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KapahuluBiz t1_iujfsep wrote

Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen was a scumbag, and likely still is, but to his credit, when he realized that he was being thrown under the bus, he fought back and he's been fighting back ever since.

I wish Weisselberg would to the same, but that guy is just too weak.


davidmlewisjr t1_iujrz8r wrote

Cohen is/was a New York Lawyer so his personality and taste are specialized, but next to Trump, Michael Cohen seems, by comparison, angelic.


CrashB111 t1_iukbdl1 wrote

Cohen was only a lawyer in name, last place at one of the worst law schools. He was a fixer.


kalel1980 t1_iujeyml wrote

What's funny is that years ago, so many people were saying Weisselberg will be thrown under the bus.

Lol and here we are..


wuethar t1_iuj9x7n wrote

So Trump's trying to throw his own consigliere under the bus? This has a real shot at getting real interesting. I thought they might treat him with kid gloves since he knows where all the bodies are buried, and maybe he's cool with falling in his sword here and cooperating to the minimum extent possible, but you gotta love to see this:

>Susan Necheles, an attorney for the Trump company, told jurors Weisselberg was the bad guy in the case, not the Trump Organization.

>The “evidence will show it was all about Allen Weisselberg,” Necheles said.

time to drag every skeleton out of the closet, Allen. They're out to destroy you.


Dendad6972 t1_iujbamn wrote

They'll make sure to pay this bill. And I'm sure they have dirt also.


rfmodeler t1_iujflq5 wrote

Trump called this a witch hunt, but those were often done by mobs, not organized prosecuters with heaps of evidence.


GlassWasteland t1_iujjfpn wrote

Yeah, funny thing about all those witch hunts ... they sure are finding a lot of witches.


19GTO67 t1_iujkmfx wrote

I’m not sure if this orange turd and his associates will ever see the inside of a jail cell…..but the idea that the few remaining good years he has left he will have to deal with lawsuit after lawsuit.

That makes me a little happy.


Stonekilled t1_iujm8x3 wrote

I’m just absolutely shocked by this. Shocked!!

Crazy how everybody around Trump is getting indicted or going to jail, but he’s somehow squeaky clean and unaware of all of their misdeeds. Poor Donnie!!

(/s of course)


scbiker2 t1_iujb7vu wrote

tRump and his team are throwing Weaselburg under the bus. Who would have thought, better still who's next?


Talentless-Horton-T t1_iujeiea wrote

isn't this well known. why do we have the same headlines year after year. trump org should be defunct


pinkyfitts t1_iujraye wrote

In other news, the sun came up.