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Yespinky t1_itkttre wrote

JFC the article just drops some bombs and walks away.

it's like they created a new kind of clickbait, but did it wrong (unless it was a ploy to get me to scroll down to see if any more info was hidden with all the ads... then, good job!!)


asdaaaaaaaa t1_itkw5lk wrote

> The family had not been heard from since October 16, and the couple and their sons were last seen on Monday at a gas station nearly five hours north of their home. Surveillance footage showed the family “purchasing fuel and food,” police said earlier.

>Fremont Police Chief Tim Rodwell said Friday that the family left Suzette’s mother in the home alone. She was later found by a neighbor and is now being looked after by other family members, Rodwell said.

>Fermont Police also received a call from the father, Anthony Cirigliano, that raised concern about the family’s welfare.

>In the recording of the 911 call obtained by CNN, made just after midnight on October 16, Cirigliano said he needed someone from the Fremont Police Department immediately.

>“I need some police protection immediately,” Cirigliano can be heard telling the 911 operator. “It is of vital national interest. It is related to September 11th, and people want to erase me from the face of the Earth.

Sounds like he had a mental break, split with his immediate family (and left his mother?) and hid somewhere for awhile.


FlashbackUniverse t1_itkxjjq wrote

>It is of vital national interest. It is related to September 11th, and people want to erase me from the face of the Earth.

The plot thins.


Outrageous_Bass_1328 t1_itkyy4j wrote

This might be legit

“It’s related to 9/11”

Now, now - let’s hear what the man has to say


Naturwissenschaftler t1_itl0x57 wrote

He’s not Ja Rule, what could he have to say?


startrektoheck t1_itl0558 wrote

Clear my calendar, hold my calls, and get Infowars on the phone STAT.


ethicsg t1_itl8klv wrote

Sorry the number you have called owes lizard people 1 billion dollars, if you'd like to make a donation please hang up and call...


Always_0421 t1_itld5ig wrote

Operation Northwoods ended up being real...Snowden revelations ended up verified...tonkin incident was proven fabricated....crazy shit happens

Edit: Funny to get this many down votes with no comments.


ExpatJundi t1_itnv5uv wrote

Operation Northwoods never actually happened, which is an inconvenient fact to the people that cite it all the time.


Always_0421 t1_itpw5qc wrote

Because one man didn't sign off on was still approved by federal agencies (chief of staff, director of CIA) with intent to completion upon executive approval... the executive that refused to sign it was later assasinated the following year.

It's crazy people act like it's a preposterous idea the government could or something like that when they have already ADMITTED to the Muskogee airman experiments, project MK Ultra, operation Bongo II, the gulf Tonkin incident, and the Snowden revelations....and then planned operation northwoods.


SableyeFan t1_itl4u73 wrote

I had this exact thing happen to me. Family friend shows up unexpectedly with kids in tow, drops some doomsday crap on me and hopes I could help by validating her thoughts. Immediately backpedles when I suggest we get some food and at least come up with a plan so she wasn't literally driving all over the state aimlessly with zero money, cellphone battery, and gas.

I stepped in immediately between her and the kids and she left without them. I contacted everyone who should be in the loop with her license plate number and set to work making sure the kids were comfortable and somewhat happy after watching their mother literally abandon them.

It worked out, but this stuff wasn't easy to deal with regardless.


LeftyLu07 t1_itl5nyj wrote

That would be so scary because I would be worried someone in the midst of break like that could armed and not realize what they're doing.


candysipper t1_itlbtm7 wrote

People like that are usually the victim of crime, not the perpetrator. They’re very vulnerable, not very organized and people take advantage of their fragile state. Of course it’s not impossible that someone could become suicidal/homicidal and paranoia and desperation are risk factors, but the reality is that they usually don’t become dangerous to others.


aalios t1_itl6ulx wrote

> his mother

Who according to the NYPost had dementia and she was found wandering the neighbourhood.

Also he apparently made claims about the FBI and CIA being after him.


BreakfastBeerz t1_itkyvp2 wrote

I find it weird though that the wife and kids went along with it. The kids were old enough to know better, between the 3 of them I'd think one of them would have done something.


