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paulfromatlanta t1_itdicik wrote

The casual indifference to whether they have just ruined someone's life and may be making it worse is sickening.

>>“I can’t move,” Cox said, “I broke my neck.”

>>Cox was eventually taken to the detention center where police officers told him to get up from the floor. “Sit up,” an officer said to which Cox responded, “I can’t move.”

>>“You’re not even trying,” she replied.

>>Police officers eventually dragged Cox out of the van and put him into a wheelchair that he repeatedly slipped from.

>>Officers then dragged Cox out of the wheelchair and pulled him across the floor to a cell where they put him up against a bed.

>>Video shows Cox falling back onto the floor again. “He is perfectly fine,” an officer said as Cox laid on the floor.


FerociousPancake t1_itdum7a wrote

Monsters. Absolute monsters.


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wawa2563 t1_iteqvzs wrote

Have you thought that turning this into "Standard Police Officer" behavior normalizes this behavior and takes away how truly horrific it is.

There is nothing standard about this behavior. It is truly inhuman and should make sure society understands how unacceptable it shoukd be.


GotDoxxedAgain t1_ites81f wrote

Hot take:

Standard Police are horrifying, regularly act in callous disregard, and this behavior isn't very surprising.


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is_there_pie t1_itg2irs wrote

Oh that's just silly, not literally every single cop, some are dead, some have traumatic brain injuries, some are too fat to do anything but fill out paperwork, and don't forget the meter maids :P


RhoOfFeh t1_itful40 wrote

If it wasn't standard there wouldn't be so fucking much of it.

Wake up.


i_never_ever_learn t1_itgnadj wrote

We all make sure to highly publicise the bad behaviour. Every time it happens everyone in the world has access to the story. This is good as far as it goes but in the same way that cops see a one sided view of the world because it is their job, we see a one sided view of them because that's what makes the news.

I say this as a convicted criminal.


uzlonewolf t1_itgzagc wrote

It's not a 1-sided view, it's the inevitable outcome of giving people absolute power with zero accountability. One bad apple spoils the bunch, and there is currently no way to remove bad apples.


casual_catgirl t1_itk0bmo wrote

Cops are just an apparatus of the state. They don't give two shits about the people. They will go against legitimately good and just causes just to enforce order at the behest of the elites and the will of the elites.

They have been on a great many wrong side of history. Take a look at climate protests, civil rights movement, going against protesters who were protesting the Vietnam war, they helped put in jail draft dodgers who had the moral high ground

The "good" cops either let shitty things their colleagues do happen or they get squeezed out for not being in on it with the rest of the gang. So there are no good cops


N3UROTOXINsRevenge t1_itfc0s7 wrote

You’re the idiot for dehumanizing them. It’s exactly human. It is standard. Fuck pigs eat bacon


russmbiz t1_itgzand wrote

The cops are the ones who normalized this behavior. Fuck em all.


Coopermeister t1_itj8g3y wrote

The police normalized this behavior. And idiots like you give them a pass for it


a_satanic_mechanic t1_ite12ko wrote

What incredible bad luck that he ran into the only bad cops on that force.

It would have ended up totally different if it were any other cops on duty that night but all the good cops were busy playing basketball and making tiktoks with at risk youths.


nuclearswan t1_iteexhi wrote

I mean, there’s probably one guy like that.


chetchaka t1_itemme3 wrote

The legendary Good Apple.


lux_likes_rocks t1_iteom7f wrote

He’ll be on the chopping block as soon as he tries to report wrongdoing by his fellow piggies


SkunkMonkey t1_itg6te1 wrote

"The only good cop is a dead cop" has a double meaning.


astanton1862 t1_itf32ws wrote

They very well may not have ruined his life initially. With a neck injury like this, you only attempt to move the patient once you have immobilized the neck and spine. They way they treated him after the injury was criminally negligent.


spike4379 t1_itf5li5 wrote

This is disgusting. if this man doesn't single-handedly drain them of all their funding... Who am I kidding. Even with all the money in the world he can never feel the warmth of a hug again.

