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PhilSpectorsMugshot t1_irbe95r wrote

Fox 2 Detroit is reporting one dead, with shooter barricaded inside a room at the Dearborn Hampton Inn.


TimeMachineToaster t1_irbel0m wrote

WFLA has a live stream going.

Edit: apparently there's another shooting in DC they're covering as well.

Edit 2: And they're following something about multiple people being stabbed in Vegas.


pimparo0 t1_irblk8s wrote

The comments on that live stream were something else...


fattmarrell t1_irbbubs wrote

This is getting so tiring


Spartanswill2 t1_ircr4eg wrote

Human beings were not meant to get news from everywhere. We need to outlaw 24 hour news and all socal media.


Beligerents t1_irdpe31 wrote

So no San Diego news, but Redding is ok. Some weirdly specific laws you're advocating for sir.


BuffaloKiller937 t1_irbikrk wrote

"Sources are telling 7 Action News the situation may have begun as some sort of eviction."

I think we are going to start seeing more and more of these types of stories in the near future. Companies buying up every property they can, raising prices with the already high Inflation, a lot of people just can't afford to live in today's economy on a normal 40 hr/week salary. So they come try to force you out with your back against the wall and you just snap.


Misha80 t1_irboxpm wrote

It's a Hampton Inn.


Archmage_of_Detroit t1_irca4r9 wrote

People live in hotels sometimes, especially those who don't qualify for housing for whatever reason.


GiraffePolka t1_ircm7kk wrote

I was a housekeeper for a year and there were guests who stayed at the hotel for that entire time I worked. There's a lot of people living in hotels.


JBredditaccount t1_irbtmts wrote

I don't miss Paris Hampton and her stupid show at all.


EETFUK68 t1_irc05yz wrote

Me neither, but at least it was better than Paris Red Roof Inn’s show.


Ares1935 t1_ird5fsv wrote

its a hotel. no one thinks "gosh, living in a hotel would be cheaper than an apartment!".

I live right by there. thats a fairly nice hotel, in a decent area like a mile from the Ford HQ. You can see all the shopping and eating in that area.

article says dude was on drugs.


goddammnick t1_irceom5 wrote

history repeats itself. We dont have a modern world war going on but we do have one being waged in the shadows and online. COVID vs 1918 flu - now we have the roaring 20s - people are spending money faster than they can earn it but they dont care, they are having fun again. Major conglomerates are buying up all the properties and rent prices are getting out of control.

Wont be long before we see shanty towns being common (they already are in major cities, its just we have tents now. And We avoid a great recession but how long can we keep that up? Everyone is burnt out.


colourrevolt t1_irbi602 wrote

I worked at this hotel for 3 years and used to always worry about this


PlayfulParamedic2626 t1_irc6vqh wrote

??? Are you physic? ? ?


colourrevolt t1_irc74i0 wrote

My boss would joke that I caused bad stuff to happen at the hotel all the time. I was just nervous bc we only ran one person after 5 pm. So if someone comes in and gets you, you are screwed. No where to run. You are right next to automatic sliding door. Nice stretch of area there but dicey down the road


ExtonGuy t1_irbl7co wrote

In a few weeks, we're going to have a 24-hour "active shooting" channel. Plus knife stabbings, of course.


pegothejerk t1_irbaifb wrote

Central/South West Central Detroit just blocks from the Detroit river, for anyone not informed on Michigan geography.


abl4k t1_irbbv4k wrote

The shooting is in west Dearborn, which I wouldn't call "close" to downtown. Couple miles west of Ford HQ.


I_am_not_JohnLeClair t1_irbh81f wrote

Huh, how about that, a shooting in the U.S.

So what you guys doing for dinner tonight? I’m thinking chicken and rice


JBredditaccount t1_irbtx9y wrote

I'm going to set my kitchen on fire and pretend everything is fine. When the fire department shows up to save the neighbourhood I'm going to attack them for trying to take away my freedoms.