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rikki-tikki-deadly t1_itv9gul wrote

One of the worst things about summer in LA this year was knowing that it will probably have been the coolest summer for the rest of my life.


SnooCupcakes299 t1_itvjwx1 wrote

I live in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and I think of this often.


rikki-tikki-deadly t1_itvu7ds wrote

I suppose you have the upside of knowing that each winter will be a little warmer than the last. Though that's scant consolation if you enjoy winter.


AppropriateEdge1203 t1_itw8hb1 wrote

The winters just swing between cold rain and arctic blasts. The ice causes trees to fall and the freeze thaw cycle wrecks our roads. I miss the good cold snowy winters of the past.


SnooCupcakes299 t1_itx4war wrote

It was 80 degrees f. here today.


mizmoxiev t1_itzhrgj wrote

Whoa! 80F in Cape Breton?! It's basically November! Damn that is some truly wild shit


Zakluor t1_itxveww wrote

In Moncton, NB, thirty years ago, winters were cold. -30°C was a norm through January-February. The last four years, we didn't get below -20°C.

I grew up in Halifax, NS. As kids, we made snow forts all the time. 20 years later, snow made up little of the winter: freezing rain was more frequent than snow.

Moncton, further north, is now seeing that change. We see more freezing rain and less snow than ever. Notable for a region that was once known as the "snow belt".


-FeistyRabbitSauce- t1_itw00qg wrote

Summer of 2021 in BC Canada we had the heatdome. It broke numerous records. Forest fires everywhere. One town, Lyton, reached 50°C before something sparked a fire and the town was pretty much wiped off the map.

Summer of 2022, we had the hottest, driest summer on average ever recorded. Temperatures didn't sky rocket like in 2021, but trey stayed up longer than usual. We only had our first real rainfall the other day. It was warm through until mid October. Like, shorts weather. Normally once September rolls around it rains pretty consistently.

And that doesn't even touch on the smog/smoke we keep dealing with or the floods that wiped out our highways.


adreamofhodor t1_itw0ja0 wrote

It’s been horrible just a little bit south, near Seattle. Same issues.


krustykrab2193 t1_itwed6i wrote

Just to add a bit more - after the historic heat dome in 2021 we had historic flooding a couple of months later that washed out all the highways and flooded several cities/towns cutting Vancouver and the Lower Mainland off from the rest of the country.


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DashboardNight t1_itw27el wrote

Isn’t this always at a record high though? Kind of like saying your age is at an all-time high.


cremaster_shake t1_itv8aop wrote

No one could have predicted this! Except honest people!


IWouldButImLazy t1_itvoa8w wrote

We could do something, but some kids splashed food on sealed artwork so we'll just let the world burn instead, to teach them some respect


redherringaid t1_itwv2px wrote

Also, they're just bankrolled by oil investors to make climate change action look bad.


Lunaranalog t1_itx0it0 wrote

I can’t believe more people aren’t aware of this. The campaign worked.


NenPame t1_itwx1zp wrote

We need results oriented protesting. Like sieging down coal plants with thousands of people. Glue yourself to Joe Manchins driveway and play music all night until he resigns. There are ways to do this


noodles_the_strong t1_itveeny wrote

Awesome, just awesome. lets wait till we get dead pockets of air settling over populations and killing them, then maybe..... we can talk about it.


GatsoFatso t1_itvwi4j wrote


spiralingtides t1_itx9xcq wrote

> Many of the illnesses and deaths were initially attributed to asthma.

Everyone, remember this if nothing else. Just like they say everyone with legitimate reasons to despair is depressed, so too will they blame any problems caused by the world on the people suffering them. World sucks? That's depression. Can't breathe? That's asthma. Can't afford rent? Should have got a better job. Etc, etc.

When the health crises's come, don't believe them when they say it's caused by something to do with the individual.


rufusjfisk t1_iu46dwl wrote

it still somehow produced Stan Musial, Ken Griffey Sr and Jr. All within a few decades of each other


Dr-P-Ossoff t1_iu1d9w8 wrote

That was a victorian era sci fi, smog layer trapped over city, people collapsing, train stuffed with unconscious people roaring ahead with no driver. People have been warning about this for at least 125 years.


lexilous t1_itvf3mp wrote

Meanwhile, as expected, we're failing to take the drastic action that would be necessary to actually meet emissions goals. It is now inevitable (barring some miraculous scientific discovery) that the future will be several degrees warmer, with more intense precipitation and drought. I do atmospheric science research, and looking at the high-end RCP8.5 and SSP5-8.5 scenarios is...disturbing.


