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marketrent OP t1_iudmfox wrote


>Gunmen attacked a major Shiite holy site in Iran on Wednesday, killing at least 15 people and wounding dozens.

>The official website of the judiciary said two gunmen were arrested and a third is on the run after the attack on the Shah Cheragh mosque, the second holiest site in Iran.

>The state-run IRNA news agency reported the death toll and state TV said 40 people were wounded.

>The Islamic State group late Wednesday claimed responsibility for the attack on its Amaq news agency. It said an armed IS militant stormed the shrine and opened fire on its visitors. It claimed that some 20 people were killed and dozens more were wounded.

The Associated Press October 27, 2022


cousin_basil t1_iudmylp wrote

You can't call it a false flag if the Islamists claimed credit. What dumb shits, because I can't see where attacking Iran in the middle of these protests do except give excuses to the mullahs to tighten the clamps more.


ajisawesome8 t1_iudqb8k wrote

Did a double take on that title...I read gunmen attack major shit hole


WexfordHo t1_iudu4wa wrote

This, and ISIS needs ongoing conflict to justify its existence, and keep their criminal profits flowing. It’s not like ISIS gives a rat’s ass about the Iranian people, and it’s not like their enmity with Shi’ites would go away with the Iranian regime.


rapkat55 t1_iudwk5n wrote

Innocent people were gunned down, making fun of that specific situation doesn’t make it better, it just makes you look insanely shitty and immature.

If you want to lighten your mood joke about other things ffs


Then-One7628 t1_iue0305 wrote

It's called the Islamic state, but they shoot up mosques. Sounds real legitimate.


rapkat55 t1_iue2m3h wrote

They absolutely do get backlash for it from healthy considerate people.

You must surround yourself in shitty echo chambers to not realize it my dude. I honestly hope you can find better ways to deal with whatever you’ve got going on.


candygram4mongo t1_iue2uts wrote

Once I saw this guy on a bridge about to jump. I said, "Don't do it!" He said, "Nobody loves me." I said, "God loves you. Do you believe in God?" He said, "Yes." I said, "Are you a Christian or a Jew?" He said, "A Christian." I said, "Me, too! Protestant or Catholic?" He said, "Protestant." I said, "Me, too! What franchise?" He said, "Baptist." I said, "Me, too! Northern Baptist or Southern Baptist?" He said, "Northern Baptist." I said, "Me, too! Northern Conservative Baptist or Northern Liberal Baptist?" He said, "Northern Conservative Baptist." I said, "Me, too! Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region, or Northern Conservative Baptist Eastern Region?" He said, "Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region." I said, "Me, too!" Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region Council of 1879, or Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region Council of 1912?" He said, "Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region Council of 1912." I said, "Die, heretic!" And I pushed him over.


rapkat55 t1_iue3eiu wrote

What a terrible joke. If you had anyone you loved I don’t think you’d find it funny if people made fun of them dying over nothing.

The internets for everyone, just because I’m a decent person who can empathize doesn’t mean I have to shelter myself.


Cuillin t1_iueccm3 wrote

Nah there’s just a time and place for everything, you found yourself in neither, and don’t appear to have the mental or social maturity to realize it. Also, perhaps worst of all, you go through all this and the joke wasn’t even funny.


HildemarTendler t1_iueegae wrote

I'm sure many in and around the Iranian government see the writing on the wall. This is either the hardliners trying to force hardline policies, or it really is IS trying to push this revolution in their direction.


HildemarTendler t1_iueeqss wrote

I've read that most Islamist organizations are opposed to IS because they aren't particularly ideological. They are truly just a terrorist organization that wants to control people by any means necessary.


isiscarry t1_iuekb45 wrote

This happens a lot in Iran its just not covered in western media as much.

For example the US used the general they droned a few years back as an intelligence expert wrt AQ back in the 00’s because he was considered a global expert on combatting them.

A lot of Americans are so poorly informed due to our poor media that they do not even understand that Iran is AQ/ISIS’s #1 enemy let alone WHY….

It was hilarious during the height of ISIS to watch WaPo print endless articles about “the biggest victims with ISIS are other muslims!” without any further extrapolation. The best was all the articles about “Iranian backed militias” without any further comment as to why Iranian volunteers were so willing to go fight ISIS in the first place…


isiscarry t1_iuekxuw wrote

Most salafists view Iran and 12er Shia in general as the #1 group that must be extinguished to please God.

They consider “faking” being a muslim as the worst sin of all, and consider Shia veneration of certain Islamic figures (specifically Ali, but to a lesser extent other figured like Khadija and other family) and conducting burials near mosques be practicing polytheism and basically a mockery of Islam.

You’d already know this if you had a competent media class and educators growing up, but most westerners do not when it comes to this topic.


