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shifter2009 t1_iu6cocm wrote

I guess the Thin Blue Line stuff doesn't exist when it's Republican beating the shit out of your co-workers. He can rot


Hwted t1_iu8pwbg wrote

No arrests that day. No use of deadly force by Capitol police while they watched their fellow officers get dragged down and beaten by a mob. I’m sure their political affiliation and color of their skin had absolutely nothing to do with it.


Art-Zuron t1_iu93ghj wrote

There was basically one police officer between the US and the end of Democracy. He managed to redirect the crowd's hate for the *libruls* to their racism. Saved the day that guy.


pbradley179 t1_iu92ivv wrote

What percentage of capitol cops are black in DC? It's gotta be high. Do they even understand what the fuck they're protecting?


Monkyd1 t1_iu96otx wrote

man, this may need an edit. ...damn...


dagbiker t1_iu6i7ox wrote

Should have changed him with treason.


kingofpotatopeople92 t1_iu79a00 wrote

Why it obstruction and not Aiding and Abetting after the fact?


fergie_lr t1_iu9pytb wrote

Because the messaging was after the riot and not before or during.

Edit: wording.


kingofpotatopeople92 t1_iuah73g wrote

> Aiding and Abetting after the fact

Poorly worded. I meant: An accessory after the fact.


Textification t1_iu7l8qs wrote

Apparently the officer actively sought out the guy and made the statement about "agreeing with your political stance". That would make him an accessory as well as being guilty of treason and insurrection. As a cop, his sentence should be doubled because he not only knew it was illegal, but he is betraying his oath and trying to prevent his fellow officers from getting justice.

But since sentencing doesn't work that way, he should be given the max sentence if found guilty.


bauerplustrumpnice t1_iudfd34 wrote

"Guilty of treason and insurrection" is definitely an exaggeration for someone who suggested a criminal delete his posts about a crime. Obstruction seems like the right call.


ImKingFlippyNip t1_iu7ecx9 wrote

Even though it's somewhat grammatically correct, I hated reading that title


Warglebargle2077 t1_iu8odft wrote

I’m a fan of commas haha. “Ex-Capitol cop, who messaged 1/6 rioter, guilty of obstruction”


BrattyBookworm t1_iu9ifws wrote

I’m on day 3 of a migraine and initially read 1/6 as a fraction which made no sense at all


acorngirl t1_iu94aj1 wrote

That's it? Obstruction? What about insurrection? Sedition?

I hate this timeline.


tacs97 t1_iu9cbfb wrote

All of these wonderful photos of peaceful protests… GOP logic.