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randomguy987654321 t1_irdsx4y wrote

Been waiting decades for a female comedian that could top Judy in her irreverent and fun comedy and it still hasn't happened.

For you youngsters, back in the MTV days, you had your normal comedians, and then out of nowhere, this...pure insanity walked on stage wearing a flowing white gown, a flower in her hair, and holding an accordion telling insane stories, singing even more insane songs, calling herself a love goddess, insulting the guys in the audience, and says she's gonna start her own religion (which I would've joined in a heartbeat if she ever actually did).

She was a niche comedian, but to her fans (like me) she was an absolute one of a kind that isn't going to be easily replaced. When she walked on stage, you just told your brain "Don't even bother trying to guess what's she gonna do or say. Just sit back and enjoy the insanity."


Dirks_Knee t1_irehyvu wrote

Yeah, she was definitely way, way, way outside the box. Always felt like Natasia Demetriou's Nadja from What We Do in the Shadows was at least a little bit influenced by Tenuta's stage character.


Xaroxoandaxosbelly t1_ire1tp4 wrote

I’ve been trying to gather who she was this whole thread but your description makes me want to join the fan club without having seen any of her work.