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cremaster_shake t1_itxf3p7 wrote

Zuckerberg is not some business or technology visionary. He's a shemp who stole a frankly unoriginal online yearbook idea from some guys he knew and then cashed in increasingly on how exploitive it could be. He's done nothing else whatsoever to suggest that he's a genius. He's not even Elon Musk, let alone Bill Gates, let alone, I don't know, Bob Forward, or something.

He's not a genius. He has clout because he has money. He has money because he had luck and gall. He's throwing his moneypower down a bad Sims version of The Sierra Network and he doesn't even seem to know that the concept (never mind the execution) is stale even to know-little venture capitalists.

I'm not saying he can't succeed, especially if Meta just weasels out in another direction that turns out to be an easier path. But if he had less money, he'd sure have less success.


hodorhodor12 t1_ity934g wrote

I don’t like the guy but taking his company from almost nothing to a public company that has been profitable is an achievement. That takes talent.


drekwithoutpolitics t1_itzhzdo wrote

I don’t think it takes talent. It takes connections, wealth, and a staff of people. But talent doesn’t have a ton to do with it. It’s not like he took the company public, the company had thousands of employees at that time.

Being a sociopath might help, but that’s not a talent either.

Also, “almost nothing” is kind of misrepresenting how privileged he was as a kid.

Talent. Ok. 🙄


hodorhodor12 t1_iu084q1 wrote

I'm not saying the privilege wasn't a big part of it - I would say it's the biggest component of his success. But to say that it doesn't require talent to take a company public and maintain the user base and profitability didn't take talent is delusional and reeks of knocking down others to make yourself feel better.


drekwithoutpolitics t1_iu096f0 wrote

I still don’t think that’s talent, but I appreciate the weird “knocking down others to make yourself feel better.” That’s me, knocking down Mark Zuckerberg to make myself feel better!

What a weird way to spend your time, defending Mark Zuckerberg’s supposed “talent.” Are you sure we have the same definition of “talent?”

Talent: a natural aptitude or skill. That asshole absolutely did not have any natural aptitude for taking companies public, he barely had a natural aptitude for programming. He had tutors from a young age. He stole an idea and got others to help him run with it.

As if a whole company didn’t do the things you’re listing. Give me a break.

But keep going! Apparently there are Zuckerberg apologists and I’m here for them.


_boob t1_ityu9d8 wrote

You realize they to get accepted and then drop out of Harvard, you have to be pretty smart, right?


thebigpink t1_itxhgts wrote

Lord not sure to where even begin with all the rest but isn’t that how most business start new products? Less money this wouldn’t even be a thing. Plus he has already succeeded far more then any person on this site will ever dream of.

Not a fan or anything just shit made zero sense