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sd_glokta t1_ircv0rn wrote

Judy was very funny. Rest in peace, Aphrodite of the Accordion.


HammeredDog t1_ircv0a6 wrote

Tragic. Had no idea she was that old.


weed_fart t1_ircvki3 wrote

Nobody did - she lied about her age.


pseudocultist t1_ird2d68 wrote

Her family was pretty quick to set the record straight. "She ...just breathed her last so someone fix her Wikipedia page, should be 1949."


Evaliss t1_irenksi wrote

These days, 72 isn't that old. I consider anyone going before 80 too soon.


HammeredDog t1_irfg8k5 wrote

I don't disagree with that. I'd just always assumed she was within 5-10 years of my age is all.


DavefromKS t1_ircx709 wrote

Wow I havnt heard that name in a while


Chroma-Co t1_ircy8l1 wrote

Not since Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast for me


WilliamMinorsWords t1_irdeia5 wrote

You can have the Pu Pu PU platter! It's the extra Pu that makes all the difference


startrektoheck t1_irf5cyj wrote

The conventional two-pu platter left me feeling—how shall I say it—unfulfilled. That was not the case when I experienced the thrill of an extra pu.


DavefromKS t1_ircyh05 wrote

She was on a bunch of different things in the 80s and 90s as I remember. I'm wondering if she did a stand up special around about then.


ScorpionBob t1_ircxrf4 wrote

I thought the same thing. The accordion, totally forgot. She was awesome.


Kajiic t1_ird530g wrote

Rest now, Judy. Growing up, I would always go out of my way to listen to her stuff on Dr. Demento. Loved when she was Black Widow on Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. Her stand up was amazing and when I finally could drive, I remember going to Chicago to check her out at the gay bars all the time. So sad to hear the big C got her


VyrPlan t1_irdar2o wrote

have always been a fan - since back when i saw her in a club in the early 80s (w/ ellen degeneres actually, and they both slayed)

always felt she was kinda like the long lost sister of weird al and bobcat goldthwait; arcane humor + raucous stage presence + accordion

RIP - a loyal love slave


kinvore t1_irewqgu wrote

She was part of that wave of 80's comedians: Judy, Bobcat Goldthwait, Emo Philips, Pee Wee Herman, Steven Wright, Sam Kinison, and many others who distinguished themselves by speaking in a unique manner. I mean they were funny in their own right but they needed that gimmick at first.


WilliamMinorsWords t1_ircwkao wrote


Suffffffer POPE!

God she was hilarious.

May she and her accordion RIP


zomboromcom t1_ircw6hj wrote

Suffer, pope!

One of a kind.


40angst t1_ircz2r5 wrote

I say “Suffah, Pope!” ALL THE TIME. Judy I will carry that torch for you!!


OneSidedDice t1_irdd0m6 wrote

“He said, “Judy, Judy—can I touch your velvet painting of Elvis? That cries?”


justh81 t1_ird2jtc wrote

Emo Phillips in fucking shambles.


aneloz t1_irdbjwy wrote

It's too bad that marriage didn't work out. It must have been a super nova of crazy energy when they were together.


ghostofdreadmon t1_irdxqfr wrote

She owned the phrase, "it could happen", like she originated it.


Snuggle__Monster t1_ird209p wrote

Damn. Ovarian cancer, that's horrible to hear.

She was definitely one of a kind.


hjablowme919 t1_ired5uj wrote

That sucks. I think there was a Go Fund Me, or something similar to help cover her medical expenses.


bigedthebad t1_ircyc6r wrote

I haven’t thought of her in a million years. She was hilarious and unique. She will be missed. RIP.


randomguy987654321 t1_irdsx4y wrote

Been waiting decades for a female comedian that could top Judy in her irreverent and fun comedy and it still hasn't happened.

For you youngsters, back in the MTV days, you had your normal comedians, and then out of nowhere, this...pure insanity walked on stage wearing a flowing white gown, a flower in her hair, and holding an accordion telling insane stories, singing even more insane songs, calling herself a love goddess, insulting the guys in the audience, and says she's gonna start her own religion (which I would've joined in a heartbeat if she ever actually did).

She was a niche comedian, but to her fans (like me) she was an absolute one of a kind that isn't going to be easily replaced. When she walked on stage, you just told your brain "Don't even bother trying to guess what's she gonna do or say. Just sit back and enjoy the insanity."


