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weareallgonnadye t1_iu6p9hz wrote

At least they saved the cocaine.


IAlreadyFappedToIt t1_iu6r5ly wrote

You don't just let £20.5m worth of cocaine sink without first spreading it out on a folding table for the photo op.


raevnos t1_iu6swgh wrote

The £15 million of cocaine makes for good press.


t4ct1c4l_j0k3r t1_iu6vb9v wrote

What was that again? Did you say $12 million of cocaine?


raevnos t1_iu6wq0a wrote

After what Truss did to the pound, it's probably $100k US of cocaine.


t4ct1c4l_j0k3r t1_iu6xxe9 wrote

Fair enough. Was that $10k you say? Canadian?


xiconic t1_iu85ib3 wrote

No I said $100 trillion Zimbabwe dollars.


Art-Zuron t1_iufawcc wrote

I love this one picture of a huge cocaine bust, spread out like that, and you could very clearly see the outline of one of those Kilo bricks under the shirt of one of the officers. It was funny.

My personal favorite though was a South American bust where they burned like 3 tons of weed, and everyone standing around watching looked toked out of their gourds, cops and all.


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tpbana t1_iu719xk wrote

The good ol trick to make few words take more space so the teacher is satisfied a full page has been filled.


SSSS_car_go t1_iu8sdma wrote







another sentence



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apcolleen t1_iu9z2my wrote

I have a head injury and its a must for me. All the moving sometimes flashing ads can wreck my day.


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apcolleen t1_iukbwdk wrote

Yeah I have a head injury and thats about the time I heard about adblockers.


BioDriver t1_iu6tb26 wrote

What year is this, 1722?


MrGreenChile t1_iu71ldf wrote

Why didn’t they sink the boat when Mitch McConnell was caught doing this?


lookingaroundblind t1_iu6pzub wrote

They needed target practice.


grat_is_not_nice t1_iu8bimc wrote

I knew a lad who was in the Royal Navy as a weapons specialist. He got to sink a cocaine-smuggling boat apprehended in the Caribbean by his ship. The video was great fun.

NB: the boat was empty when it was sunk. No drug smugglers were harmed during the sinking.


RL_Fl0p t1_iu707ts wrote

Makes me incredibly sad for the sea life. Not sure WHY they would destroy the evidence, potential LE officers...


Cdub7791 t1_iu6pvez wrote

Biden should invoke the Monroe doctrine and force them to leave. Our precious, precious drug supply cannot be broken for too long.


Spinaccio t1_iu6qge6 wrote

Seems questionable in terms of international law, even if the Royal Navy just left the engines running and steamed away.


grumblingduke t1_iu97nxu wrote

The Royal Navy usually has a ship or two hanging around the Caribbean, both to provide military support to the dozen British Overseas Territories in the region that the UK is responsible for defending, and to provide support (including search and rescue) to the various Commonwealth Realms and Republics, and other countries that the UK still has strong ties to (there is often a destroyer or amphibious assault vessel in the area during hurricane season).

The article says this took place near Dominican Republic, as part of a join operation with the US Coast Guard. The Dominican Republic is between Puerto Rico (part of the US) and the Turks and Caicos Islands (a British Overseas Territory), so it may be that the US Coast Guard began a pursuit in their waters and asked the British ship to help out.


Sn8ke_iis t1_iubiran wrote

The United States has enforcement authority over any ship trying to smuggle illegal drugs into the US. Any vessel that isn’t registered to any particular nation is subject to seizure or destruction. The Royal Navy recognizes this law as well. They work closely with the US Navy in the region because of British Commonwealth countries. The US Navy and allies are the ones who enforce the concept of international waters.

For example, The CCP doesn’t recognize the Taiwan strait as international waters. But we do.

See also Economic Exclusion Zone (EEZ) and Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ)


mushroomwig t1_iu6tye9 wrote

The good old days all over again!


feral_brick t1_iu7x5pn wrote

Curious, cartels typically like round numbers like 25 or 50...


nsfwuseraccnt t1_iua0pba wrote

Fucking pirates. They stop a ship (probably) in international waters, steal its cargo, imprison its sailors, and then cause environmental damage by burning it. All in a futile attempt to stop people from using a plant extract. What a waste of lives and resources.