Foomaster512 t1_iueq5vt wrote

Looks like Iran is gonna need to be freed from terrorists (and their oil)


Noderly t1_iuesq4g wrote

This is why we need to get rid of guns in America. If all guns were illegal, there would be no mass shootings in places of worship since that would be illegal!



chrisbcritter t1_iuf1zi6 wrote

Oh, THAT'S how false flag conspiracy theories start.


mcs_987654321 t1_iuf5gzx wrote

Yup - I’m not anywhere near knowledgeable enough to understand the factional nuances at play here, but chaos invites more chaos.

The women opened up a crack in the Supreme Leader + mullah’s control, and now you have loads of groups jockeying to hasten the regime’s demise and grab power. Super unclear if any of this will “work”, or how it’ll play out…dangerous times indeed.


Planetcapn t1_iuf7824 wrote

Holy shite that’s horrible


mcs_987654321 t1_iuf82ww wrote

Oh, no doubt.

Some of that is just down to people having limited bandwidth - I follow intl news relatively closely, from a wide range of sources, and know that I’m still only getting a tiny fraction of the most important news events of a given day/week.

The other bit is that there are a bunch of regions in the world where outsiders barely have a fighting chance at understanding the nuances and undercurrents at play, especially if we don’t speak the native language (and is a super bummer for Iran, bc Farsi is just so pretty) - Iran is definitely one of those places. You can know the about the shia/Sunni divide, the centuries of colonial fuckery in the region (driven by all kinds of shifting geopolitical reasons), the contributing factors behind the rise of IS/AQ/Daesh/whatever…and still barely scrape the surface in terms of being able to understand some of the motivations behind current events.

That said: yeah, most media sucks and a good chunk of people are so stunningly uncurious that they wouldn’t even be able to find Iran on a map.


mcs_987654321 t1_iuf9zc0 wrote

I always think of salafism as the “biblical literalist/creationist” stream of the “Protestant” Sunnis vs the “Catholic/orthodox” Shias - and god knows that the catholics and protties have been fucking with each others’ places of worship for centuries.

(Alternately - the haredi faction of orthodox vs reform judaism, which didn’t work out great for Rabin…either way it’s a gross oversimplification, but helps me keep the factional tensions in Islam more or less straight).


tinarahimpour t1_iufduxj wrote

nothing is islamic here, this is a small portion of what’s happening here.U guyz dont see most of it.there are hundreds of people getting killed in the protests I wonder why doesn’t the media cover that parts but reports an attack that most people here believe it to be a show


treykesey t1_iufdwt3 wrote

How does we KNOW this wasn’t the Mormons?


Squirmingbaby t1_iufeism wrote

I wonder what will happen to those two who got arrested. I imagine a quick execution would be the best they could hope for considering what the Iranian government does to regular people.


Kiiaru t1_iuffz20 wrote

How is it that IS can claim 20 dead when Iran claims 15? Did IS stick around to count or are they inflating the numbers for the sake of terrorism. If it's the latter, wouldn't claiming you killed more get a stronger military response against you?


madali0 t1_iufgfiz wrote

ISIS generally usually exaggerates their numbers a bit. Not something crazy, like they don't kill 5 and say 50.

And terrorist actions are done to maximize the numbers of death, they don't really care about military response.


madali0 t1_iufhdl6 wrote

Typical twitter bs. According to the regime change twitter guys, Iran did a false flag terrorist action on their own shrine and made sure to tell some kids on some random telegram channel to make a simple condolences poster beforehand?

Like how many people were told of this conspiracy for even the Photoshop kids to be told of it before hand? And for what exactly? I saw the poster, designing it takes more than 10 mins to make. Where they so desperate to save 10 minutes that they'd risk their whole operation?


Punawild t1_iufmae0 wrote

False flag. The Iranian regime has already attacked and killed people after prayer twice. Now they just trying to distract from the people’s revolution AND blaming the killing of their people on someone else.


ucd_pete t1_iufnhd8 wrote

> For example the US used the general they droned a few years back as an intelligence expert wrt AQ back in the 00’s because he was considered a global expert on combatting them.

And that same general was instrumental in defeating ISIS. Once ISIS was gone, the US didn't want Iran-Iraq relations to get too close so they clipped him.


Kvenner001 t1_iufrhk7 wrote

They often have someone filming the attack for later propaganda purposes. But beyond that they don’t care about accurate numbers. Like all bullies it’s about projecting power through fear. Higher death tolls incite more terror.


chrisbcritter t1_iufw81w wrote

I hate to be that guy, but this attack seems awfully convenient for the hard liners in the Iranian regime.


