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Logistocrate t1_isxdfc3 wrote

Ah, unfettered corruption and American law enforcement...mix in treating the prison population as no more than a literal captive audience for capital gains and it just has this nice cozy American feel to it.


Chippopotanuse t1_isxfw4n wrote

It’s so disgusting.

Which sadly - yes - is the vision for a “nice, cozy, America” that authoritarian conservatives want.


[deleted] t1_isxipcw wrote



KilroyLeges t1_isxquh1 wrote

I don't disagree that many in the Republican party and MAGA movement would love for this to be the result in the coming months. However, conviction in the Senate on an impeachment requires a 2/3 majority vote. There is no chance the GOP attains that level of majority in either house of Congress this November.

The Rules on how a Speaker is elected by the House are vague enough that yes, they can elect a Speaker that is not a member of Congress, like Trump, with a simple majority vote. I don't see the entirety of House Republicans choosing to go down that path. McCarthy would most likely become Speaker. There are some crazies who might go ahead and vote for Trump or someone like MTG even. If they do, they might split the Republican vote enough to kill their own plans and potentially end up with Pelosi back in as Speaker.

None of that diminishes the need to vote this November for Democrat candidates to avoid further disaster. I'm just saying that your vision is a long shot at best.


dkggpeters t1_isxq5d1 wrote

Impeachment requires 2/3 vote in the Senate for impeachment. They do not have the numbers.

You are also assuming the Republicans will take the house.

You are really reaching and buying into their fear campaign.


DeathByGoldfish t1_isyj059 wrote

Wanting something and getting it are two very, very different things.

Example: I want amazing hallucinogens, but u/melbourne420surffish has taken them all. Therefore, I shall get none.


skeletor760 t1_it0xv2m wrote

I found Marjorie Taylor Green! I guess you still haven’t learned to spell “martial” 🤣


gozba t1_isxwsjg wrote

It was ‘good’ while it lasted. But please don’t come to Europe in droves, we have enough problems housing all other refugees.


SkunkMonkey t1_isxtqs1 wrote

> treating the prison population as no more than a literal captive

As enshrined in the Constitution.

It's a load of bullshit, but until that is amended out, prison slavery will continue.


Logistocrate t1_isy42ov wrote

That statement isn't even about legal slavery ( which to be clear, you are absolutely correct about) it's more akin to why it costs 16 bucks to get a warm bud light at a ball game. Because, what other option do you have at the ball park?

Now, treating prisoners in the same manner is loathsome and immoral. The amount these outside groups charge prisoners for the ability to stay in contact with family is parasitic in just the worst ways imaginable. And, it speaks to the lack of humanity the owners of these contract companies have, as well as the lack of humanity those running the facilities have.


ATLL2112 t1_it04zx2 wrote

I just use the same method to sneak contraband into jail to also sneak a pint of vodka into a baseball game.

Just squeeze it in there real nice and bam, $8 of vodka to last me until I get kicked out for being hammered during the 4th inning.


rosecitytransit t1_it15aau wrote

Plus maintaining contact can factor in how the person does once released


G-42 t1_isy14um wrote

Well the guvmint won't let them have slaves at home, so of course they're going to at work.


ArrrGaming t1_isyt8kx wrote

The prison population and their families.

For-profit prisons should be banned completely.


descendingangel87 t1_iszcing wrote

As well as laws that count prison populations as county/district populations. A lot of times they are used to steal tax dollars by fake inflating local populations as well as using it to gerrymander the fuck out of places.


ArrrGaming t1_iszeh54 wrote

Of course. Of course it's worse than I thought. Thor: ^^of ^^^course


mces97 t1_isy35xb wrote

Why haven't the Democrats said let's introduce a constitutional amendment outlawing slavery? Conservatives always say the Democrats started the KKK. So call their bluff and have the Democrats amend the 13ths and truly make all forms of slavery illegal.


rymep t1_isz7x1r wrote

Because then they'll get shit on for being "soft on crime."


mces97 t1_isznorw wrote

Then you hit them back with Republicans support releasing more dangerous criminals back into the community by breaking them instead of rehabilitating them. All Lives Matter. Throw it in their face.


branitone t1_it1smns wrote

I had no idea the word “slavery” was just chilling in the constitution until last year when my political science friend was talking about the prison system. Blew my mind. I knew we called it “legal slavery” but I always thought that was an accurate phrase, not straight up what it is.