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burros_n_churros t1_itvtpp1 wrote

I thought free markets would solve all problems? /s


Gb_packers973 t1_itwe25b wrote

Rising fuel prices would be a big help in adopting renewables.


rufusjfisk t1_iu46oli wrote

tell that to the poor folks who can barely afford their heating in their homes


Gb_packers973 t1_iu48l2o wrote

I would tell them that they would be martyrs in the climate crisis


rufusjfisk t1_iu48pwx wrote

do they get statues?


rufusjfisk t1_iu48sab wrote

it will be nice for the rich that they made the ultimate sacrifice...the climate scientists i am sure will gift their ancestors


Gb_packers973 t1_iu48us8 wrote

Depends - lets start with custom emojis first and see how it goes


Gb_packers973 t1_itwdspo wrote

The current president is pushing countries for MORE oil production.

What does that say?


solreaper t1_itwemea wrote

It’s says we haven’t done enough to introduce alternatives to oil and there’s a country destabilizing the world because they have a weak ego. The worse thing we can do is bring in another thin skinned childish GOP idiot to grind our world further into the ground.


rainforestguru t1_itvhxs4 wrote

How many years until climate sensitive areas are fked? Geologist here 🤙🏼


lexilous t1_itvp8cw wrote

I'm not an expert on that, but huge climate migration is expected by mid-century already - I've seen estimates of anywhere from ~150 million to ~1 billion. In general, the frequency of extremes will be increasing gradually but consistently. These changes would typically include more intense and/or frequent extreme precipitation and heat waves; and even if overall precipitation totals stay the same or increase, it being delivered in these very intense extreme events with less light and moderate rain in between will increase the likelihood of drought. Rapid intensification of hurricanes/typhoons has increased as well, and will likely continue to do so in the future. So that would be an influence in many tropical and subtropical regions. I would worry about the greatest danger for short-term catastrophic changes being in regions that already experience extreme drought, fire, life-threatening heat, or monsoons, all of which stand to be intensified by climate change. Anyway, as for a specific time frame - I don't have an answer's already becoming a problem, and will only get worse over the next few decades.


InsuranceToTheRescue t1_itvsaob wrote

To add to this, we will see sea level rise over the next century that will force the majority of the globe's population to go somewhere else or invest in expensive infrastructure projects like massive sea walls. The mass migrations will strain, and in some places break, food supply chains. There is likely going to be massive social upheaval to accompany all of this.

On one somewhat bright note, we have likely avoided a hothouse Earth, where a feedback loop begins and the planet becomes too warm to support human life. This also assumes that our estimates for methane in polar regions is somewhat accurate.


Vallkyrie t1_itwg76e wrote

> and even if overall precipitation totals stay the same or increase, it being delivered in these very intense extreme events with less light and moderate rain in between will increase the likelihood of drought.

I can already see it now, the propagandists are going to twist this data to their audiences as "Look, there's no more or less rain than before! Checkmate!" and those of us who understand the issue are going to need a 3rd hand to facepalm.


MrJoyless t1_itw7vbc wrote

40% of the world's population lives within 1 mile of the coast... we're talking billions that'll be displaced.


greynolds17 t1_itwpgli wrote

but the effect of higher seas wont be the same along every section of coast, mostly just the low-lying areas will be effected


I_likeIceSheets t1_itw391e wrote

I'm (slightly) more in the realm of climate (paleoclimate and glaciers are more my thing). There's no specific time. It's more of a spectrum of fcked than a threshold of fcked ... if that makes sense. While there are physical thresholds in the climate system, like with ice sheets and the biosphere, how we're impacted isn't concrete.

Here's what I tell people: the longer we delay action, the worse the climate crisis will get. It means two things that are very important to understand:

  1. The climate crisis will get worse if actions are not taken. Life will increasingly become more uncomfortable and certain weather events will become more dangerous/deadly. It won't be the end of the world or life as we know it, but it will be fucked.

  2. We can always prevent the worst from happening. By taking action now or later, we can make the climate crisis less fcked in the future. Though some things might not be reversed, we can still make a things better relative to what they could be.

