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Mega-Steve t1_ismk0sr wrote

And that's the secret of NIMH


Otherwise_Hunt7296 t1_isobj11 wrote

>secret of NIMH

My very first thought


mces97 t1_isqo3lx wrote

Ok, I saw this movie when I was younger but I don't remember anything about it. Was this just a pun, or was the movie about smart rats? I know they talked.


Inkthinker t1_isojkv8 wrote

You want rats in your rosebushes? This is how you get rats in the rosebushes.


ProjectFantastic1045 t1_isnq5l0 wrote

How does this comment not have more upvotes?


HardlyDecent t1_isnqn46 wrote

Too many sad upbringings absent of such a masterpiece.


CherenkovLight t1_ismgxw0 wrote

You want Skaven? This is how you get Skaven.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_isnj88j wrote

Listen, all I'm saying is if we're getting Skaven, we might as well go full out and get the Imperium as well.


scipio818 t1_isnuunu wrote

I'd rather get dismembered and eaten by Skaven than living in the Empire.


Gaviel t1_ismphr5 wrote

Literally my first thought after reading this.


Raregolddragon t1_ispykzq wrote

Well they are more like a annoying pet so long as you keep them away from the warpstone.


balogna_and_ramen t1_ismmgem wrote

To be fair, if brain-like rat tissue were implanted in my brain, it would probably influence my behavior as well.


Minaervas t1_ismyc20 wrote

Right? "Putting foreign tissue in brain affects brain." Shocking finding.


professorDissociate t1_isoo3op wrote

“Produces unexpected changes to behavior” would have probably been more accurate and more clickbait-y.


WhenTheDevilCome t1_isnlugl wrote

Day 1: Subject exhibits "Get it out! Get it out! Get it out! Why did you do this? Get it out! Get it out! Get it out! "


coffeeandtrout t1_ismghg7 wrote

This is one of those experiments that makes me wonder why we should do this , but it almost seems like a way of studying the human brain, or creating a way to have an animal be used in the study of a living “human” brain without the risk of actually using a human. I don’t want human smart rats reacting the way humans do sometime in the future, but that’s way overthinking this. I did find it all interesting, but this trial in particular kind of gives an idea of how this research ca be beneficial to us as humans.

“The Stanford researchers, in fact, used their transplant technique to investigate Timothy syndrome, a rare genetic disorder in humans that can result in life-threatening abnormal heartbeats and may also lead to autism. They transplanted tissues derived from three people with Timothy syndrome into baby rat brains.

They found that those human cells didn’t grow as large inside the rats and weren't as structurally complex as the other human cells. That signaled to the researchers that the genetic mutations responsible for Timothy syndrome in people had impeded the rats’ brain development.

The researchers have yet to study how such mutations change rats’ behavior, however.”


Literature-South t1_ismlxun wrote

If they can inject a rat brain with human brain cells and it assimilates, especially in an already developed rat brain, imagine what it could do for people. Inject brain matter to make yourself smarter? Maybe, but probably not? Inject brain matter into the brains of those with a traumatic brain injury or who are otherwise "brain dead"? Might bring people back from the dead. Who knows until we try it?


Hobojo153 t1_ismr73h wrote

Point of view gun.


makemenutraloaf t1_ismt8b3 wrote

I always wondered what would happen if you shot yourself with it


asdaaaaaaaa t1_isnwkyi wrote

Maybe I'll finally understand why past me hates present and future me so much.


cheetah_chrome t1_isq1q0e wrote

I’ve always been a total dick to future me. I really don’t care for him.

It’s worked out great for present me!


janethefish t1_isn09xz wrote

> If they can inject a rat brain with human brain cells and it assimilates, especially in an already developed rat brain, imagine what it could do for people. Inject brain matter to make yourself smarter? Maybe, but probably not? Inject brain matter into the brains of those with a traumatic brain injury or who are otherwise "brain dead"? Might bring people back from the dead. Who knows until we try it?

You probably cant add a noticeable amount of brain mass/cells to a healthy human brain. There really isnt more room.

Any new cells would need to be trained. If you take someone from brain dead to brain alive by adding new brain cells, then you have a new person.