IstgUsernamesSuck t1_itl3e4r wrote

Same thing happened to that family in Australia. Pretty sure theirs was a shared psychosis, which would make sense here too.


neo_sporin t1_itlgoi7 wrote

Yea…my brother had a break in February of 2002 and his decisions were related to sept 11. Terrorists had put a bomb in the car of this suburban 19 year old…ok to the hospital you go, this isn’t our first rodeo


marshmellowterrorist t1_itm3sc9 wrote

I’m sorry to hear your brother was having a hard time, I hope he’s doing better now, but I would like to gently ask how he feels about the whole thing now with some distance and perspective? It’s not often we get to hear the other side of these stories.


neo_sporin t1_itm6yia wrote

No idea. Havnt spoken to him in over 10 years aside from ‘forced’ FaceTimes at holidays. I know it took about 15 years from that date before he was on stable meds, there were several ‘incidents’ the years following

Since then I have found out our family has a fairly lengthy history of mental illness so it all started to make a bit more sense to me


TwistedCherry766 t1_itn2ktr wrote

My daughter has these ‘breaks’ and hardly remembers much from it.

She is bi-polar/schizophrenic affective .

Fortunately she is medicated and doing well now


stickymaplesyrup t1_itlahla wrote

What the actual fuck is this article. I went in trying to find out if they were found dead or alive, and I have even MORE questions now than I did before, including my original one being still unanswered!


Cunninghams_right t1_itno1wx wrote

there are a surprising (or unsurprising if you're paying attention) number of AI bots that write articles. perhaps this is one.


Berlin_Blues t1_itl8t4n wrote

Why does the article just end after briefly describing the 911 call?


americanadiandrew t1_itleks0 wrote

They obviously got to the journalist as well before he could finish the article


maralagosinkhole t1_itlmjis wrote

Good reporting, IMHO. No need to editorialize. We can all draw pretty reasonable conclusions about this.


AE1360 t1_itlo0wg wrote

Don't know but this is just a follow up. The original when they went missing had the same details. There isn't anything more on it with the call.


Berlin_Blues t1_itlqs2n wrote

Where were they found? Why did they disappear? These questions should have been touched on.


MiguelJones t1_itnfmgv wrote

They disappeared because the father thought people were coming after him for knowledge that he had in regards to 9/11. Sounds like the guy had a psychotic break and wanted to bug out, taking his family with him.


wellthatkindofsucks t1_itnx4na wrote

Ok but are the children ok? Are they safe after the father clearly had a mental breakdown? And are the adults going to be charged with abandoning the elderly mother, who was found roaming the streets alone and confused and who had to be rehoused with other family members?


MiguelJones t1_ito4jvw wrote

They were just found it sounds like so, maybe let the investigation play out. Chomping at the bit for answers in these comments won't do much good. You could reach out to the police department via the linked Facebook posts in the article.


AlwaysOptimism t1_itktmni wrote

Oh the conspiracy theorists are going to love this


FanngzYT t1_itl8od1 wrote

in reality it is just a man suffering from delusions


fourfourzero t1_itld7p0 wrote

that's what "conspiracy theorist" means


CrashRiot t1_itlfl17 wrote

Honestly it’s a lot more complex than that. It’s true that most conspiracy theorists are somewhat delusional or misinformed, but some do actually turn out to be true.

For example, during prohibition if someone stood up and said, “I got sick from drinking alcohol. The government is poisoning me!”, most of us would assume they were a nuts conspiracy theorist.

We would be wrong. The government purposefully increased methanol without notice in industrial alcohols to get people to stop drinking. It killed up to 10000 people.

If in the 50s and 60s someone were to say, “the CIA has been performing mind experiments on me!”, again, we’d often consider them crazy conspiracy theorists.

We would be wrong. This became known as MKULTRA, perhaps the most infamous “conspiracy theory” in US history.

Point is, it’s not always delusional. Most of the time? Almost certainly. But definitely there are multiple “true” conspiracies.


hiS_oWn t1_itlr0u7 wrote

Except the government did so openly and with warning labels on all alcohol poisoned in such a manner. This is as much a conspiracy theory as the onion article "man discovers link between government and NASA".


DeepSpaceNebulae t1_itlodex wrote

To be clear, they publicly mandated industrial alcohols, i.e. those not for human consumption, have additives . While not exactly good, it’s not like they were poisoning drinking alcohol or did it secretly as it was new regulation for public companies that were making those industrial alcohols

The number of deaths is also impossible to calculate as even un-modified industrial alcohol can cause deaths when improperly distilled by bootleggers


dustygultch t1_itlkur3 wrote

What was your intent with posting this? Are you agreeing or disagreeing with who you responded to. The man most definitely is delusional


AtsignAmpersat t1_itlqmsq wrote

They’re just going after a blanket statement because of the very rare occurrences of conspiracy theorist being right? I don’t know who the conspiracy theorist even was in their examples. It’s also entirely possible to be a delusional conspiracy theorist and also right occasionally.