KimJongFunk t1_isxmy5y wrote

The system is working as intended. Disenfranchised people are imprisoned and their families charged exorbitant amounts just to speak with them while the overlords go to the Caribbean.


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Man0FTomorrow t1_isxir8f wrote

Company is based in FL. The lucky vacation winners and prisoners being treated cruelly and unusually are in Texas, Virginia and one Georgia.

"The sheriff’s offices of Washoe County, Nevada; Fairfax County, Virginia; Webb County, Texas; Brazos County, Texas; and Dawson County, Georgia—five counties for which The Appeal was able to obtain contract data—gave Smart Communications contracts to operate telecommunications services in jails"


Truelikegiroux t1_isxpnzk wrote

I used to work in the industry - Smart Communications is in a lot more states and jails/facilities that just those.


RnDanger t1_isxixtj wrote

All of this! And I want to add that Florida doesn't let formerly convicted felons vote unless the governor personally feels like it. They passed a citizen's constitutional amendment to fix the problem but the republican led state government pretended to be confused about how to enact the clear language of the amendment so most people have not been made whole yet.

They are liars and cheaters and they need to be voted out if we want to have peace.


Bogey01 t1_isxhd9m wrote

Honestly, what is our government even doing at this point?


Jackinthelacks t1_isxjgxv wrote

Frozen. Due to conservatives being able to prevent any laws in congress that might stop this and Democrat being forced to have to work with conservatives to pass things. This won't stop while conservatives hold sway, as this is what they want. They like the federal government frozen while the states do what they wish. Even if it means enslaving people under the guise of working off supposed debts to society.

This is why it's important to vote, because anyone who doubts what conservatives want for this country need only look at Florida and Texas for your answers. Texas where they will protect the rich energy companies and shield them from consequences for causing deaths. Or to Florida where they will literally ship humans to places and dump them to make a political point about how absolutely trashy their viewpoint on human life really is.


[deleted] t1_isxtcbh wrote

I'm from California. If you think this is just a republican're sorely mistaken


blackdragon8577 t1_isxzg0m wrote

Based on your activity in the r/MensRights and comments about veterans being the only group worth your volunteer time and how all women don't want sex from their husbands (just other people) and the way you justify using casual racism in your workplace, you seem to be more in the Republican camp. At the very least the viewpoints you express are not in line with progressive ideals.

It is pretty disingenuous to talk about being from California as if it is all progressive politics when you yourself are part of the regressive political mindset that is directly in line with the Republican thought process.

California has a bunch of Republicans and conservatives, which would include you if I had to guess based solely on the derogatory way you talk about women in society and the casual way you talk about how it is okay to use racist language in the workplace.

But you know what, maybe you are the one conservative that actually has some facts to back up the bullshit. What are the "problems" that Democrats are causing in California?


TiredIrons t1_isxv7rr wrote

You know we have republicans too, right? And that they control about 1/3rd of the state?


Mist_Rising t1_iszmvub wrote

>And that they control about 1/3rd of the state?

You realize that means democratic party has 2/3 which is super majority. A republican governor of such a state is virtually useless politically because they can override him/her.


TiredIrons t1_iszputc wrote

That has been only true very recently, and the (very poor) structure of California's Constitution makes changes difficult to enact.

The effects of GOP influence in hamstringing policy will be resonating for some time.


JamesR624 t1_isy7ycr wrote

Shh. You’ll always be downvoted if you don’t follow the corporate propaganda of “its this team vs that team”!