Dirks_Knee t1_irehyvu wrote

Yeah, she was definitely way, way, way outside the box. Always felt like Natasia Demetriou's Nadja from What We Do in the Shadows was at least a little bit influenced by Tenuta's stage character.


Xaroxoandaxosbelly t1_ire1tp4 wrote

I’ve been trying to gather who she was this whole thread but your description makes me want to join the fan club without having seen any of her work.


KILLALLEXTREMISTS t1_irdrkjx wrote

Oh wow. Back in the '90's I worked as a limo driver and we had a contract with the local comedy club to pick up their talent at the airport or their hotel and deliver them to the club. On one of those trips my client was Judy Tenuta. She was mostly quiet the whole time, trying to be incognito, sunglasses on the whole time, etc. It was around Christmas time and we saw someone dressed up like an elf walking down the sidewalk and Judy says in her Judy voice you all know, "Oh my GAWD, look at that GUY!" Only thing she said the whole trip but she didn't disappoint.


autoposting_system t1_ircy7j5 wrote

Dang. She was really funny.

Just one of those spectacular loud people that has a lot of energy.

I guess we get what we get, and then it's over


ZylonBane t1_irdj334 wrote

Ah right, we're in the timeline where things happen like Roseanne Barr outliving Judy Tenuta.


JasnahKolin t1_ire3l4m wrote

You cannot posess me, stud puppet.


FaceNo9138 t1_ird4yww wrote

HBO special when I was a kid. 😥


AnalogDigit2 t1_irdl966 wrote

Women of the Night. It was great. Rita Rudner was the lone dud, IMO. But Judy, Paula Poundstone and a young Ellen DeGeneres were tough acts to keep up with.


AttractivestDuckwing t1_ire0ho6 wrote

I always loved the joke about her crazy brother burning down their house. When she asked him why he said, "It was laughing at me!"

"I said, 'Bosco, it wasn't laughing AT you, it was laughing WITH you!"

Rest in peace, thank you for making the world a funnier place.


krakos t1_ird8bho wrote

"Psychedelic witches embedded in asphalt" is one of my favorite punchlines


sehnsuchtlich t1_ircxr90 wrote

Sarah Squirm is carrying her torch. Godspeed.


Gonzostewie t1_ircy9qu wrote

She always killed me. So friggin funny.


rememblem t1_irdydcs wrote

Knew she had cancer from her social media posts... Cher sent her flowers and then not many more posts after that. Now she's gone, RIP petite fucking flower.


Aeroeee t1_irdy52u wrote

She had her own religion, Judyism.


EatKillFuck t1_irelg2i wrote

My old boss in the sound business has a great story of her. She was doing the casino circuit, and he had to run sound one night. What he didn't know was the enormous amount of sound cues she had, and some very quick together. Of course he missed one. Then two. After the third she yells HELEN KELLER ON SOUND, FOLKS. Hilarious


iballguy t1_irdca4g wrote

She was pretty active on tik tok, announced her condition on there, and seemed to be in really good spirits.


3DBass t1_irdjf1a wrote

Wow sorry to hear this. She was always on TV in the 80’s. Seeing her name takes me back to those times.


bingcognito t1_irgotrg wrote

I remember her being on The Muppet Show. You know you've made it when you're on The Muppet Show.


numanoid t1_ird2ax5 wrote

Emo Philips' ex-wife. I never found her particularly funny, but I admired her chutzpah.


Bobo4037 t1_ire2o94 wrote

She was an incredibly funny woman. We saw her at Caroline’s in NYC in the 80s, she opened for Steven Wright.

R. I. P., Goddess.


Emeraldjade t1_iregy0k wrote

She was a real pioneer in the 1970s and 80s. The first comedian I can remember as a child. I believe Rosanne took a lot of her act from Judy. RIP


kinvore t1_irew0kh wrote

I met her in the early 90's. Me and a friend of mine, who was a really huge fan of hers, went to see her perform in Milwaukee. After the show I asked my friend if she wanted to see if we can meet her.

My friend looked nearly shocked at the proposal. "Do you think they'd let us?"

I shrugged. "It won't hurt to ask."

So I found a stage hand and asked if we could meet Judy. He went backstage and came back a couple of minutes later and confirmed we could meet her.

My friend was just lovestruck. She immediately sat next to Judy and said "Oh my God I love you so much, thank you for meeting us!"

The two hit it off and became friends that night. Judy was SO sweet in person, which at first I found surprising because her comedy can get downright acerbic at times.

