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cupcakegiraffe t1_irsd3co wrote

On a tourist visa. They knew exactly what they were doing as they were sneaking around for that money shot. Their apology is so unbelievable, it’s just lip service in front of local authorities.

>”We are so sorry IF we’ve caused you more pain and suffering. It was never our intention. …We never came here to cause more grief.”

The emphasis on IF is mine, but the apologies for any inconveniences they have caused? They shot the way they did for shock value and the fake humility in her apology is disgusting.


JcbAzPx t1_irtp1k0 wrote

They kind of have to say it like that. They'd be fired in an instant if they ever said anything that could be used to legally assign blame.


Nessie t1_iruvfss wrote

It wasn't their intention, but it was a foreseable outcome.