a dare officer would twist it just as much and it turns out he did


Moynamama t1_iu2tqw8 wrote

If he doesn’t go the way of his buddy, stick his ass in general population.


[deleted] t1_iu2ni2j wrote



IsThisKismet t1_iu2qxfx wrote

No one is saying that.


[deleted] t1_iu2sepq wrote



IsThisKismet t1_iu2xc4x wrote

Alright, that one person is saying that. No one of any consequence is saying that.


we_come_at_night t1_iu3njgf wrote

I agree, I would just add a tiny little thing that comes with such an identification: chemical castration