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Mist_Rising t1_it9s8pc wrote

Doctor absolutely can police themselves, like lawyers they have a system within the system, and that system is very much a prickly thing if they want it to. The thing is both the bar and medical associations prefer they do the least possible because as if turns out policing yourself doesn't work out.


TjW0569 t1_ita65e8 wrote

It could work. But for it to work, you have to accept that you will be periodically embarrassed by one of your coworkers.
Those professions are so in love with their own authority that they're never going to do that.


danheskett2022 t1_itcjyjz wrote

The bar and it’s state chapters is really good at policing itself. Being disbarred is the quickest way to ruin your legal practice.

The AMA And state licensing boards are not nearly as effective because they also want to artificially keep turn number of doctors low, to keep wages high. It’s a classic cartel.