This is Reddit. When you say an absolute, someone will chime in with a argument with “well actually”.


Legitimate-Cow-6859 t1_itm21sa wrote

That’s what they want you to think

Real shit, the US government has done so much fucked up shit (mk-ultra, Tuskegee syphilis experiment, dropping bio weapons on San Francisco, Iran-contra and importing cocaine while ramping up the war on drugs, various forms of corruption in our electoral system, etc) that there’s a very tangible benefit to people dismissing conspiracy theorists as crazy kooks.


Then_Campaign7264 t1_itkv1yo wrote

I hope her mother is ok along with their sons. Glad other family members are stepping in.

Otherwise so many questions and no answers. Makes me wonder how often law enforcement receives calls like this?


MayorCharlesCoulon t1_itl30zk wrote

Yeah leaving mother behind at home is a twist. Usually people just dump their disabled elderly parent at the ER and take off. If she’s disabled and/or demented, even low level dehydration can be a huge danger. He could be looking at elder abuse charges.


Over-Supermarket-557 t1_itkzm47 wrote

How are you going to end the article there?? What did he know about 9/11. We need answers!


bigwinw t1_itl3xdl wrote

He definitely knew the date.


leg_day t1_itlii3a wrote

They say he had inside information that let him predict when September 11 would recur, possibly up to once a year! Dangerous information.


WhiteWizard22 t1_itlkzen wrote

I work in mental health and this is definitely delusional behavior either from bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Unless he turns up dead under mysterious circumstances, I'm pretty sure that's underlying truth.


Painwizard666 t1_itoq20b wrote

Yeah this sadly reminds me of my schizophrenic father. It’s crazy I felt like this could be the retelling of a memory of my own childhood.


redander t1_itkxtjh wrote

Ohh thank goodness they weren't found dead


breadexpert69 t1_itl91ub wrote

The problem with conspiracy theorists is they often believe they are way more important than what they are and they start believing they are the main character in this world.


candysipper t1_itldr2z wrote

If that’s what this is, it’s not just “self importance”, this would be a major psychotic break. I don’t know if he’s psychotic or not (both his and the wife’s family have said no mental health issues), but if he is, he’s not trying to make himself the center of the world, he’s afraid people are after him and his family to kill or harm them. That’s not a fun feeling. In fact, I’d wager to say it’s probably extremely distressing. I’m not sure what the truth of this situation is, but I can say that it’s extremely rare for a man of his age, with no history of mental illness and has lived a normal, successful life including a good job and relationships with family, would have a psychotic break, or just now start showing the symptoms of a major mental disorder like schizophrenia.


OrphanSince12yrsOld t1_itokbrp wrote

I’ve been in the mental health field for decades. I have met a married couple that both had their Masters degrees, good jobs, and a nice family. They had no prior history of MH symptoms, they both ended up with late onset schizophrenia. It’s rare but happens


candysipper t1_itpzz2d wrote

Sure, it can happen but if you work in the field then you know how rare it is for it to happen to one person, much less two at the same time. I understand you’ve seen it anecdotally, but the odds are against that being the case with this couple. But no, not impossible. There was a family in Australia that had a shared psychosis and did something similar by just taking off. I’m very genuinely curious what the story is here. Notice how even the update articles have zero information?


fourfourzero t1_itldbf5 wrote

almost every conspiracy theorist suffers paranoid delusions. duh.


orangutanDOTorg t1_itlycap wrote

I'm out of it for a little while, everybody gets delusions of grandeur.


nastypanass t1_itlnl4n wrote

That guys going to end up killing his family


One-Establishment837 t1_itsi01b wrote

That's what I was thinking too! That and if he claims the CIA and FBI are after him (which wasn't on the 911 call) why would he call the police for protection.... Dude is a run of the mill nut case


ThenDreaPosted t1_itlvxzp wrote

So how and where were they found? Were they found alive? Were they being held captive? This article SAYS NOTHING!!


fattymcelbows t1_itm6o99 wrote

Police in Wisconsin found them and interviewed them. No, they weren't captive. They were camping. Another article was posted yesterday and had more details.


