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Cardboardopinions t1_itlune5 wrote

This is why there were protests. They murdered Floyd.


tetoffens t1_itlwoqn wrote

And we saw it on video. 40-50% of the country still tried to make excuses. Also, the same people passing laws in places that make it illegal to record things like how the police treated Floyd. Wait, why? I thought they did nothing wrong? Shouldn't filming them exonerate them?


helloisforhorses t1_itmugap wrote

For months, no one really disagreed that floyd was murdered. But gradually the shock of watching a man get slowly murdered wore off and fox news propaganda made 30-40% of the country forget what their own eyes saw.


wildskater96 t1_itn407x wrote

I live about 20 minutes from where Floyd was murdered. There were definitely people defending Chauvin and saying Floyd deserved to die. The area he was killed is known to be "ghetto" so the "well he's a criminal who cares if he dies while breaking the law" crowd were very vocal around here. Almost as much as I heard outrage over Floyd being killed.


sennbat t1_itn6tqo wrote

Its interesting what their criteria are that make someone a "criminal" and their death unimportant, and how little it has to do with whether the person in question committed any crimes. (They adore many people who have committed crimes, they just dont see those people as criminals....)


wildskater96 t1_itn8rm0 wrote

Absolutely! These are likely the same people that cheered on DeSantis and flying "illegals" to Martha's Vineyard just being cruel human beings they are.

We are supposed to be better than what happened to Floyd. We are supposed to have higher standards than the "criminals". And we're not supposed to stand for being cruel to others even if they are abominations of life. Looking at you GOP. They are much more criminal than Floyd ever was if you ask me.


helloisforhorses t1_itn4q58 wrote

I could certainly be recalling it through rose tinted glasses, but I’m in uptown and both in person and online my recollection at least through the end of summer was that all but the most vocal racists were in agreement that floyd was murdered. Then fox news starting worming into people’s brains to make them forget what they saw


Chief_Givesnofucks t1_itn82ru wrote

Nah, he’s right. There was plenty of sentiment that either we, the public, are missing something that happened before the camera starting rolling or it was accidental or that if it was on purpose he had it coming. And the Thin Blue Line movement grew leaps and bounds that day.


wildskater96 t1_itn7y74 wrote

Hey that's a fair assessment. I didn't mean to sound like you weren't in tune with the situation. I probably got the opposite memories as you due to a couple things.

  1. I was essential through COVID so I continued to work around people, and of course got to hear people's views about COVID and then Floyd since it happened right about the time COVID shutdowns started to happen here

  2. I work in construction and most people I've dealt with over the past 4-5 years praise Trump to the point I want to vomit


helloisforhorses t1_itn8fel wrote

Fair enough, we could have just had our fingers on different pulses.

I was basing it on my conservative family seemingly agreeing it was awful in June but then changing tune by september.


CuzTyler t1_ito53fc wrote

We had a lot of chuckle fucks up in Blaine who were defending the police.


baldobilly t1_itweh12 wrote

The most outrageous thing is that the police department rigged the initial autopsy report to try to blame Floyd for getting murdered... .


Iam4c t1_itnd6o1 wrote

Uh yeah tf people did disagree like some of us have amnesia


ScrewAttackThis t1_itmwdtj wrote

And if we didn't see the video, nothing would've happened. The official police report was bullshit and they got caught red handed trying to cover it up.

Enjoy prison ya thugs.


tyedyehippy t1_itmxllw wrote

Darnella Fraizer is a national hero for taking and releasing that video.


ScrewAttackThis t1_itmysfb wrote

Hundred percent. It's why they're so afraid of being recorded.

The police have no one but themselves to blame for how they're perceived. They were given a chance to do the right thing but instead tried to justify murdering a man.


BansheeGator2 t1_itn5llv wrote

Most likely... but it came at a cost, rather coincidentally.

Darnella's uncle? (Or somewhat close relative) was killed months after this in a supposed unrelated incident with a police car on the other side of town. Pretty sure due to a speeding police car responding to a call, running red lights and excessive speeds on a fairly residential road. Still no accountability on the cop who was involved.