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TheChalbs t1_iu280zy wrote

I also grew up in Bucks County, as a matter of fact I lived a few doors away from the police station he worked out of in the 90's. I know various people who had been victims of him. People knew. Found out when this all finally unfolded, people I am still friends with after 30 years were victims. I believe he was protected by the police union. He was always too nice and it creeped me out.


scoop20906 t1_iu2bfoa wrote

I feel like the police unions are going to turn out to be the Catholic Church of our times.


SeaChart2 t1_iu4990x wrote

Police Unions promote LEO testilying and backing felon-cops. Unions resist all Reforms in training, pay disclosure, and truth-telling under oath. As 2 former Police Chiefs said, “Police Unions resist all reforms, innovation and integrity.


IKillZombies4Cash t1_iu2gamy wrote

The Venn Diagram of cops and Catholics would probably be interesting.

I’m not anti cop fwiw (also not pro-cop - im in the middle, where no one seems to be anymore), just staunchly anti catholic.


Most_Ruin_3005 t1_iu37f5f wrote

> I’m not anti cop fwiw

You should be.


IKillZombies4Cash t1_iu3vusk wrote

Well I’m not pro cop either…like we NEED law and order, but we don’t need oppression either.

We need police who live in and know the community, we need cities to not be crime ridden, and a lot of that is bringing back blue collar living wage jobs that out compete the street hustle for labor, it’s complicated and any reasonable person would agree with this on some level


ouchouch2233 t1_iu3z6cs wrote

I think everyone would agree with you on "needing law and order" the issue most people have is when (insert article) "Cop put on paid leave after 30 years on the force after accusation of sexual misconduct with 5 boys". Then people come out of the wood work "Oh yeah Officer touchboys everyone knew he touched boys! No one said anything due to harassment from other cops, and the union wouldn't fire him even after he killed that guy on the street for no reason". You can be for law and order. The US system needs serious reform and accountability for its enforcers otherwise the system remains broken


aluminum_oxides t1_iu4o4og wrote

Why? Did you know that historically police are a recent invention?


IKillZombies4Cash t1_iu4qrq5 wrote

So is clean water and sewers.

But I'm all ears for your ideas, Again, I'm not 'pro police' but I'm not 'defund the police', neither is the answer, but in our hyper-partisan world, they are they only two choices, and both are wrong, and people get blasted by the extreme right or left when they don't pick one of the extreme right or left 'fixes'.


Zerole00 t1_iu4ne32 wrote

Isn't the Catholic Church still the Catholic Church of our times? I highly doubt the abuse has stopped.


Paladoc t1_iu3vjqe wrote

"Some of these victims describe being sexually assaulted upwards of 200 times," said Assistant District Attorney Audrey Mark.

Rose's victims were sometimes 6, 7 or 8 years old, prosecutors said, and he raped the six victims in his West Roxbury home over the course of 30 years until 2020.

"By virtue of his position, he had their trust, and he violated it over and over. He violated their bodies. And these children, and these adult survivors will live with that trauma for the rest of their lives," Mark said after the court listened to victim impact statements.

Rose addressed the courtroom Monday.

"I am so sorry to each and every one of you. Please try to accept that I am solely responsible, and not let your hatred destroy who you are or each other," he said."

Ah, so he pled to it, should never be outside again j suspect.

"Rose was sentenced to 10 to 13 years in prison followed by 10 years of probation. Upon release, Rose cannot be unsupervised with children, must stay away from victims and must register as a sex offender."

Wait a fuckin' second, 10-13 years total?!?!?!? Not per kid? There's a chance this shit ball doesn't die in prison?????

There ain't no coming back