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IggyWithoutThePop t1_irw4kdr wrote

Oh man. :( Nasty business.

Please keep your monoxide detectors up to date folks! If they're on batteries, change regularly, and if wired be sure to run tests every now and again.


throwawaypaycheck1 OP t1_irw6bda wrote

Assuming you have one. From another article:

>There is no carbon monoxide detector in the building, officials said. Legislation passed last month now requires all childcare centers in Pennsylvania to have CO detectors, but the 30-day deadline is not yet up.

>The director of Happy Smiles said there were already plans to install a detector.


Animallover4321 t1_irwf9gu wrote

It’s mind boggling that up until this point they weren’t required in daycares. It’s like saying a daycare doesn’t need a smoke detector. This should be mandatory in all daycares and schools.


ThreeHolePunch t1_is1u15r wrote

And even if not required, it's insane that they didn't have them anyway. They cost like $10 at the drug store and save lives. I have 3 of them in my 1200 Sq. Ft. home.


RedheadTinman t1_irw60t7 wrote

To add to that: if you’re staying in a hotel/motel with a heater (or are in a room near their utilities), there are battery powered detectors that’ll save your life. I nearly lost a sibling to carbon monoxide poisoning in a hotel room, and they still suffer long term effects like headaches after 3 years.

ETA: the battery powered ones can usually be purchased in most hardware stores, or places that sell smoke detectors.


Pawneewafflesarelife t1_irz94jf wrote

For some reason, CO detectors are really rare here in Australia, so we've had to buy one of those portable ones. The employees at Bunnings (Aussie version of Home Depot) didn't even know what the monitors were when we went to buy one and there were only like 2 for sale to pick between. All my apartments in the states had one installed.


FailOsprey t1_irwfe04 wrote

>I nearly lost a sibling to carbon monoxide poisoning in a hotel room, and they still suffer long term effects like headaches after 3 years.

...this sounds like something someone would say if they were trying to justify a lawsuit.


throwawaypaycheck1 OP t1_irwhok7 wrote

Long term effects of acute CO poisoning are real.


FailOsprey t1_irwj8yr wrote

I don't doubt it, but I don't necessarily believe in this particular anecdote. Based on this one account, I wouldn't rush out to buy a portable carbon monoxide detector for when I stay in a hotel. When money's involved, there seems to be a higher than normal instance of long term side effects. Maybe its psychological, maybe it's greed. It's the world we live in.


IonizedRadiation32 t1_irxfqm9 wrote

Who tf do you think you are to just come up to someone you don't know telling you about someone close to them suffering and saying "yeah, I think they're faking it for the money", based on less than zero evidence?!

Seriously, the internet's veil of anonymity hits some people unbelievably hard.


LadyKaitlyn t1_iryb1wj wrote

Nah you don't get it bro, this guy brought up the totally factual point that most illnesses caused by the negligence of a business are made up to scam them out of money. So you should always assume a family member who "nearly died" is just tryna get that bag. 🤒💰😜

Source: his ass


RedheadTinman t1_irxvtws wrote

No lawsuit was filed, and I don’t see one being filed - it’s probably been too long.


Teddyturntup t1_irwcysk wrote

Hope all the kiddos and teachers are ok and safe

Hugs to all the other parents reading this and wanting to jump out of their skin


reddig33 t1_irwbars wrote

Where was the carbon monoxide coming from? Do they know yet?


throwawaypaycheck1 OP t1_irwbvz8 wrote

From another article:

>UGI(local gas company) crews are on scene to investigate where the leak is coming from and what caused it.

If I had to guess, cold weather overnight kicked on the heat and there was a leak in the heating unit


NPVT t1_irwjilb wrote

Of course it had to be a fossil fuel heater as electric heaters have no such danger.

Edit: sorry fossil fuel lovers. The above statement is true.


Provia100F t1_irwvhle wrote

Fossil fuel heaters are substantially cheaper to operate than electric heaters.


KitchenNazi t1_iryqm8s wrote

That's kind of the bottom line, isn't it? At some point we have to all bite the bullet and pay more. Either a generation will have higher utility bills or a more fucked up planet. Can't keep kicking the can down the road waiting for prices to drop.

"Corporations are evil and polluting the environment! We need clean renewables! We're running out of time!"

"Are you willing to pay for clean energy, today? It's 50% more."

"Fuck no"


Provia100F t1_iryqsx9 wrote

> At some point we have to all bite the bullet and pay more.

What a fucking entitled position to have.


KitchenNazi t1_iryr8pd wrote

You put your money where your mouth is essentially.


Provia100F t1_iryw8d6 wrote

I can't believe jerks like you are still around these days. In a world where the majority of families can barely afford rent, food, and transportation to work; you up and demand that they pay more out of their pocket for power.

You say you support the working class and yet literally everything you do hurts them.


KitchenNazi t1_irz9nwm wrote

Your kids won't have a planet that functions if people don't sacrifice. Everyone did what was easy for them all these decades - now we have to pay the price.

Cry all you want it's going to get worse for our kids and grandkids. And you're whining about what prices you're paying today.


NPVT t1_irxvuof wrote

Not true everywhere and certainly not true into the future. Heat pumps are pretty efficient.


>Using heat pump currently almost 40% cheaper than natural gas heating


mewehesheflee t1_irwmk35 wrote

Oh now those poor children and people, I hope all make a full recovery. I can't imagine what the parents are feeling right now.


NoBrains-NoGains t1_irwznnf wrote

Failing to keep carbon monoxide detectors functioning in a daycare should 1000% be consider negligence and open them up to liability. They had a duty to safety and failed.


unrepairedauto t1_irxtrye wrote

Just need a app for CO detection