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helloisforhorses t1_itn4q58 wrote

I could certainly be recalling it through rose tinted glasses, but I’m in uptown and both in person and online my recollection at least through the end of summer was that all but the most vocal racists were in agreement that floyd was murdered. Then fox news starting worming into people’s brains to make them forget what they saw


Chief_Givesnofucks t1_itn82ru wrote

Nah, he’s right. There was plenty of sentiment that either we, the public, are missing something that happened before the camera starting rolling or it was accidental or that if it was on purpose he had it coming. And the Thin Blue Line movement grew leaps and bounds that day.


wildskater96 t1_itn7y74 wrote

Hey that's a fair assessment. I didn't mean to sound like you weren't in tune with the situation. I probably got the opposite memories as you due to a couple things.

  1. I was essential through COVID so I continued to work around people, and of course got to hear people's views about COVID and then Floyd since it happened right about the time COVID shutdowns started to happen here

  2. I work in construction and most people I've dealt with over the past 4-5 years praise Trump to the point I want to vomit


helloisforhorses t1_itn8fel wrote

Fair enough, we could have just had our fingers on different pulses.

I was basing it on my conservative family seemingly agreeing it was awful in June but then changing tune by september.


CuzTyler t1_ito53fc wrote

We had a lot of chuckle fucks up in Blaine who were defending the police.