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fsamson3 t1_itml3f3 wrote

People like Steven Crowder will see something like this a hundred times over and still lie to your face, saying it was fent that killed George Floyd. Maybe we should stop engaging in cordial debate with these absolute psychos. There are thousands of people who can be pulled out of red propaganda but there are also a subset of them who need to be cast out of society.


Dinosaria t1_itn7is2 wrote

I hate that dude so much

I feel like he's one of the worst conservative talking heads out there


yousyveshughs t1_itn911x wrote

I don’t agree with everything he says but I think his show can be pretty good and funny sometimes. I also dig when he confronts people who threaten to hurt or attack him online.


Dinosaria t1_itn9pqi wrote

I feel like he relies on bad faith arguments and most of his "humor" is just trying to be offensive as possible. I have no problem with offensive jokes but there isn't anything of substance in his show or opinions.

Just my thoughts.


Capitalist_P-I-G t1_itpbhii wrote

You sound like every person who thought I was insane years ago for saying that Joe Rogan was a toxic, fascist-platforming douchebag.


yousyveshughs t1_itr3u08 wrote

Why are you bringing up JR? We were discussing someone else, try to pay attention.


Capitalist_P-I-G t1_itr4akl wrote

A conservative with abysmal reading comprehension? I, for one, am shocked!


bluehealer8 t1_itnzgsl wrote

I stopped engaging in cordial debate with them a long time ago. I merely pointed out how they're just repeating something they read on Twitter, link them to the articles disproving their lies, and then call them a knuckle dragging red state flyover reject. I urge people to do the same. You're not going to change anyone's mind and no one asked you to save the world. Just tell them to f/o and make them feel shame and regret for opening their mouth.