What an un-ending nightmare.


wejustsaymanager t1_itdn24a wrote

Gotta love that soft language. Headline should read, "Police break mans neck then drag him around and accuse him of faking it"


Evulsockmonkey t1_ithuzj2 wrote

Why did the officer put the breaks on in the van? If it was an accident then randy can sue in civil court. If it was on purpose to hurt Randy the officer should be charged. That all being said, it’s sucks that this happened to a person, if Randy hadn’t been in unlawful possession of a firearm this would have never happened.


ttaptt t1_itk56ve wrote

Isn't this what killed Eric Garner Freddie Gray? Of course I had to google which black man was killed in which fucked up way by police. This shit... and OH MY FUCKING EVERYTHING they're on "paid administr...." Fuck off. (Edit: this fuck off isn't for you, necessarily, it's for everything. But also, are you an apologist for cops murdering black guys?) They should be in prison already.

Anyway, jesus fucking christ, that's heartrending.


Evulsockmonkey t1_itkru07 wrote

That was hard to follow, no I’m not an apologist but I require all the info before I made a decision. I’m former law enforcement, nobody hates bad cops more than me. I don’t make irrational assumptions based on what the media tells me I need the facts.


Logical-Recognition3 t1_itihfxf wrote


Evulsockmonkey t1_itilpyl wrote

What Is sending me this supposed to do? Context is the most important piece of evidence. Was the man pulled over wanted for warrants? Was the vehicle stolen, why was the officer there? Why did the man dive into his vehicle? Why did the officer shoot?


Logical-Recognition3 t1_itizgnz wrote

If you watched the video you heard he was pulled over for a suspected seatbelt violation. When the officer asked to see his license, he reached into his truck for his wallet and the officer started shooting. The officer continued to shoot even after the victim raised his hands.

Dealing with American police can be like a Squid Game version of Simon Says except you might get shot even when you do what you are told to do.


Evulsockmonkey t1_itks3ro wrote

Don’t generalize all police, this is the issue. People say all police are bad or all police are racist and idiots out there believe it. It’s the same as saying all blacks are bad or all blacks are criminals. Idiots out there believe it. People should be judged by their actions not their profession or skin color. This cop was probably one of those idiots I was referring to.


CAllD2B t1_itms6n7 wrote

What connects the problem of cops in New York raping minors in their custody; over-policing minority neighborhoods and harassing and punishing whistleblowers with cops in LA running gangs, trafficking drugs, and murdering whistleblowers to cops in Chicago and Minneapolis and Detroit and Florida murdering people and over-policing minority neighborhood and running off the books torture buildings and all the other fucked up shit they do?

Do you think it’s a coincidence that people in the same line of work and in the same institutional structure keep doing the same bad things independent of each other?


Evulsockmonkey t1_ituq0iw wrote

There’s a lot to unwrap here. “Over policing minority neighborhoods” do minority neighborhoods have higher crime rates? Burglary, theft, assault, drugs? If so then those neighborhoods require a larger police force. Police involved with torture, rape, and all the other things you mentioned should be thrown in prison. I’ll say it again, don’t generalize all police. If 1% or police are corrupt and 1% of black adult men have been charged with a crime does not mean all police are bad or all black men are bad.


ttaptt t1_itk5e4i wrote

This was a super fucked up one. It was just a guy doing literally nothing, nothing serious anyway, and they told him to produce his documents, so he reached for his registration and they just blasted him. It's really hard to tell from this potato ass video, but I remember it, and it was just another one of these situations, probably around 2010 or something. Going from memory, don't crucify.

Anyway, no, it wasn't stolen.. Oh, the guy below me already said this shit.


Jeepercreeper9191 t1_itdw5hq wrote

Call me when we can criminally charge cops for shit like this without playing DA politics.


mrmeow02 t1_itf69ut wrote

Yup! It’s gotten to the point for me that I don’t see any justice done until people are held accountable.


squidboi97 t1_itfdsg3 wrote

Until qualified immunity is ended and exactly as you said DA playing politics with police it never will sadly


Logistocrate t1_itdg3qo wrote

Jesus, what an fucked up thing to read about. Assuming this was intentional on the part of the driver. Not the first time cops have fucked someone up seriously by doing exactly this.


W4t3rf1r3 t1_itdietr wrote

It's called a rough ride, it's what the pigs did to Freddie Gray here in Baltimore.


TigerBasket t1_itdrixd wrote

As a umbc student the shocking thing was that when I went to report being sexually harrassed I went to the wrong police station and the baltimore police were so much kinder than the school. Something is very rotten in Denmark but the school was even worse somehow. I'm gonna sue the school I already filed a civil rights complaint against them but shit is fucked. The police have been devastating Baltimore for decades now.


Beard_o_Bees t1_itdp83h wrote


The headline doesn't really convey what's going on here.