One more thing: everywhere is a climate sensitive area. Be prepared.


lexilous t1_itw9xf2 wrote

Seconding this! It's not "in the year 2050, all the shit will hit the fan." It's "everywhere will be getting a little more extreme every decade, on average." There are various extreme thresholds (too hot or cold, wet or dry) beyond which human life cannot thrive. The point of "fcked" in a given region would occur when the conditions move beyond that threshold. This is why regions where humans already live close to that climatological threshold - deserts, vulnerable coastlines, dangerous monsoon regions - will be some of the first to go.


jennanm t1_itw6w3j wrote

Yeah, as someone working on a Conservation Ecology degree and going into fieldwork with all manner of critters, the effects of the unavoidable climate change we're staring down on ecosystems worldwide will be horrific. Any plants or animals that are not suited to the rising temperatures (often species that are already threatened in one way or another) will have a much harder time in the wild. Think of images of the polar bears on melting bits of ice in the Arctic, reports of escaped pet snakes gorging on every alligator egg they can find in the Everglades, the breaking news concerning the Alaskan snow crab population completely collapsing in the last two years alone.

Our native wildlife can't compete against everything humans are throwing at them, and the crabs are just the start. I can assure you there will be many more from where that came from, all over the world, because we as a species are hellbent on destroying this entire planet so severely we'll have to fuck off to Mars in the end or something.

I went into this degree because I want to help save the most critical and vulnerable pieces of our ecosystems, to keep us and everything else out there in the wild healthy and happy. At least I know now I'll have no shortage of demand for what I do.


shirk-work t1_itwu6vy wrote

We are in the middle of a ecological apocalypse and acting like everything is just perfect.


SuperSimpleSam t1_itw0qxu wrote

> we're failing to take the drastic action that would be necessary to actually meet emissions goals

Some progress is being made. Saw an article that we had just 1% increase in emissions this past year.


lexilous t1_itw1ims wrote

Oh good! Hopefully if this continues and accelerates we’ll at least be able to avoid the worst-case scenario of constant/increasing fossil fuel use throughout the 21st century


artcook32945 t1_itvz6pc wrote

Does any one, of adult mind and body, really think that World Governments will ever actually work together in time to put the brakes on Climate Change?


Vallkyrie t1_itwh3tu wrote

After watching how we handled a virus...not at all.


zvive t1_itxv49x wrote

8 ball:

"Outcome does not look good"


"It'll end up about as well as COVID was managed...."


"A sphincter says what"



kyckling666 t1_itvjsbq wrote

Has anyone tried not focusing on this and being more upbeat? That's what I've been instructed to do while addressing this problem. Haven't tried it yet. Want to know if there have been positive changes after testing this method.


CynicalPomeranian t1_itvl52z wrote

It works just as well as the hopes and prayers. At some point, a magical sky being is sure to take action and save us from ourselves!


taez555 t1_itvdtw6 wrote

Where's the Simpsons movie meme? Highest level, "so far!"


2WheelMotoHead t1_itvmxmj wrote

Here in ‘Mericuh I’m awaiting the sounds & smells of autumn. 300 million leaf blowers running at the same time, and the continual shitty smell of burning leaves.


IsThisKismet t1_itvo79y wrote

They’re called rakes and grade schoolers. Get to it, kiddos.


beanTech t1_itvvbjf wrote

Nothing will change unless people start mass protesting.


Argikeraunos t1_itvx2ko wrote

We're actually at the point where what needs to be done you just can't talk about


jennanm t1_ityv8u1 wrote

I can use my know how to make a brand-new French thingamajig ass long as someone could spot me $20 for supplies


shirk-work t1_itwufwq wrote

I mean they did manufactur that disease to get rid of at least some of the problem.


CritaCorn t1_itx0kjg wrote

This sub joined Trump years ago and trolled a little girl trying to raise awareness to this issue….


lol_treez t1_itvuush wrote

…aaaaand queue another Covid variant, pair that with the world almost being in a nuclear war…

Man…2022 is fun!


[deleted] t1_itw38cw wrote



shirk-work t1_itwuo1q wrote

It wasn't fossil fuels, it was people who were betting they would die rich before facing the consequences. Companies pivot all of the time. If energy companies wanted to transition and get ahead of everything they had more than enough capital and time to do so. They chose not to because fuck it that's someone else's problem.


cybercuzco t1_itvgvnl wrote

This is going to keep happening until we get our collective emissions of CO2 below a billion tons per year. Thats how much earths natural processes sequester. Currently we are at about 45 billion tons per year of emissions, and the 45 billion number is still increasing at an accerating rate. So think of it like were in a car, and we're going 45 MPH and your foot is actively moving to push the gas pedal down more except theres no floor to hit and your leg can keep pushing it further forever. The first step is going to be stopping pushing down further on the gas pedal. That gets us to a constant acceleration of emissions, then we need to stop pushing on the gas pedal altogether, then our car is only careening towards the cliff at a constant speed. Then we need to move our foot over and start pushing on the brakes. Were probably close to "stopping actively moving the gas pedal further down" and 10 years away from "leaving our foot on the gas where it is" and maybe 50-100 years away from "taking our foot off the gas entirely" and probably another hundred years from "pushing on the brakes"


WirelessBCupSupport t1_itw5y5z wrote

Major factors are: ongoing conflicts, deforestation, forest fires, overpopulation (India and China BIGGEST culprits...stop reproducing!), pollution from refineries, manufacturing, shipbreaking, and mother nature herself - volcanism and methane.