Sentinel451 t1_isn51kv wrote

I think it'd be more of a therapy with mild to moderate improvement for people with TBIs, stroke victims, dementia, and so on. Not a cure, but may assist in retaining current cognitive abilities and perhaps gaining a bit back.


UncleYimbo t1_isn9ixt wrote

Bro, I got the steps right here:

  1. obtain DNA from the remains of Albert Einstein, or Stephen Hawking, or Marie Curie, or whatever smart fucker you please

  2. Clone up some geniuses who get all the best schooling, free ride for life, with today's internet and technology to augment them

  3. Give them a billion dollars each for the trouble of being lab rats but after they are grown and as smart as can be, they agree to let us have a little blob of them good brains.

  4. rinse and repeat a few times until we have super geniuses. We can probably take genius sperm and genius eggs and made super brain babies too

  5. keep going along these routes for awhile and eventually save up tons of the very best brains we got

  6. clone the brains and implant them in every human at birth with a little syringe right in their soft spot

Boom. Humanity is saved. DM me my Nobel Prize.


PuellaBona t1_isp40pb wrote

No, that's when the super geniuses decide that the universe would be better off without the human race. Boom. Apocalypse.


UncleYimbo t1_ispg755 wrote

Well, I'm depressed so that'll work for me too


Nauin t1_isoq73l wrote

My brain(lol) went immediately to Alzheimer's patients, since Alzheimer's causes your brain to quite literally erode away and makes the brain shrink significantly in mass.

No idea how this tech would work to help that, but still, they're the patients who need more neural connections. Especially the devastating early onset cases.


Dranj t1_ismwrv8 wrote

I hate how they worded the paragraph about impeding brain development. The goal of the research wasn't to create a disease model in rats, it was to create a more accurate replication of cell morphology than previous in vitro models could produce.

Cell development is incredibly complex, as cells respond not only to their own genome, but also to extracellular signals such as chemical signals and mechanical stress. Over at least the past decade, one way to account for this has been to shift from growing cells on a flat surface to three dimensional structures often referred to as spheroids or organoids.

However, organoids still aren't perfect representations of an in vivo environment. The importance of the difference in neurons post implantation is that their integration into a rat brain has allowed them to more accurately portray the differences between a healthy neuron and one with Timothy Syndrome than seen in organoids that remain in a dish. It wasn't that the Timothy Syndrome expressing cells were affecting the rat brain, it's that their implantation allowed them to display their own expected morphological changes.


EmbarrassedHelp t1_ismn0ph wrote

I wonder if you could slowly replace a living person's brain with newly grown cells to combat aging with this idea?


Sanpaku t1_ismu3ea wrote

Ship of Theseus territory, but I'd volunteer for it.

The same brain plasticity that I had as a toddler? Shoot that straight into my Broca's area, I wasn't exposed to foreign languages til late in life, and largely failed in my attempts to become fluent in Spanish and French.


lokicramer t1_ismrz3s wrote

If you created nanobots that could preform the same functions as living neurons, and had them slowly replace your own organic neurons, you could essentially become immortal.

If it happened slow enough, you wouldn't notice the change.


noiamholmstar t1_ispkuvm wrote

Or would you slowly find yourself to be more of an observer of a fuzzier view of the world, becoming gradually more dream-like and less controlled, as more and more of your brain-function is replaced by artificial neurons? It might seem normal at first, but more and more often you might realize you were doing something without ever consciously planning to do it. Maybe a bit like zoning out while driving and realizing you don't really remember driving the last several minutes, but instead it's like losing the last few hours.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_isnwhho wrote

>This is one of those experiments that makes me wonder why we should do this

I mean, you shove some rat brains in where my usual brain goes, I'd probably act different too. I'd imagine we'd have to bother the hell out of many rats to come to some sort of final/total conclusion with all this.


Slapbox t1_isp994t wrote

The idea behind these experiments has generally been, as I understand it, to investigate the possibility that it's not only the human brain structure that is unique, but human brain cells as well.


venom259 t1_ismgbv7 wrote

The doctor: Plan-scheme is proceeding well, yes-yes.


