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Ftpini t1_iu2ao80 wrote

Or. You could consider that this is only for new vehicles and that the millions upon millions of existing gas cars already on the market aren’t going to just disappear in any short period of time. It’ll take decades before they won’t be able to just find and buy a fully functional gas powered car.


groveborn t1_iu2ycu1 wrote

If you go out and purchase a brand new Ford Taurus today, then by 2035, you may still own that vehicle - it'll probably still work...


You'll be having difficulty finding gasoline you can afford. It'll be around $10/gallon by then. It would cost less to get a new EV on loan. You would then want to sell your 13 year old ICE car for pennies, which likely won't sell at all... Because the people who could afford to buy it, couldn't afford to fuel it.

So yes, all of those ICE vehicles on the road will just disappear. Sort of. There will be some number on the road just because of some need, but they're going to be too expensive for the average consumer to use.

Gas stations are going to begin to replace their pumps with recharging stations. People will want to do something while they charge, so think "McDonald's" when you think recharge. You can probably glimpse this now in your local gas stations - they're starting to serve real food.


razorirr t1_iu48c1j wrote

or the better option is you just delete gas stations as being a thing. Most of the Superchargers I take my tesla to are in shopping centers or grocery stores. Your once a week fill up becomes your once a week grocery run. Plug in, come back out 45 minutes later with a full cart and enough energy for the next week.

Your average big box store has 1000 spots. your gas station has 12.


TenderfootGungi t1_iu49dw7 wrote

This is the US option. There are not big box stores in many large European cities. They do not have room. All buildable space is houses, parks, or smaller business’ already. Tearing them down to build parking lots is a far less valuable use of land. People walk or take public transportation like the subway.


Ftpini t1_iu4fu22 wrote

Anywhere you can park a car you can install a charger. It doesn’t require massive space like a gas pump does. There is the cost to set it up but the space is not the premium need.


nrrp t1_iu30i4p wrote

Quite a lot (around 200) of cities in the EU already legally prohibit sufficiently polluting vehicles from driving inside them. Meaning older more polluting cars wouldn't be able to enter them anyway. They can just update those to only allow electric cars.