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Oscarcharliezulu t1_isgo4ro wrote

You’ve made me think - the index might be based on a set of assumptions or metrics that some countries can’t or really just are different enough not to ever really match properly.


YuviManBro t1_isgptii wrote

Yeah that can be an issue but it's probably good enough right?


Mist_Rising t1_ishp833 wrote

The UN reports are all sorts of problematic. They're self reported mostly hence why you get crazy shit claims at times, and since they're self reported you get fudge too. Cooling the book style.

But most of all, they're usually built on "developed" world standards which means odd shit.


Oscarcharliezulu t1_isn6a32 wrote

I love the idea of the UN but then I watch a session and damn. How can they really get anything done when the perpetrators and their allies veto everything? Then it’s just loud noises.


Mist_Rising t1_isn77ht wrote

The UN isn't really meant to solve anything, it's meant to prevent WW3. The vetoing is thus deliberately designed to be there