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Evidence?! Since when did you and the rest of your ilk start caring about evidence?


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Just like the fables in the Bible - there is ZERO EVIDENCE to prove any of it.


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If a brown man laid out his prayer mat and practiced his Islam-based faith on the 50-yard line, five times per day, you and the rest of your ilk would be okay with that, right?

After all, he would be practicing his free speech and Constitutional Rights to practice a religion.


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Part of the court record mate.

Or just a read a single article on the subject.


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I got curious, and the best I could find was this USA Today article since it included the most details. Seems to be a he said/she said situation at least in the forced to pray part. I'll highlight the important parts from the article below.

On the school's side:

>They said they heard from players' parents who were concerned their children felt compelled by peer pressure to participate.

On the coach's side:

>He said he never asked and pressured anyone else to pray with him.

I could see it go either way unless there is more information from parent/player testimonies to tell us just how voluntary or pressured the sessions were.


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The only problem I would have with it is using the field in such a way that it could be perceived as school sponsored. So anything that could be seen as attempting to gain an audience for his beliefs, then the school has a right to be concerned. If he's just praying for his beliefs and offering players to join without wanting to make a big deal out of it, then I personally see that as acceptable. I really don't know one way another about the context to know which is the case here though.