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Xaxxon t1_itrooeu wrote

This is not a “mistake”. This is callous disregard for human life.

I’m honestly baffled how you’re even able to come anywhere near equating these things.


IrishWave t1_itrrktu wrote

Who determines the difference between callous disregard and mistake and how do you write a law to differentiate the two? If you’re the spouse or child of the dead lineman, are you not going to be calling for justice because coworkers decided to chat about a football game vs. take 15 seconds to follow policy and look out for the worker’s safety?

This also isn’t nearly as black and white as you make it. We had a garbage truck driver in Philly kill a cyclist because they forgot to signal they were making a turn. Also had a train conductor in Philly approach a turn at too high of a speed leading to a derailment and several deaths. Student died at my college during a football practice because they went on a lift in high-winds and no one thought to tell them not to. In all three of these instances, you had plenty of people calling for criminal charges against everyone involved who didn’t view screwing around while driving a train through a city as anything less than a callous disregard for human life.


Xaxxon t1_its3ryh wrote

Having a long time after the murder began to easily stop the murder is how you differentiate.

It’s VERY simple.

Other things involve doing something dumb but it not being blatantly obvious that it would 100% kill someone.

The guy stood by while the cop took minutes to slowly kill the guy.

Holy shit. I’m done. You’re making me dumber by trying to argue these other things are anywhere near the same.


IrishWave t1_its8bf1 wrote

Do you even realize how narrow your ignorant definition is? You’ve somehow made this so specific that the cops in the Freddie Gray case did nothing wrong in your eyes while leaving it open enough for an overzealous DA to charge a doctor.