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DavefromKS t1_ircx709 wrote

Wow I havnt heard that name in a while


Chroma-Co t1_ircy8l1 wrote

Not since Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast for me


WilliamMinorsWords t1_irdeia5 wrote

You can have the Pu Pu PU platter! It's the extra Pu that makes all the difference


startrektoheck t1_irf5cyj wrote

The conventional two-pu platter left me feeling—how shall I say it—unfulfilled. That was not the case when I experienced the thrill of an extra pu.


DavefromKS t1_ircyh05 wrote

She was on a bunch of different things in the 80s and 90s as I remember. I'm wondering if she did a stand up special around about then.


ScorpionBob t1_ircxrf4 wrote

I thought the same thing. The accordion, totally forgot. She was awesome.