'Police arrest a man, for '$crime' - during his transport to jail, the cops treated him so violently that they paralyzed him. The police are now dropping the charges from $crime'.


ike_tyson t1_itfs1ld wrote

You think this account is bad ? Have you read the initial report when the police murdered George Floyd?


cremaster_shake t1_itdtx8d wrote

Even if it was an accident, the depraved indifference after he told them he was injured should lead to criminal charges.

Not to mention the liability they exposed the public to. Any supervisor or superior officer who defends them should be fired immediately.


ttaptt t1_itk60r2 wrote

They acquitted that piece of shit murderer Phillip Brailsford, in Mesa AZ who murdered that guy crawling on his knees begging for his life, who (I mean Murderer Phillip Brailsford) had "You're Fucked" etched on his rifle. And then rehired him so he could retire with full benefits. (Sorry, was revisiting THAT horrific shitshow yesterday).

But nothing ever happens. Very Rarely. Imagine in the Floyd murder hadn't been so well captured by the public? Nothing would have happened at all.

I'm so furious and heartbroken and disgusted by ALL of these.


pallasathena1969 t1_itdl7n9 wrote

The 5 officers involved on Paid administrated leave???


FerociousPancake t1_itduvui wrote

That’s unfortunately just the standard protocol for most investigations. Paid administrative leave until investigation concluded. I’m sure they’re probably forced to do it that way due to police unions. They have far too much power.


pallasathena1969 t1_itdxvw8 wrote

Yeah, I figured as much. While I see the logic, it just feels wrong.


Sunnydaysahead17 t1_itfl588 wrote

I feel like the video couldn’t have been more than a few hours long, how could an investigation take much more than about a minute longer than that. I just don’t get how some of these investigations drag on so long? If someone watched that video and is still defending them, wtf?


Gazelle-Dull t1_itfy5k1 wrote

Well they cant release the results of the investigation while the public is still paying attention.


UmpBumpFizzy t1_itllw12 wrote

Honestly, I'd be fine with paid leave being the standard provided that when these assholes are actually found guilty it all gets rescinded. That way the few times there's actually someone blameless involved who immediately gets thrown under the bus by the other asshole cops, they don't have their lives ruined in the time it takes to sort it out.

Unfortunately, the guilty usually get off scot free and thus are effectively rewarded with a paid vacation, and people who get fucked financially due to false accusations are left to flounder.


LoyalOrange503 t1_itdirc4 wrote

I'd fucking sue the police depart as well


Fizzicyst t1_itdy19b wrote

While I am glad he's suing and I hope he wins millions, it's not the cops who suffer; it's the taxpayers. We need to tie awards in these cases directly to police pensions or benefits. Or make their scummy asses carry professional insurance.


ElizaMaySampson t1_ithiqzu wrote

What we NEED is for these police officers to become indentured servants to this man, feeding him, mowing his lawn, wiping his arse, cracking open his beer and holding it to his lips, chauffering him and his family around...


cremaster_shake t1_itdu2t7 wrote

I'd sue them until local taxes tripled to cover it. Then see if the public has an effective interest in regulating the police.


uzlonewolf t1_itgxyey wrote

The issue is the moment you try to hold them accountable, they go on an unofficial strike and stop doing their jobs. They then spin it as "see how bad crime is under your current elected officials? Think about that the next time you vote!"


russmbiz t1_ith1gee wrote

Cops going on strike sounds like a win win. Fuck em.


Silverseren t1_ithggne wrote

> They then spin it as "see how bad crime is under your current elected officials?

The funny thing is that, whenever they do this, nothing happens. In fact, in some instances that were studied, crime reduced when the cops were on strike.

One of the hypothesized reasons is that communities worked together to deal with crime since police weren't around. And regular people are far better at dealing with and solving crimes than the police ever were.


ttaptt t1_itk6s18 wrote

Boo fucking Hoo. (not you, them) They don't do anything for the common problems, anyway. We need homicide detectives, yes. But for SO many other problems, we do just need Social Workers 2.0.

My brother, (who is doing so much better, now) had a mental health incident that we really could have used some help for. But the cops in that city had just blasted a 13 year old autistic kid in the back for running away, as a kid in crisis will do, like "NO! Don't touch me!". They shot him at least a dozen times. In the back. He lived, but...

ANYway, we could have used a hand, but no fucking way we were calling the cops.

"Ohh, next time call a crackhead, then.." Know what? A crackhead might (or might not, but same same) understand when someone is having a mental crisis. Fuck, I'm ranting. I'm just pissed. Sorry.