Most of the “intelligent” people here are just as gullible as the red hatted idiots they think they’re so much smarter than.


blackdragon8577 t1_isyfz6u wrote

Well, the insinuation you are making is that you are more intelligent than the other people in this thread.

And you seem to agree with the racist, mysigonistic guy you replied to.

So I would love to hear your take on exactly how Democrats/non-Republicans are messing up California in a way comparable to Florida and Texas.


JamesR624 t1_isyjk3y wrote

Ahh. The ol “uhh. Hes racist/insert-popular-phobe-here” argument.

You people are so deluded into the infighting the corporations feed you so they can keep robbing us all. Wow.

So apparently if you criticize both corporate entities that pretend to be political parties, you’re now being “racist”? Do I have that right?


blackdragon8577 t1_isyxr6r wrote

No. I glanced through that assholes comment history because something about his answer bugged me. He used his state of residency to try to make himself an expert on how well democrats are running different states. It felt strange to think about it that way.

It also turns out that he makes extremely hateful comments about women and casually drops excuses for why it's okay for him to say racist things to people he works with.

Did you really think that I just assumed that guy was a racist who hated women because of that one vague statement? It took all of two minutes of reading his comment history to determine whether I should put value on anything that guy said. Why do you think I listed such specific examples?

The bottom line is that you might not be an asshole, but if you find yourself agreeing with assholes then maybe you should rethink your position.

Look through that assholes profile and tell me whether or not he is the kind of person you want to agree with philosophically.

You also aren't giving any evidence to back up your claims. I asked you a question and you completely ignored it.

Now I ask you, do I have all this right? Am I off base on anything I am saying?


[deleted] t1_isypops wrote

California has been using the 3 strikes law still to the disadvantage of citizens. California has one of the highest prison populations.

Neither Republicans nor democrats have done anything to ease the prison population hardly, or the jim crow Era laws still associated with it.


moeburn t1_isxnx7n wrote

Legalizing corruption. Because "government regulations", aka "rules", are bad.


Disastrous-Golf7216 t1_isybazf wrote

Causing infighting, division, and pushing us to the dark ages as fast and as hard as they can.


KilroyLeges t1_isxq4px wrote

I'm in an industry which routinely bids on projects with public entities, including states, cities, and counties. In almost every situation, there is explicit language regarding procurement regulations or laws that strictly prohibit offering any kind of gratuity to a public official. It's standard across the board to have laws in place that ban companies from offering anything of "value" to a public employee. Doing so is supposed to be grounds, at a minimum, for disqualification of that vendor from the current bid, possibly for all future business, and the potential of criminal prosecution. I guess if it's a LEO though receiving the bribe, they have no reason to prosecute?


ElToberino t1_isxu606 wrote

Yeah that's pretty egregious. When I was a kid, we used to get all these free movie passes because my grandpa was friends with the founder of Cinemark. My dad wound up getting in trouble for that and we had to stop, because he was a government employee. Even his children getting free movie tickets from a company completely unrelated to his position was impermissible.


Davran t1_isxxdp0 wrote

State government employee here. I am legally prohibited from accepting anything from anyone above a "nominal value" (usually about $5). There are exceptions, like for example if there's a coffee machine in the lobby that anyone can access it's fair game, or if they're handing out pens or something at a conference to anyone who asks.

If I'm asked to speak and offered a honorarium (which is standard for speakers in a lot of situations) it must be reviewed by our ethics attorney for any potential conflicts before I can accept.

If someone mails me a fruit basket or something for Christmas or whatever (it's never happened) I'm supposed to return it, or if they won't take it back it becomes community property in the break room.

They take this stuff very seriously, and we do too. Most of us won't even accept the free cup of coffee even though we legally could.


Captain_Mazhar t1_isy0wba wrote

Yep, same here in Texas. There is an absolutely stupid legal loophole regarding personalized items, which the Texas penal code assigns a value of zero because somehow they have no resale value, thus no market rate, so our ethics board had to put an internal rule in place regarding that.