RIP to the Goddess of Love, you were unforgettable


[deleted] t1_irged2h wrote

Judy Tenuta was glorious.

I went to one of her shows and she invited a bunch of women (myself included) up on the stage to do one of her vagina dances. She kept trying to get me up there & finally I had to tell her I had no underwear on (I was in a mini dress). So she spotlighted me & told the entire audience "this woman has no panties on!".


JohnDivney t1_irdakp0 wrote

She was so funny and unique!


Holding4th t1_ire8gx5 wrote

I always associate her name with the accordion. Another piece of comedic history gone.


allbright1111 t1_irdhk5t wrote

Oh I loved her! She inspired me so much when I was growing up. Gave me the courage to be crass and funny! Rest in peace


hemidak t1_ire38p7 wrote

This is my plant... "Robert".


bluekeyspew t1_ire821b wrote

The death of ‘Judyism’. Sad


tinopa6872 t1_irfbcy3 wrote

As far as Im concerned Judyism is only getting started!


NoGodsNoManagers1 t1_irf9gu4 wrote

I had a huge crush on Judy Tenuta as a child. She has always been delightful. Why couldn’t somebody I don’t like have died instead?


yesitsyourmom t1_ird8zno wrote

Oh no. That’s sad. She was so funny


jazzcat007 t1_irea1av wrote

She was hilarious. Goddess speed, Judy!


thephillatioeperinc t1_iregepj wrote

Has anyone checked on Emo Phillips? I always put them together for some reason.


eyedonthavetime4this t1_irj95kn wrote

They were romantically involved at one time. Source: me. I worked at a comedy club for years and hosted them both (separately) many times...Judy less than Emo. Emo was there a couple of times a year.


boomajohn20 t1_iregktp wrote

This truly makes me sad. Her bipolar Dr Pepper ads always hit the spot. RIP beautiful crazy lady


BootlegMickeyMouse t1_irhkiqg wrote

Those were the only good advertising I've ever seen from Dr Pepper (and I love the stuff)!


Rylos1701 t1_irehygu wrote

Was she the one with accordion?


skantea t1_ireiss9 wrote

Sweet dreams "goddess".


Holoholokid t1_irep7tf wrote

My thought on reading this: JUDY TANUTA WAS 72?!?! SHE WAS MY PARENTS' AGE?!?!

Seriously, I thought she was Gen X at most. Funny as hell with that accordion, though. RIP.


[deleted] t1_irgeifo wrote

Right? I thought she was only about 10 years ahead of me, but nope, a full 20.


tetzy t1_ireqr3k wrote

I loved Judy - she was an accordion wielding madwoman.

May she rest in peace.


kerpowie t1_irg6ko3 wrote

I saw her perform live back in the day. Great show, I loved her so much. RIP.


Pulguinuni t1_irgf27x wrote

This makes me so sad. She was so funny.


arrasonline t1_ire1lql wrote

Thanks for all the laughs. 😢


Albie_Tross t1_ire8y6q wrote

Goddammit. For no reason, I’d been thinking about her lately. Always loved her.


Prize_Huckleberry_79 t1_ireoado wrote

Wait 72? It said 65 yesterday…?


dansquatch t1_iri7axv wrote

Apparently she told people she was 65 but she was really 72. It came up in one of the articles I read about her passing.


bigedthebad t1_irh1yaf wrote

I hadn't thought of her in ages so of course, I've been watching her routines since I found out she passed.

I had forgotten how brilliant she was. She will be missed.


BootlegMickeyMouse t1_irhk7r4 wrote

Oh, darling... You made fun of my outfit 20 years ago. I'll never forget you, my goddess.


[deleted] t1_irhuva7 wrote

She was great at one liners and physical comedy. Her voice v unique


AnthonyTyrael t1_ire9jga wrote

Honestly, first time hearing about her. Maybe I missed out.


TylerDurdenUMD t1_iren2zs wrote

You did

She was like a trailblazer to comics like Amy Schumer, but she was actually funny.


PlankOfWoood t1_ircz6tl wrote

Is that her real face or did she have different things going on all at once?


WilliamMinorsWords t1_irdfs8l wrote

WTF dude


PlankOfWoood t1_irdg33b wrote

Are we not supposed to ask questions about peoples faces?


tetoffens t1_irdvgga wrote

Not unless you're an absolute asshole, nope, man. Really funny to get in that jab at this person who just died though. Do you do standup? Poorly?