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tyedyehippy t1_itmxllw wrote

Darnella Fraizer is a national hero for taking and releasing that video.


ScrewAttackThis t1_itmysfb wrote

Hundred percent. It's why they're so afraid of being recorded.

The police have no one but themselves to blame for how they're perceived. They were given a chance to do the right thing but instead tried to justify murdering a man.


BansheeGator2 t1_itn5llv wrote

Most likely... but it came at a cost, rather coincidentally.

Darnella's uncle? (Or somewhat close relative) was killed months after this in a supposed unrelated incident with a police car on the other side of town. Pretty sure due to a speeding police car responding to a call, running red lights and excessive speeds on a fairly residential road. Still no accountability on the cop who was involved.