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Dinosaria t1_itn7is2 wrote

I hate that dude so much

I feel like he's one of the worst conservative talking heads out there


yousyveshughs t1_itn911x wrote

I don’t agree with everything he says but I think his show can be pretty good and funny sometimes. I also dig when he confronts people who threaten to hurt or attack him online.


Dinosaria t1_itn9pqi wrote

I feel like he relies on bad faith arguments and most of his "humor" is just trying to be offensive as possible. I have no problem with offensive jokes but there isn't anything of substance in his show or opinions.

Just my thoughts.


Capitalist_P-I-G t1_itpbhii wrote

You sound like every person who thought I was insane years ago for saying that Joe Rogan was a toxic, fascist-platforming douchebag.


yousyveshughs t1_itr3u08 wrote

Why are you bringing up JR? We were discussing someone else, try to pay attention.


Capitalist_P-I-G t1_itr4akl wrote

A conservative with abysmal reading comprehension? I, for one, am shocked!