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ScrewAttackThis t1_itmwdtj wrote

And if we didn't see the video, nothing would've happened. The official police report was bullshit and they got caught red handed trying to cover it up.

Enjoy prison ya thugs.


tyedyehippy t1_itmxllw wrote

Darnella Fraizer is a national hero for taking and releasing that video.


ScrewAttackThis t1_itmysfb wrote

Hundred percent. It's why they're so afraid of being recorded.

The police have no one but themselves to blame for how they're perceived. They were given a chance to do the right thing but instead tried to justify murdering a man.


BansheeGator2 t1_itn5llv wrote

Most likely... but it came at a cost, rather coincidentally.

Darnella's uncle? (Or somewhat close relative) was killed months after this in a supposed unrelated incident with a police car on the other side of town. Pretty sure due to a speeding police car responding to a call, running red lights and excessive speeds on a fairly residential road. Still no accountability on the cop who was involved.