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diamened t1_it5i4ev wrote

So they're looking for a scapegoat eh? This is wrong. The entire police force should be blamed


goodDayM t1_it6wjs0 wrote

Yep and the Nytimes agrees with you:

> The school police chief was singled out for blame, but a Times visual investigation found that scores of trained officers, including those from an elite Border Patrol unit, took many of the same steps. > > … Visual evidence from the scene, while limited, indicates the problem was not simply one incompetent school police chief, or officers who knew better, but failed to take action. The available footage shows high-ranking officers, experienced state troopers, police academy instructors — even federal SWAT specialists — came to the same conclusions and were detoured by the same delays the school police chief has been condemned for causing.


oh_really_man t1_it7km96 wrote

Elite Border Patrol unit heh?


TroubleshootenSOB t1_it7zjls wrote

Yeah what the fuck is that?


ArrrGaming t1_itarmun wrote

Same type of paramilitary unit that Trump sent to Portland in 2020. Remember? The rented minivans, and snatching US citizens off the street? That was them - maybe not personally, but the same organization. I'm glad they finally engaged the murderer in Uvalde, but I remain very disappointed in my Federal government, something I never used to be and hope to feel better about someday. :(


Sirlancemehlot t1_it9jc38 wrote

Visual evidence. In other words: we saw lots of people not shooting at the suspect. What a load of shit. It was absolutely the fault of the Police Chief. He's supposed to have all the intel and has the rank to deploy as he sees fit. If he tells the police/border patrol/ SWAT/ that they shouldn't engage...they assume there's a reason. That's how rank works. In the end, it was a border patrol agent who had enough of being held back and stormed the school, getting shot in the head for his troubles...against the chief's orders.


goodDayM t1_it9sfmb wrote

From the article I recommend you read:

> ... Footage shows BORTAC, the Border Patrol’s elite tactical agents, took charge about halfway into the response, and learned right away that children were trapped inside with the gunman. But it took 37 minutes of planning, testing keys and readying equipment before BORTAC breached the classrooms.j > > ... Multiple media outlets and a Texas House investigative committee have cast blame beyond Mr. Arredondo. In September, D.P.S. itself acknowledged revising its protocol for active shooter incidents and said seven employees were under review by the inspector general.


Sirlancemehlot t1_itdscwr wrote

It took 37 minutes from plan to prep to execution. That's not a lot of time at all considering it was no longer an "active shooter" but a "barricaded suspect" situation. A barricaded suspect can use hostages as shields, or bargaining chips by threatening to kill a number of them. Breaching a barricaded suspect is not the same as going in and taking down a gunman strolling the halls. Fact is, that's what they should have done long before the suspect barricaded himself with hostages. And its what Arredondo refused to order.


zz_ t1_it6mxc4 wrote

Yep, chain of command is not an excuse here. His judgment was off, but so was the judgment of everyone who followed the order.


Artanthos t1_it7ejsn wrote

From the article

>He told agents no one responded to or followed his order, the sources said.


>A DPS sergeant added in his memo: “As this was clearly against established training, we both decided to enter the building where the shooter was located.”

The order in question was issued minutes before the shooter was killed. Nobody listened.


PlankOfWoood t1_it7h2r6 wrote

“Puts fingers in ears” Lalalalala I can’t hear you! Lalalalala!


EarthlyMartian-21 t1_it79weo wrote

Their job >> dying children


Edit: A more accurate statement might even be

Keeping their job >> Doing their job


thisismynewacct t1_it6wpxz wrote

Police forces. NYTimes had a good write up and timeline recently where pretty much every group that showed up did something wrong or waited around. Local cops, state cops, Border Patrol. All fucked up.


Intrepid_Advice4411 t1_it8njmb wrote

Every single uniformed person that was at that building that day is a coward and should never work in law enforcement again. I'm a fat middle aged white woman and if someone was shooting up my child's classroom you bet your ass I'm running in there and doing my best to tackle that shooter. They had weapons and body armor. Fuck all of them.


LurksAroundHere t1_it8tjyg wrote

They were too busy literally subduing the parents trying to do that. I still can't believe a woman had to sneak past the police to get into the building to save her own children. Pretty fucking telling that the police weren't doing their jobs in both saving the kids OR keeping the building secure from a possible second shooter considering a parent got past them. They're failures in every single aspect of the word.

Add in the fact that some of the police got their own children out of there before standing around outside like useless little fucking gremlins drinking water bottles and checking Twitter for hours adds even more salt to the wound.


sheepsleepdeep t1_it5i4aq wrote

One of the kids said when the officers first breached the room, they opened the door and asked if anybody needed help, and there were a couple of kids hiding under a table. One of them stood up to say that she needed help, and the gunman immediately killed her. Then they breached and neutralized him.

...I want to know who that motherfucker is and why he hasn't committed sepukku yet.


mrm00r3 t1_it5k2aj wrote

I hope that officer remembers every second of what he saw when he entered that school for the rest of what I pray is an excruciatingly long life. He deserves to see the faces of the children he helped let down for all eternity.


