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cheapcoffeesucks t1_itxi2p5 wrote

Where do they get one of those, the hotel with a ski resort on its roof store?


jezra t1_itxi7ru wrote

and a basement filled with murdered journalists?


pegothejerk t1_itxin0d wrote

The rich are going to ski and shop in malls while the world is ending and on fire


cleoterra t1_itxk7sq wrote

No tree runs, no thank youuuuuu


singleguy79 t1_itxki3i wrote

This didn't work out so well for Richard Pryor


skubmancer t1_itxkvyx wrote

Getting the high score for most human rights violations in a single downhill run


capaho t1_itxlb3x wrote

Every time I see PR for Saudi Arabia it sickens me. One of the world's worst human rights violators doesn't deserve such recognition.


NinjaLanternShark t1_itxlygm wrote

(TROJENA is the local area the ski hotel will be built in)

> The entire TROJENA area will consist of six districts: Explore, Discover, Gateway, Valley, Relax and Fun. Visitors can visit each destination based on their mood and desired activities.

I can't put my finger on exactly why, but I completely hate that.


NinjaLanternShark t1_itxmb1a wrote

imagines whooshing past slalom flags





.......................ARBITRARY IMPRISONMENT........




Withallduerespect- t1_itxmjbg wrote

Finally, someone realized a ski resort in the middle of the desert during a global climate apocalypse is exactly what we need


I_Mix_Stuff t1_itxmjnx wrote

i don't think that is how global warming works


ThisistheInfiniteIs t1_itxml3z wrote

>and a basement filled with murdered journalists?

and murdered homosexuals, and atheists, and women who refuse live in a potato sack, people who commit the imaginary crimes of blasphemy, apostasy, "sorcery", "witchcraft", adulterers, burglars, drug smugglers, people accused of rape, "terrorism" and "waging a war on god", apparently even if they are children


TeveTorbes83 t1_itxmq3e wrote

Oh wow, awesome. Now people can casually hang out and have fun in a country that murders journalists and other dissenters.


true_spokes t1_itxn5zs wrote

Make sure you’re using paper straws though.


TatonkaJack t1_itxpkfl wrote

like on the roof outside? in the desert?


My_Penbroke t1_itxpp63 wrote

If human beings get their shit together and go carbon neutral, Saudi loses its vast wealth, and the natural ski slopes of the world don’t melt away. Just a thought…


nooshdog t1_itxqg4z wrote

In other news, water scarcity is a growing threat around the world...


PorchHonky t1_itxqtmt wrote

Insert ‘Everything is Fine’


JustSamJ t1_itxqwid wrote

Saudia Arabia is my least favorite country that ends in "ia". My favorite is "Canadia".


ReturnOfSeq t1_itxr934 wrote

And for some reason Republicans aren’t upset at THESE people in the slightest over gas prices.


KiraEatsKids t1_itxr95h wrote

what’s the roof of Saudi Arabia look like


ImReverse_Giraffe t1_itxrl8h wrote

It's not money pissed away to them. It's an investment for when their oil runs out. They want to be the world's playground, the place rich people go for fun over the top vacations year round. Want to go to the beach and go skiing in the same day? SA's got you. That's their plan for when they run out of oil.


Neve_Dreve t1_itxrpvr wrote

Ha, too bad Europe is buying oil from them so in the end, no one will do shit. Hell, they aren’t even selling their own oil, it’s actually discounted Russian oil which makes the whole situation hilarious in a bad sense.


Ct-5736-Bladez t1_itxrull wrote

Aren’t they in a desert? What do they think snow is?


Fair-Ad4270 t1_itxs4y6 wrote

Exactly what we need. Fuck you Saudi Arabia


Old-Ad-3126 t1_itxt3xo wrote

How they gonna get a Ski resort on the hotel roof… using ice…. In the hot desert…. Of Saudi Arabia. Unless their using sand.


PolicyWonka t1_itxtxod wrote

Politics aside, that’s a pretty neat looking building. Obviously not suited for the desert though.


JKM_IV t1_itxuqsx wrote

Even if I had all the money in the world, I still wouldn't know how to think and spend money like this


tretre03 t1_itxvhdn wrote

Someone watched Superman 3 recently


geeves_007 t1_itxvkg5 wrote

If there is one silver lining to runaway climate change, it's that KSA will probably be one the first places with literally unlivable heat.


leoden27 t1_itxw0w9 wrote

Aside from the human rights it’s a real showcase for the gross excess of human nature


calm_down_meow t1_itxwmx7 wrote

That dystopian trope about the rich living up in the sky and the 99% living in poverty on the toxic surface is going to be reality isn’t it


DodgyQuilter t1_ity1gfu wrote

So no matter how much I recycle, or don't buy stuff with vast air miles etc, these walking peni destroy the world to go skiing in a desert. Why do I bother?