WhynotstartnoW t1_iug9e8e wrote

>This is either the hardliners trying to force hardline policies, or it really is IS trying to push this revolution in their direction.

i don't see why the hardliners would need this to force their policies. IS is regularly bombing or shooting up Iranian military and government/political sites already prior to this current uprising.


WhynotstartnoW t1_iugauni wrote

>Smells like this

Why? Did al-Qaida claim responsibility for that incident?

Because Islamic State had someone on site filming it, like they do for most of their attacks like this, and they posted the video to their 'news network' and claimed responsibility for the attack 4 days ago. That would be pretty deep ties between Iranian republican guard and Islamic state, or some deeper wilder conspiracy.


hawkwings t1_iugeiww wrote

When Obama ran for reelection, he bragged about killing Osama bin Laden. Trump wanted to do the same thing when he ran for reelection, so he killed somebody. I don't think that he cared that much one way or the other about General Soleimani. Both Israel and Saudi Arabia may have been OK with him killing a Shiite.


drivel-engineer t1_iugfytl wrote

A shitholey site eh? Somewhere in the States I’m guessing?


Real_Durindana t1_iugkncf wrote

Let’s start insisting that Muslims learn about the silly doctrinal bullshit that separates Christian denoms?

Lol no. And westerners will continue to roll their eyes at Shia and Sunnis, much less insane wahhabists, scream about takfir at each other while spraying AKs into the sky


Knife_JAGGER t1_iugu8gb wrote

Man i really steuggled to read this...


APsWhoopinRoom t1_iugvo48 wrote

There are plenty of places in the Middle East that aren't shitholes. For example, Israel. However, Iran is pretty damn shitty, especially with what's going on there currently. Fuck the Iranian government


AllBluringIntoOne t1_iuh0gte wrote

It was posted 3 minutes before the timestamp on the cctv but if you're ignoring that, fine. Ignore the dead man checking his watch and the "30th of rabi al awwal" too

But an attack on shahcheragh, collapse of the rest of metropol, and a deadly factory explosion all on the 40th of mahsa seems normal to you? A guy with a huge gun just walks in a place where they search you harder than an airport? Inconsistencies between every announcement? How come they had complete footage, the names of the victims and the attackers got arrested after only a few minutes when they never do that for other disasters? If all of that doesn't seem suspicious to you then you're sucking too much mullah dick


madali0 t1_iuh13r4 wrote

>It was posted 3 minutes before the timestamp on the cctv but if you're ignoring that, fine.

Bs, you guys just believe whatever you read. No one in the world has ever engaged in a false flag (specially one as risky as this, which would collapse the state since they are supposedly attacking the people on their side) and made sure to involve poster designers in their super secret plan. I really don't understand why you guys don't have critical thinking abilities.

>But an attack on shahcheragh, collapse of the rest of metropol, and a deadly factory explosion all on the 40th of mahsa seems normal to you?

Things happen every day and everyday can be framed as important. If it happened on Saturday, you'd claim it was because of Cyrus Day.

And terrorists attack to create instability, that's basically their whole objective.

>A guy with a huge gun just walks in a place where they search you harder than an airport?

It's not harder than an airport first of all, like at all, not even close. Second of all, you can see in the video that they killed the security. Third of all, you don't think there has been terrorist attacks in an airport in other countries? How about the 911 attacks, how did that happen? Finally, how about our own country. There has been terrorist attacks in much more secure places. Don't you remember a few years ago where they attacked a military parade. You think a military parade has less security forces than a religious shrine with a bored security guard that is seeing hundreds of people walking in everyday for years??



Teantis t1_iuhbmld wrote

Israel and SA were way more than ok with Soleimani being killed and not because he was just a shiite. he was one of the most critical Iranian leaders in terms of organizing their actions beyond Iran's borders and Iran is both Israel and SA's number one regional rival. He was widely cited before his death as Iran's architect of its regional power

SA and Israel considered assassinating him way before the US did:


nafre2 t1_iuhkwqf wrote

My heart is with the families of this tragedy and Artin, the little boy who lost his parents and the state tv cornered him for interviews just hours after this tragedy when he was clearly uncomfortable after what he'd been through. I know for people in the west saying that this regime orchestrated this feels like a conspiracy theory, but you have no idea the atrocities Khamenei has committed to get his way. Hopefully when his regime is toppled the truth will come out.


Zozorrr t1_iuhposn wrote

He was also instrumental in murdering thousands of Iranian (and Iraqi) citizens. It’s no coincidence that the current protests have gone much further than previous ones where Soleimani still ran the murderous IRGC


Spokesman93 t1_iuihpj9 wrote

Idk why this is downvoted. Islamic militants kill everyone who isn’t their specific branch of religion but the minute you propose something that’s pretty much giving them a taste of their own medicine (and it’s just food for fucks sake), it’s wrong. Redditors always simp hard for Islam.