UncannyTarotSpread t1_it5kn3k wrote

Somehow I don’t think he stays awake for anything except concern he may not get his pension.


KJBenson t1_it67i3u wrote

I think he’s more worried that he looked goofy.

Cops don’t have to worry about pensions really. They almost all get them.


Beagle_Knight t1_it6befn wrote

Or beat his wife


Rhinomeat t1_it7qq5j wrote

Listen, it's only 40% of households where an officer is a member of said household that self-report domestic violence.

Only 40% in a self reported statistic


PlayfulParamedic2626 t1_it5rr1j wrote

You think cops have a Conscience?

Many don’t. To many cops think they did nothing wrong, and it’s the media just making them look bad.

Many won’t lose any sleep at all.

That’s how they can stand around to begin with.


[deleted] t1_it6j1ie wrote



RevB1983 t1_it6mc9w wrote

Evil is knowing you have more armor and weapons and people while standing outside a room and listening to more than a dozen children get murdered in cold blood. Evil is not resigning after making a disgrace of yourselves by not saving those kids. Evil is trying to blame everyone but the cops with guns for those kids deaths. Evil is the person who shot those kids. It is not evil to hope that the people that failed so miserably at their jobs that they let multiple innocent children die have to relive their failures as humans over and over again. Preferably right before they fall asleep at night. And first thing when they wake up. The last thing they should hear every night as they fall asleep is those children’s screams and death.


Rhinomeat t1_it7r55s wrote

Agreed, they had the opportunity to prevent many of the deaths from happening but they all stood around making jokes for several hours before a group containing exactly ZERO Uvalde officers ended the standoff


jetsamrover t1_it5u59z wrote

That requires honor.


gunny16 t1_it5qhi6 wrote

I hope this isn't real and just a rumor. I cannot fathom how the parents would be if they find out that was their kid


sheepsleepdeep t1_it5sma3 wrote

Here's an awful first hand account from the day after.

>>“When the cops came, the cop said: ‘Yell if you need help!’ And one of the persons in my class said ‘Help!’ The guy overheard and he came in and shot her,” the boy told KENS 5.


CertifiedWarlock t1_it5vfdi wrote

Only dumbass pussy cops would walk into a mass shooting at an elementary school and ask them if they need help. Obviously, dipshits.


metalslug123 t1_it87ij0 wrote

These are the same dumbasses who asked politely to the gunman "Hey bro, can you put down the gun and come out with your hands up?" TWICE after hearing gunshots come out of the classroom.


ohnoguts t1_it84ai9 wrote

“Do any of you -“

“We ALL do”


jso__ t1_it6axls wrote

That cop should be charged with reckless endangerment and manslaughter. "There's a shooter in this room, I wonder if anyone there needs help. Maybe no one does, that would explain why we've been sitting around for an hour"


Senshado t1_it6btfq wrote

As the police in general were preventing the public from entering the school to confront the shooter, they protected him from gun-owning civilians. That's accomplice to murder.


ohnoguts t1_it84g06 wrote

The only thing that can stop bad guy with a gun is not any of these f* people.


onlycatshere t1_it6uwsj wrote

It would almost make more sense if he did it intentionally knowing that doing so would reveal/occupy the shooter as they went to shoot the "bait".


[deleted] t1_it7j3og wrote



jso__ t1_it7m8l2 wrote

I read your other comment which said "at least that guy went in there" when referring to the kid who died because they responded to the officer's call for help. The officer didn't go in. The officer yelled in from outside, "does anyone need help". Then someone responded to that, and got shot. It takes no courage to realize that is idiotic.

Also, it's their fucking job. Yes, it's scary, but if they're unwilling to protect the people that they took their job to protect, they shouldn't have that job. And it's not like they're too scared. Cops with children retrieved their children. Seems like they're only scared when they don't have any personal stakes. These cops also far outgunned the shooter. Their excuse was that they didn't know it was an active shooter situation which is especially ridiculous when you consider that there were gunshots while the cops were there.

Ok, let's say they really can't do it. Why did they stop parents from going in and getting their children when they weren't going to protect them?

I have no sympathy for coward police officers. I couldn't charge into an active shooter situation which is why I won't become a police officer. I'm not saying they should charge in without planning, but that they should treat the situation as something which needs to be resolved urgently.


tcmart14 t1_it6bicv wrote

Easy, until there are actual consequences, they probably just wrote the whole situation off mentally as working a shitty Sunday shift where the donut shop was closed.


BurrStreetX t1_it79cli wrote

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this isnt just a statement, its on audio, I listened to it when the story first broke and havent been able to find it since. Im assuming because it was taken back do to legalities?


metalslug123 t1_it84dnf wrote

Leak the DPS bodycam footage.