All but the last two can be reigned in. But profits over planet...


TirayShell t1_itvgoin wrote

Well, let's start growing stuff. Like in a greenhouse.


AnyProgressIsGood t1_itwzoxp wrote

it wont be till millions die that people will be motivated


spanman112 t1_itxbkg0 wrote

Alright! High Score! what does that mean? does that mean we broke it?


Withallduerespect- t1_itxmwul wrote

But what does this have to do with Kanye losing his Adidas deal!!???!!!


Just_wanna_talk t1_itxohqd wrote

Are there any gases that produce the opposite effect and provide cooling to the atmosphere?

If there are maybe we should change gears, we are a lot better at polluting the atmosphere than we are at cleaning it up.


focusedhocuspocus t1_ity1xrt wrote

We’re all going to have to live underground or something like naked mole rats. 😭


Hecate100 t1_ityyvcy wrote

I fear we're at the point now where the Earth has to take drastic steps to save itself from humanity.


EET_Learner t1_itze59d wrote

So that's why it's hard to breath lately


cam94509 t1_iu112zr wrote

A methane production runaway effect driven by warming and not directly by industrial production?


Whelp, gonna tell my grandkids about the concept of snow, and probably about the concept of the sky.


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Cactusfan86 t1_itvo7zi wrote

People confuse extinction and societal collapse. Society may fall, but humans are like cockroaches I doubt we go anywhere as a species


[deleted] t1_itvpm8s wrote



Cactusfan86 t1_itvqytr wrote

Modern terran life is society, pre-societal humans without access to any advanced technology lived and thrived in every environment on this planet including straight up deserts.


litefoot t1_itvh1r6 wrote


Harabeck t1_itvqsu0 wrote

Peterson is not worth anyone's time.

His first point there is that because projections get less accurate the further you go into the future, we can't do anything. That's insane. Not only is he ignoring the past warming that we can directly measure, but it just doesn't follow. We can solve problems even if predictions about that problem aren't perfectly certain out into the infinite future.

Then he lies about Germany's emissions, failing to mention their withdrawal from nuclear power and blaming it on green energy.

And so on. His points are all complete nonsense, but he sounds confident while saying them.


CptDecaf t1_itvsguw wrote

This is such a self own. You just don't know it.


Critical_Student8761 t1_itvaqox wrote

They will always be the highest they are, this post is dumb


hugglenugget OP t1_itvcw8c wrote

The more disturbing fact in the article is that the rate of increase is higher too, and some of that may be due to natural processes we've unleashed that now have a momentum beyond our control.


[deleted] t1_itve9sf wrote



LowDownSkankyDude t1_itvnbe2 wrote

This feels like well articulated bullshit. Also co2 isn't the only culprit, and while interesting, this just feels like looking for a reason to justify not helping.

Besides, I'm pretty sure things have gained enough momentum that I don't think anything beyond flat out pulling the plug on fossil fuel and dramatically dialing back industrial farming, will buy us any time.


[deleted] t1_itw2en4 wrote



LowDownSkankyDude t1_itw6399 wrote

I'm not saying this guy doesn't know his field. I'm in full support of sharing digestible science to broaden the understanding of how fucked we are and why. I'm just wary anytime someone presents one aspect of a multifaceted scenario.

This guy's presentation, and how you shared it, came off, to me, like co2 will go away so don't worry about it. I'm sure I misinterpreted it, but I'm also sure I'm not the only one, which makes this ,without an eli5 of the science, more misinformation than anything else. imo

You may not be intentionally pushing an agenda, but unfortunately agendas are pushed by the stuff we share whether we mean to or not.


Critical_Student8761 t1_itvcz8t wrote

Meh, Thus is life.


unpluggedcord t1_itvdu54 wrote

You do realize your life will be cut shorter because of this yeah?

Your apathy is what is dumb here.


Ronin_Y2K t1_itvo3p9 wrote

I wouldn't be too hard on him.

He's a recovering heroin addict and currently going through his "Unpopular opinions means I'm smarter" phase.


shirk-work t1_itwvbc8 wrote

That's like your house is on fire and saying this is the most on fire my house has been, so dumb right? Instead of being like holy fuck how do I put out the fire burning my house down.