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Mist_Rising t1_iu5o83y wrote

I doubt anyone remembers any of the bookstores near my college warmly given they were just an alternative rip off to the colleges official store.


cremaster_shake t1_iu654y1 wrote

College town I worked in . . . city development board basically forced out a three-generations family-owned grocery adjacent campus despite it being dearly loved and a huge university tradition. They wanted to put in a strip mall, and they did.

Dude on the board straight up told the local paper that the public's memory in a college town only lasts four years.

He wasn't entirely wrong, but you're not supposed to say it out loud.

College town I work in now is a total steaming craphole compared to what it was like twenty years ago . . . but the college kids have no idea. The way it is now is all they know about it.

Meanwhile, alumni come back to town, come into my shop, and complain endlessly. Yeah, I know. Vote against senseless development? Or put up with it.


callmecoach53 t1_iudx1iz wrote

They forced a beloved pizza spot to put in a fucking Walgreens at UNT in 2006, only for it to end up as 3 story apartments because a drive-thru wouldn't fit. I miss you, Flying Tomato.


durgadurgadurg t1_iu68igi wrote

Ehh. I only ever went in beginning of the semester to buy, and the end of it to sell. I spent way more time in coffee shops to study. Even the school apparel, I bought at Steve and Barry's. Ulrich's was too expensive.


Naxis25 t1_iu6w56u wrote

Our college bookstore options are a really small university-run one that no one goes to or the Barnes and Noble that bought out the local bookstore long before my time. I'm not even sure if the Starbucks in it has reopened since the pandemic.


DieMensch-Maschine t1_iu5qe78 wrote

They closed Shaman Drum a decade ago. Ulrich's getting closed was just a question of time.


B-in-Va t1_iu627nb wrote

One less place to give you $3 for a book you paid $90 for 3 months ago. Then they sell it used for $80.


TenderfootGungi t1_iu93oug wrote

The publishers are making it near impossible to sell used textbooks, period. Most come with a one use code. If it doesn’t, they put a new edition out every few months so that used books are worthless. It is an oligopoly that the government should step in and regulate.


Zeebothius t1_iu69m7i wrote

As long as the Dawn Treader is still open, the city will survive.


FellowTraveler69 t1_iu5n1ax wrote

After reading, looks like the new owners are selling the land to developers.