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ClemFandangoEsq t1_irl23qn wrote

It's incredibly on-brand for LAPD to target a whistle-blower. Fucking scumbags.


Dr_Donald_Dann t1_irlog4n wrote

Not just LAPD but every PD.


BeBearAwareOK t1_irlurb1 wrote

Give credit where it's due, LAPD has been leading the nation in corruption for nearly a century.


N8CCRG t1_irl4slv wrote

Jesus, these accusations are bombshell. I have a hard time imagining these specific and detailed allegations coming out of thin air.

Edit: a word


Chippopotanuse t1_irm9psv wrote

LAPD? The home of the Rampart, Rodney King, and Christopher Dorner incidents?

I’m shocked that the LAPD continue to be a danger to society.


bandit69 t1_irnc2eu wrote

You need to watch the movie "Serpico" based on a true story.

Police retaliating on their own is nothing new. And, it's probably much more prevalent than we know. I'd be willing to be a lot of it is covered up by the "superiors".

I believe that most law officers are good people. But they KNOW the consequences of turning on a fellow officer for wrongdoing.


jayfeather31 t1_irlg2q3 wrote

This is just further proof that our law enforcement system is in dire need of reform. American law enforcement is just plain awful, and it needs an increase in professionalism or a complete revamp.


UncleYimbo t1_irm5ac2 wrote

We don't need anymore proof, yet the reform never comes


Deceased_Puppy t1_irn5bgt wrote

We need to tear the whole thing down and start over. That’s what we mean when we say abolish police.


LowDownSkankyDude t1_irnmgtb wrote

Yep. Whether these allegations are true or not, the fact that they've been raised and are not only believable, but plausible, speaks volumes to the state of law enforcement.


torpedoguy t1_irllv3r wrote

Whaaa? You mean being brutally beaten to death by the very rape-department you've been investigating, after suddenly being made to 'train' with them in a place thought to have no cameras, ISN'T an accident?!?!?


CertifiedWarlock t1_irlew4x wrote

Not really shocking since the majority of cops are trash. The “good ones” end up like this or retiring from the force.


UsedToBsmart t1_irl3ab6 wrote

Pigs doing pig stuff. Gotta send a message if one of the apples reports on the others.


UncleYimbo t1_irm58o9 wrote

Future headline: Lawyer found dead of suicide after administering 2 shots to back of own head


Outside_Classroom_38 t1_irn56qb wrote

The poor rape victim must be terrified. If I were her I’d move to Montana and change my name. How can you be safe when the authority is willing to kill?


dillrepair t1_irq5z68 wrote

I’m now frequently scared to leave my property and I’m a guy and “all” the cops and DA did was make up a misdemeanor charge that got dismissed. Ruined a year of my life. That’s “all”. But this… Hell yeah I’d be gone if this shit happened and I was a woman. Honestly I’m sorry but fuck the police and the prosecutors. They’ve been gone from “doing good” for a long time. All these guys are friends and have WAY too much to gain from doing favors etc… you know … what we would call corruption. If they’d make shit up about a guy with zero criminal record for 40 years and who’s a benefit to society saving lives at a hospital… they’d make shit up on anyone for a favor. They don’t give a fuck about lives ruined.


34TH_ST_BROADWAY t1_irpaka8 wrote

Did anybody really believe that people innocently, with zero malice, managed to beat a co worker they knew to death during a training exercise?

> LAPD officials have repeatedly stated that there was no video or audio recording of the training.

Another shocker.


socialphobic1 t1_irlgjvu wrote

Either way you look at that is so f*cked up.


Dye_Harder t1_irp8gr0 wrote

Good thing they will enforce all those special laws about assaulting officers.


The_Yarichin_Bitch t1_iroy9m4 wrote

Aww, maybe this WAS a tragic accident! In that case, now you fuckers can see just how much it destroys a life to be wrongfully accused.

Not an accident for fucking sure, but if it was i'm still not upset they're seeing how their own medicine tastes.