[deleted] t1_ismq98h wrote



secretbudgie t1_ismmrz6 wrote

The trick is to cage the genius rat with an insane one. Spoiles his megalomaniacal plan every time.


adzman t1_isn8rz6 wrote

Gee Brain, what do you wanna do tonight?


JeromeMixTape t1_iso2i4g wrote

Same thing we do every night Pinky, try to take over the world.


Dontbeevil2 t1_iso62az wrote

“Come on, Pinky, be a man! Like Eleanor Roosevelt!”


[deleted] t1_ismiheh wrote

I can see absolutely no way that this can go wrong.


User9705 t1_ispckxh wrote

Yup, they’ll drink your bourbon while eating your cheese


tryingtodefendhim t1_ismqxcf wrote

Humongous humanoid rodents established a beachhead in Washington DC. The EMP blast took out all air defense and naval batteries. The siege lasted only hours as they used the sewer system to reach the president and his cabinet. Similar situations played out across the globe simultaneously. The Age of Man has passed into the Age of Ratmen.


Mr_Diesel13 t1_isogw79 wrote

Someone get this person a book deal!

I’d read it.


tryingtodefendhim t1_isohrws wrote

Seriously I have so much time to think about silly shit like this. Maybe later today I could pound out an outline for a novel. I could source the name for it right here from rEditors like you!


Mr_Diesel13 t1_isoijdc wrote

Either that or a “Love, Death, and Robots” short. It would be EPIC.


The_Yarichin_Bitch t1_ismjxv5 wrote

Look, they are already too smart for the shit we put them through in those labs. Now ypu wanna make them have actually human brains and ability, but they can't voice it? How is this a good idea again? 🥴 This is a horror movie waiting to happen, if that last bit could become true lmao


khoabear t1_ismmvp1 wrote

They're going to take all of our kitchen jobs


BloodBonesVoiceGhost t1_isu0gvn wrote

Well, they'll still need our bodies to drive around like mechs using our hair, so we'll be okay.


jedi-son t1_ismnb9z wrote

I could implant a rock in someone's brain and it would influence their behavior.


therealhood t1_isml5e1 wrote

Yeah I heard they all started running for office.


yaboimags_ t1_isnce2a wrote

Where from the human body do you pull the “brain-like” tissue?


WidespreadPaneth t1_isoeeff wrote

Haven't read the Nature paper but it was an implanted organoid so primary cells (from the brain of a person) are possible but unlikely considering how difficult that sample is to get. What is much more likely is they used induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and differentiated these cells into neurons in a dish.

iPSCs can be generated from just about any cell, even from the skin cells on the root of a plucked hair.


Danny3xd1 t1_ismlaez wrote

This fall, from DC Comics!


Amanwalkedintoa t1_isn6f46 wrote

Laugh now but in 24 turns we will find them living in under cities with nuclear weapons


EerdayLit t1_ismxk70 wrote

Now compare that behavior with various types of different gut biomes to see who's really steering the ship.


ValiantBear t1_ismzj9d wrote

>brain-like human tissue

What does this even mean? Uggghhh, shudders...


EnigmaWithAlien t1_isnqz9h wrote

they grew the human brain cells from stem cells, did not extract them from somebody.


NightMaestro t1_isn14a2 wrote

Ah sweet,

Man made horrors beyond comprehension


beenburnedbutable t1_isn5l80 wrote

He’s now a Chef and makes a ratatouille that has won over Paris’ toughest critic.



landochia t1_isndpck wrote

Upper management material !


ComebackShane t1_isovyl3 wrote

Someone get some flowers ready for Algernon.


myleftone t1_ismqd7y wrote

<Ian Malcolm quote goes here>


burtthebadger t1_isntfh5 wrote

Why are we trying to make skaveen


billpalto t1_isp2hzr wrote

Slippery slope gives me the willies.


[deleted] t1_ispb3tz wrote

This just in: Injecting stuff into an animal's brain makes them behave differently.


fuzzyjesus t1_isqm43d wrote

Fucking Rick Sanchez better stop. Making a meat suit when you’re a pickle is one thing but this is going too far.


mces97 t1_isqo6pv wrote

Can we implant brain like tissue in some humans? Cause a lot of people these days seem like they can use some more brain tissue.


tpchnmy t1_isr2s6r wrote

Are we not ready to welcome our new rat overlords?


thethunder92 t1_ismr0f5 wrote

Hey scientists let’s not do that


tehdang t1_ismrwgq wrote

A more appropriate headline.

