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Breakfeast-Bo_23 t1_itxokqy wrote

I think of it more as laughing while thinking about all the ways that it can fail and the money pissed away because of it.


ImReverse_Giraffe t1_itxrl8h wrote

It's not money pissed away to them. It's an investment for when their oil runs out. They want to be the world's playground, the place rich people go for fun over the top vacations year round. Want to go to the beach and go skiing in the same day? SA's got you. That's their plan for when they run out of oil.


Breakfeast-Bo_23 t1_itxuh53 wrote

They're probably gonna throw money at it until it's done, but I still think it's a gamble on whether or not it's purpose will succeed. I'm praying it won't, but I don't think we'll be able to tell yet


PlaneCandy t1_ity4wi9 wrote

Fortunately we already have that here in California


JCBadger1234 t1_ity6kv9 wrote

> Want to go to the beach and go skiing in the same day? SA's got you

The people rich enough to be the targets of something like this are already doing that, if they want. With their private jets and helicopters and whatnot.

They don't need to go ski on artificial snow, on concrete slopes, on top of a hotel in the middle of one of the most inhospitable places on Earth, just for that. They can go to the best slopes and beaches on a whim as it is.


Racecarlock t1_itydal7 wrote

Do you think anyone involved in planning this actually thought about that stuff?


TLprincess t1_iu1abgt wrote

You can do that in the bay area with Tahoe tho.