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Withallduerespect- t1_itxmjbg wrote

Finally, someone realized a ski resort in the middle of the desert during a global climate apocalypse is exactly what we need


jrmtn38 t1_itxsya4 wrote

This was my first thought as well. it’s got to take a lot of energy to produce fake snow at such high temps


707breezy t1_ity6nud wrote

I’m surprised they don’t construct a dome over it to keep all the ac air inside


Fun-Translator1494 t1_ity8jna wrote

They already have an indoor one. Yes, really. They needed an outdoor one because the enclosed one made too much sense.


Elbynerual t1_ity8vq5 wrote

That's in Dubai though


AFA_Falcon1396 t1_ity8ka1 wrote

Dubai already has that! I think they want their own flavor of climate change defiance


oaktreebr t1_iu04x0u wrote

To be fair, it's going to be built in the mountains close to the Red Sea. According to the article, the average temperature is 10C and it goes below 0C during the Winter.