Meamsosmart t1_ity3dtg wrote

The building and architecture might be breathtaking and beautiful, but man this and other acts by the rich across the world really just shoves the wealth disparity in peoples faces.


Sneakysteve t1_ity3ufu wrote

I sure hope they don't ski right off the roof into a giant pit of angry bullet ants...

...maybe I do hope that a little.


69deadlifts t1_ity4kfa wrote

Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice-skate uphill in the desert


m0nt4n4 t1_ity6g2o wrote

Imagine the waste of energy and water required to keep this thing going. Not to mention the ghosts of journalists past that will haunt you all the way.


JCBadger1234 t1_ity6kv9 wrote

> Want to go to the beach and go skiing in the same day? SA's got you

The people rich enough to be the targets of something like this are already doing that, if they want. With their private jets and helicopters and whatnot.

They don't need to go ski on artificial snow, on concrete slopes, on top of a hotel in the middle of one of the most inhospitable places on Earth, just for that. They can go to the best slopes and beaches on a whim as it is.


Elbynerual t1_ity8tu6 wrote

I did it in Dubai (sandboarding, not ski). Well, outside of Dubai in the literal desert. Sand was blazing hot. Like, you can't walk on it without shoes. We had to let a friend borrow shoes to do the sand boarding because he only had sandals and the sand was too hot for him to walk back up the hill.

It's not as easy to maneuver as snow boarding so even experienced snow boarders just completely eat it over and over going down the hill.

The sand gets in EVERYTHING. You might literally have to throw away your shoes or clothes because washing them isn't enough.

Did i mention it's hot as fuck? Worst 60 bucks I ever spent.


pagerunner-j t1_ity91kg wrote

Saudia Arabia is Goinga to Geta Hotela...


8th_Floor t1_ityf5mf wrote

And they're going to build it with political prisoners and slaves


DirtyFuzeMain t1_itymvxg wrote

Can this country just fuck off and die already?


thefanciestcat t1_itynltn wrote

Who's not excited about the idea of skiing down a fake hill with none of the natural beauty typically associated with skiing while completely sober and alone because your SO only visits countries where they're treated like a person?


lilbean_arino t1_itypby9 wrote

Came here to bash this, but based off of the comments, looks like I’m covered 🫠


voyagerdoge t1_ityv2os wrote

Strange, I thought KSA wanted to get more in touch with modern times, not less.

Said to see people like Jasmine Gruber, who wrote this piece, letting themselves be used by these companies. How on earth can she write about this project without addressing the obvious environmental concerns?

Her profile - "an expert on all things travel-related, and loves to share her knowledge with others" - is preposterous.


millos15 t1_ityxl5j wrote

this is to boost tourism? it seems to tacky lol


bronet t1_ityyn7k wrote

Sure, but at the same time it's weird how we hyperfocus on Saudi Arabia, and ignore all the other main bad guys in these areas. US included


capaho t1_itz0lpy wrote

Except that the US doesn't imprison or execute gay people anymore or subjugate women the way governments in that region do. The US isn't in the same category as the brutal theocracies of the world. At least not yet, anyway.


Romek_himself t1_itz15mq wrote

hey drivers look, thats what your high gas prices are used for. you are paying for this ...


mcolston57 t1_itz22cm wrote

I hope there aren’t any journalists going to cover its opening, they might get too excited and loose their head!


bronet t1_itz2hcv wrote

From a rights standpoint, I guess you're mainly correct.

When it comes to overall bad shit done in recent times, they're so much worse to the point where a comparison seems ridiculous. The US was just an example, it's mainly weird how people choose to call put human rights violations but not mass murder and war crimes.

The is is certainly a theocracy itself though, to a certain extent


pomaj46809 t1_itzjme1 wrote

What is up with these countries spending money like they're an 18-year-old who won the lottery?


O_o-22 t1_itzvr8b wrote

I’m wondering how much energy it costs to keep the slopes in powder in the middle of a hot ass desert.


JimBeefLakeMonster t1_iu01ad9 wrote

They aren’t going to attract skiers away from mountains, this is just some tourist trap bs. I’m sure it will be super popular just like the long ass condo.


koalasamurai t1_iu0qjw2 wrote

I can't wait to see what their take on a Bunny Slope is like.


Minty-licious t1_iu12ndv wrote

Does. money grow on trees, err.i.meant skies?


findhumorinlife t1_iu1f536 wrote

Pretty much sums up humans: consumption at it's peak.


HermanDinklemyer t1_iu7u7cp wrote

There are people in the United States that think. The United States can become petroleum independent. At the sane time. These same people do not want to lower production of petroleum burning vehicles and devices or embrace alternative, renewable energy.