ThenDreaPosted t1_itmvggf wrote

Thank you! This reminds me of that Breaking Bad episode where police was looking for a family and they were also camping lol


Kurtotall t1_itleol9 wrote

I want to hear what he has to say.


randomanimalnoises t1_itl3paq wrote

In other articles on this, in the 911 call he twice referenced “Mr. Geeting”. Who is Mr. Geeting?


irwinlegends t1_itlcmmp wrote

A sergeant with the local police department that he knows personally. He requested him to come to his home for protection while he reported his 9/11 findings to authorities.


rspewth t1_itmbyji wrote

Reminds me of the Jamison family disappearance.

The husband said that ghosts or demons were walking across the roof, the wife spray painted some kind of warding hex across a shipping container parked in their yard and they wanted to buy some very rough land to build a house on. Their truck was found abandoned with $32,000 and the family dog inside( the dog, though somewhat the worse for wear, survived.) Their bodies were discovered better than four years later halfway up a hill 3 miles from where the truck was found. The causes of death could not be determined.


kingfrito_5005 t1_itm03gs wrote

Why does this article not address the issue that is listed in the title? It doesn't say anything about them being found. Where were they? Were they injured? What was the cause of the disappearance? This article sucks.


TwistedCherry766 t1_itn1xmi wrote

They were found in Wisconsin and in hiding because the dad claims to have ‘insider knowledge of Sept 11’

He’s a lunatic


ItIsYourPersonality t1_itnb2g5 wrote

They never mention what his claim is. Maybe his claim isn’t that crazy at all, but the consequences to a specific individual by it being revealed are big enough to try to keep it secret. Why can’t the reader be allowed to determine for themselves what is a crazy claim and what is not. If they are going to publish this story, they should have the due diligence to publish the entire story.

Kanye is allowed to spew anti-semetic shit left and right and rile up social politics, so don’t tell me his crazy conspiracy is too dangerous for us to hear.

Not saying he isn’t crazy. But I don’t like taking the news’ word for it without the proper details.


TwistedCherry766 t1_itncxsc wrote

Nobody is trying to stop him from saying anything. The dude is fucking nuts.

And you know you sound pretty crazy yourself. Go take your meds, dude


ItIsYourPersonality t1_itnd9t5 wrote

Ok so if the guy is insane, what did he say that is crazy?

The fact that you don’t know is troubling.


TwistedCherry766 t1_itpbmaq wrote

What did he say that’s crazy?

I already told you. He sad he has insider knowledge about 9/11 and that people are after him.

It’s delusional and so are you.

Take your fucking meds


ItIsYourPersonality t1_itpkatc wrote

You are ready to put two people in the looney bin, this guy and myself, over a news story that provides no actual quotes or direct claims of the defendant.

You spent 60 seconds reading an article and believe you have all the information needed to determine a person’s fate.

Politicians must love how easily they can manipulate your emotions.


poquito_kale t1_itqubzr wrote

You didn't read the article.

They clearly provided direct quote of his crazy claim.

> “I need some police protection immediately,” Cirigliano can be heard telling the 911 operator. “It is of vital national interest. It is related to September 11, and people want to erase me from the face of the Earth.”

Maybe spend less time posting more time reading.


Eswift33 t1_itnnf35 wrote

Sounds like a Qcumber snapped and took off 🤦‍♂️


TwistedCherry766 t1_itn1qkn wrote

Dad is a fucking lunatic. Why do they still have custody of these children?

He is obviously a threat to them


IntelectConfig t1_itmrvnf wrote

This article is such hot garbage. I expected more from CNN.


Kytyngurl2 t1_itmt1nd wrote

Seems like a bigger scale Folie à deux, like the Tromp family


Offtopic_bear t1_itnwc11 wrote

Tromp family was my 1st thought. Weird Crap in Australia did a really good podcast episode or two about them in case you're interested.


Kytyngurl2 t1_itnwg6h wrote

I am, thank you!


Offtopic_bear t1_itnwopz wrote

Sure thing! They cover a wide range of, well, weird crap in Australia. Everything from Bush rangers and serial killers to UFOs and colonial history.


Xanthus179 t1_ito4iss wrote

Glad they were found. Was kind of hoping they had just gone camping or something and didn’t tell anyone.


Snoo16821 t1_itnqy8g wrote

I found one article which indi acted that the family still believed someone was after then but it did not raise enough concern to take them into protective custody. I.e. if they are not a danger to themselves or someone else we ha e ro leave them alone to have a shared delusion I found that really interesting.

"The Cirigliano family still believes people are "after them," but their situation does not meet the criteria for protective custody, the Fremont Police Department said in a press release. "

The above from the news 13 article.


bfjt4yt877rjrh4yry t1_itou2pn wrote

They were found okay. That is rare after that long. The smell is the worst.