TheGunshipLollipop t1_itlpfyv wrote

"Say, would you like this free football? It's signed by some guy named Aaron Rodgers, so it has zero resale value but I thought you might need an extra football even if it has been tragically defaced."


KilroyLeges t1_isxxqit wrote

That’s my understanding of these rules. I had a client who I built a close relationship with as we put the contract together. The lawyers on both sides slowed it so it took like a year to sign the contracts which delayed their project. The couple of main staff I worked with there and their lead procurement person and I decided to grab some drinks and dinner to celebrate and because it was right at the holidays. They wouldn’t let me pay any of their tab because of the rules, not even a shared appetizer.


Davran t1_it2bewt wrote

Haha yeah, there's no way I'd let any of the outside folks I work with pay for dinner. I've had a few folks offer me lunch because their company allows them to spring for sandwiches or whatever for visitors if the meeting is close to lunch. Those guys always seem so dejected because me declining usually means they don't get to order for the rest of the office.


Disastrous-Golf7216 t1_isyagrm wrote

So when it is called a gift it is not gratuity. That is how these politicians get away with it.


burneracct664453 t1_isxpkhl wrote

Ah Florida, global warming can’t drown that fascist hellhole fast enough.


makesameansandwich t1_isxmvou wrote

Corruption regarding telecom contracts in florida jails.

There, fixed the headline


noeagle77 t1_isxss8i wrote

US police and corruption, name a better pair.


Competitive_Gate_731 t1_isxzk2f wrote

Ah yes lobbying for modern day slavery. Instead of rehabilitating we must incarcerate our own population.


G-42 t1_isy1nxb wrote

...and all this without even bringing up the working conditions on the cruise ships...


unplugnothing t1_iszya8t wrote

So bribes. They’re called bribes.


RoamingBison t1_isybcyk wrote

That's crazy, when I work for public sector clients I can't even buy my public sector counterparts lunch on their birthday.


Actual_Lady_Killer t1_isyddaw wrote

I'm not allowed to let vendors pay for my lunch but they get this shit?


pichael288 t1_isyw2ux wrote

These video chat companies are the reason jails don't even have in person visits anymore. You have to do them on a tiny screen with a phone attached to it. They mandate this in their contracts. They do this to sell you visits at home as a sort of microtransaction to see your family if they can't make it during the 6 hour window on one day of the week. It's really scummy


Pissedbuddha1 t1_isz1zli wrote

>Its Florida-based CEO and founder, Jon Logan, is already controversial among critics of the criminal legal system—Logan has faced scrutiny for posting lavish images of himself on Instagram on board his yacht, driving luxury cars, and wearing expensive suits, among other high-end pursuits funded by selling expensive communications services to incarcerated people.

How on Earth does this guy sleep at night...


RTwhyNot t1_isxu8a8 wrote

Jesus fucking Christ this is dirtier than all get go


8BitSk8r t1_isyl2wm wrote

I can't even take a pen from a vendor or I'll be fired, how is this remotely allowed?


enkonta t1_isy7148 wrote

There is a big difference between “were offered” and “accepted” when it comes to bribes…according to the article, it seems that despite being offered cruises, no employee has accepted said offer.


MGD109 t1_iszliqe wrote

Well that's surprisingly inspiring I have to admit.


rvbeachguy t1_isz1953 wrote

Only way to change is go and vote


Driftwood1884 t1_isziqog wrote

The corruption in Sheriff departments is truly astounding. The DOJ needs to investigate and close them all down and send them all to jail where they belong.


Adventurous_Aerie_79 t1_iszeatg wrote

ah, corruption. Why hide it anymore. I think when America goes full corruption any day now we will outdo Russian corruption by a lot.


DoodMonkey t1_it0116b wrote

What about the "voter fraud" folks just arrested?


GILGANSUS t1_it0pvzu wrote

👏Prisons 👏should👏 have👏 never 👏been 👏privatized👏 in👏 the👏 first👏 place👏