Also, cowards like the 376 in Uvalde don't believe in shame or honor. Those bloated ham beasts would rather bathe in children's blood than own up to their failures if it means keeping their overpaid bullshit jobs.


saro13 t1_itdi3df wrote

Fucking hell. Disgusting cowards. I hope they have nightmares about their inaction every night for the rest of their lives. Dozens of cops with vests and some with shields and none of them defied orders to save screaming, pleading children, for hours?

I’m ashamed of my country and its willingness to allow any deranged psycho to easily perpetrate a massacre.


[deleted] t1_it7fb3g wrote



corylol t1_it7h67a wrote

Why can’t someone criticize the police that did jack shit without being a cop themselves? Absolutely shit take here buddy.


LoveThySheeple t1_it6ja1c wrote

Fallguy. I hope the good parents of Uvalde don't allow the accountability to end with this nobody.


JeshushHC t1_it6xreh wrote

> Betancourt says he thought a more highly skilled team was on its way

Yes but when the parents arrived they barred them from entering. So what else you got, last responder?


Warg247 t1_it70rlv wrote

When seconds count... checks notes.... a more highly skilled team is.... checks notes... on its way... checks notes.... ?


daygloman t1_it5nml1 wrote

If he would have able to "shoot him in the back" I'll BET that PIG would have been the first one through the door!


JMaboard t1_it9wxqx wrote

Someone should let CNN know this is the same Captain mentioned in this article.

> A 36-year-old captain stationed in the border town of Del Rio earned nearly $164,000 in overtime—the most of any single employee at the state’s 10 largest agencies. Cash boosted his salary for the year to $280,000, nearly $7,000 more than DPS’s top boss.


huggles7 t1_it6si50 wrote

It’s gonna be fun when he’s allowed to retire with a full pension to avoid criminal charges




LewisEFurr t1_it78hz5 wrote

paid for by the taxes of the parents whose children he let die.


Wazula42 t1_it88av6 wrote

The department will ask for an increased budget next year.


JMaboard t1_it9wzm4 wrote

This is the same Captain mentioned in this article. So he’s already made big bucks.

> A 36-year-old captain stationed in the border town of Del Rio earned nearly $164,000 in overtime—the most of any single employee at the state’s 10 largest agencies. Cash boosted his salary for the year to $280,000, nearly $7,000 more than DPS’s top boss.


huggles7 t1_ita7jyz wrote

Normally law enforcement agencies don’t allow people of that high a rank to work overtime


JMaboard t1_ita7xjz wrote

Naa with the state it’s mandatory overtime because of Operation Lone Star.


MajorKoopa t1_it74ccq wrote

Oh yeah. They’re gonna scapegoat the shit outta this.


OnlyHuman1073 t1_it6skkt wrote

Dude looks 23. Why is he making decisions here.


TerremotoTanioka t1_it868fm wrote

Just wait until the news gets wind of what the Sheriff did — rather didn’t do. He was called by the grandmother 10 mins before the shooting began and didn’t relay the information to anyone else.


hbgwine t1_it7kuif wrote

I don’t get the uproar. It’s not like they’re trained and paid to protect people. /s


alkatori t1_it8zuan wrote

I'm not sure what you are thinking of. But it's not the police in the USA.


BarCompetitive7220 t1_it7qynu wrote

Did not McGraw say he would resign if his guys were lying? Time to clean house in DPS - and well, all of gang in Austin. Elect new management and "abort abbott"


metalslug123 t1_it83yo9 wrote

Christ, just more and more rot keeps being brought out in to the spotlight. That whole scummy hive of cowards needs to be removed.


NAGDABBITALL t1_itopryn wrote

"Let's stay out here...I think he's getting ready to kill himself."


FreeApples7090 t1_it6iqea wrote

These guys are local officers, in the uk they wouldn’t be allowed to have a gun. Dealing with these sorts of events requires tactical officers


Domeil t1_it6rhtk wrote

Bro, there were 400 some odd police on site at Uvalde, including multiple tactical teams. All the bodies, guns, armor and equipment in the world couldn't get 400 copes to overcome their police "training" that tells them to prioritize their own safety over that of literal children.

The whole police force needs to be dismantled and rebuilt from the ground up.


FreeApples7090 t1_it6t1r2 wrote

Agreed. Half the issue is the ease and proliferation of guns in the USA. The laws need to change, gun ownership is too easy


celebrityDick t1_it8jq94 wrote

>Half the issue is the ease and proliferation of guns in the USA. The laws need to change, gun ownership is too easy

If you think about it, the refusal of police to act in defense of others is the best argument for individuals arming themselves. As US courts - including the SCOTUS - have ruled time and again, the police have no legal obligation to protect person or property (not that that has ever really been possible to begin with)


reddrighthand t1_it73jjw wrote

>These guys are local officers, in the uk they wouldn’t be allowed to have a gun. Dealing with these sorts of events requires tactical officers

That isn't a local officer, and the story is about him telling tactical officers to stand down.