"In a novel Frankensteinian experiment..."


idogiveafrak t1_isnr31a wrote

I’m guessing the idea for it came from a company Halloween party a massive bender of nose candy, Molly and hentai and it went something like this.


The smell of weed, spilled beer and the yells of inebriated party goers making bad decisions mix to be this heady chaotic mess. Meanwhile My little pony runs by Gerald’s office wearing nothing but a Speedo and a full mast as a rather busty minion is chasing it and bringing up the rear is some caped hero with nothing but a beer belly a g string and cheeks clapping in the wind bringing up the rear.

“Let’s do something crazy! (Gerald obviously more then well into his share of fermented hops begins to snort a massive line off a computer monitor face up on a desk with a hentai screen saver) “like fucking what Gerald?!” “How about.. but hear me out! How about we fucking make smart rats?” “The fuck!” Says Josh while laughing; Gerald continues “wait hold on!; Remember (snapping fingers ) uhmmmm that fucking game with the rats (josh meanwhile begins taking some lines of the same monitor, his Elmo mask bearly holding on to dear life to his head by a really weak rubber band, sideways and looking rather comical as he dips for his line ) and something with hammers?” Josh pops up “ You mean Secret of Nim?” Gerald is obviously flying high and the Molly Josh took 30 minutes ago begins its round as Monica from finance happens to walk by wearing a witch hat and purple shorts and matching corset . “Did you guys see a pony around here? I have a something he wants… heeyyy what are you guys dooooing?” She says as she spots the hentai on the desk monitor “Gerald wants to make smart rats with hammers” Josh says as he begins looking longingly at the screen on the desk and she chimes in “you mean Warhammer pendejo?” Kathy has been at the white since before the party began and had already had 3 shots of Jose cuervo off of the crotch of the guy from custodial by now. “You know we already did that with the rat brains that play doom on that pregnancy test schween, that’s why we have this fucking paaaarrrtaaiy!”. Gerald stands up as a figure in a blue jump suit steps into his office wearing a white mask and holding a can of cool whip. “I know this helped us with better by able to help DARPA with their A.I. problem (he slurs)but we can do better” he says in a rather drunk voice, meanwhile the masked figure jumps on Kathy and she screams in delight as she falls to the floor witch hat flying and landing on the pile of dust, while somehow ending up on top ripping the mask of the blue figure revealing a blond mess of hair and behind it is Karyn from Admin “ I found them” she says while holding the can of cool whip in front of her “and captain underpants is really happy to hear we are going, and it’s big”, “really Karyn?!, I don’t need to know that.. actually I do… (turning to face Josh and Gerald ) you ant to chum over and join us?, I promise I will be gentle..” Karyn squirming underneath her “let’s go! I want to ride the pony!!” She yells laughingly. “You guys go I have things to thinkabout”, “Omg Gerald come on, it will be fun!” Karyn exclaims. “No really I need to think, but promise to take pics fowr me, and don’t let me stay overnight this time okay? If I don’t have my health then what do I have?” “Omg let’s go guys he’s quoting Princes Bride, so mow we know he’s serious!” Karyn concludes. Josh gets up Elmo’s face bearly holding on to his head, stumbles and falls on his ass but manages to somehow almost immediately get up looks over at the mess of humanity on the floor “if ladies game I’m game”, “ Fuck yeah let’s go!” Monica yells as she gets up and begins dragging Karyn by the legs “I have your hat you evil witch” as she begins disappearing around the door jamb. Josh turns around and looks at Gerald “you sure bro?, you know how freaky I get with Karyn and it looks like the busty Minion may be there and she likes you”… “yeah I’m sure I think I’m on to something” he says rather sober. “Okay bro your loss” Josh kisses the computer monitor and then walks away, a face full of nose candy for his efforts, right before he steps out around the same door jamb. Gerald alone in his thoughts.


lions_reed_lions t1_ismhsoe wrote

The rat was heard saying "I want to speak with the manager!"