CritaCorn t1_ite1ti4 wrote

I don’t care what happens to cops anymore, good or bad, I DO NOT CARE


Ok-Translator-2785 t1_ite7vo9 wrote

They dropped charges, how nice.of them considering the damage the cock suckers did. We definitely need a police reform pronto.


RedLeader7 t1_itfli4d wrote

So the headlines now read “negligent police paradise innocent man”


FlyingFlipPhone t1_itdumv5 wrote

By dropping charges, the DA's office is officially concluding that justice has been sufficiently metered-out by the cops. Of course, this isn't right, and nobody is willing to say it out loud...


ttaptt t1_itk73sy wrote

I'm not breaking your balls, at all, but it's "meted", which is a weird word you almost never seen written anymore. Sorry, your meaning is extremely clear, either way, and you're 100% right.


Ultrawhiner t1_ite94iw wrote

Now maybe criminal charges for the police.


jkwasy t1_iteav64 wrote

Cool, his innocence only cost him an arm and a leg


Aloha_Snackbar357 t1_itfyb8w wrote

I would lose my license, be personally sued into oblivion, and never allowed to practice medicine again if I did even half of what these officers did. I understand a Hospital is a different environment with different focuses, but the complete lack of even cursory examination of the patient is appalling. Given how often police officers are present at or are apart of medical emergencies, they clearly need enhanced training in basic medical assessment.

I’ve worked with a treated dozens of prisoners in my career, and I have definitely seen faked injuries or conditions for secondary gain, so I can understand skepticism, but a full cervical spinal fracture with impact on the spinal cord leading to paralysis is dramatic and should be damn near impossible to miss.


silasoulman t1_ith35la wrote

You’re mistake here is in assuming that even if they had the knowledge of a spinal neurosurgeon they would’ve have done the right thing. These cops are sociopaths and are almost never punished, such power without consequences has led them to be literal monsters preying on the American people they’re supposed to be protecting.


3V1LB4RD t1_ithpv8d wrote

I seriously don’t get it. Cops must be required to go through first aid and CPR training and certification AT LEAST right??

That is enough for any civilian to slow down and take stock of the situation and take steps necessary to help keep people safe and assist in rescuing those that aren’t.

Even with the horrible and minimal police training we do have, they should AT LEAST all be first aid certified right??


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russmbiz t1_ith1j41 wrote

We can't do anything. They have all the power and if we protest too hard they shoot us. We're doomed.


milkshake_12345 t1_ithnsa4 wrote

the cops accused him of faking it and refused to give him medical attention right away, they’re the criminals in this case


hpark21 t1_itf33gf wrote

What are they saying? Are they saying that he paid enough price for his crime so dropping the charges? Or he wasn't guilty in the first place so they have no choice but to drop the charges OR (most likely) even if he is guilty, if this shit goes to trial, they will be in a LOT of trouble so they will not press charges?


capn_crunch1996 t1_itpjxce wrote

Cops have too much power. Keep the slaves in line


justtheentiredick t1_itf7603 wrote

Good men and women become stone cold monsters.

That's the real tragedy when it comes to law enforcement.

These people start their job with a moral compass that they must then ignore or forget about completely in order to "support their brothers and sisters in blue".

Any semblance of procedure or legal proceedings are snuffed out by the social norms of the day to day operations. They have to deal with REAL RAPISTS, MURDERERS AND PEDOPHILES.

I DO NOT want their job. I don't want to work in their world. Their job is so stressful and disorganized that there is no way I could do that and remain a morally sound human being.

Good men and women become stone Cold monsters.

The saddest part. Moraless and malevolent behavior is so normal that it becomes common place to maim, torture, paralyze or murder someone over a stolen pack of cigarettes. Anything outside of this is strange and foreign. Like not paralyzing someone and instead giving them medical care.


obxhead t1_itglnw0 wrote

I personally know 7 people that joined the police force. Each one of them was a monster before they ever filled out the first application.


ReasonableEcho3143 t1_itgolnq wrote

When friends of your friends who just got hired as officers come to your table for supper one night and immediately begin talking about the thrill of shooting people to the other newly hired cop friends at that same table, you know they were monsters to begin with.


silasoulman t1_ith3pdw wrote

I pose this to you, how are they good in the first place if they see what they see and they don’t leave?


russmbiz t1_ith1xic wrote

I'm sure that does happen, but I think it's much more common for monsters to become police than for police to become monsters. People have to want the job to begin with, and the type of people who want to be cops are likely not the best people.