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Mist_Rising t1_it6470a wrote

>The ACLU defended Nazis

They defended the first amendment in this case. Not sure if you're aware of that or deliberately trying to avoid mentioning that was the argument but Skokie was about the right to assemble.


Upset-Ad4844 t1_it697pa wrote

They took a stand back then for the right to free speech.

Free speech is ugly.

Freedom is ugly when people disagree.

That's why the right to free speech so often seems self-contradictory, at times hurtful.

It takes a lot of guts in the belief that it is ultimately for the best of all people in the long run.

Thanks for your response.


SacrificialPwn t1_it67f18 wrote

They defend civil liberties, not the person/group. A protected right to free speech is no longer protected nor a right if the state can determine what's allowed to be spoken or believed. I'd rather have a world where people can voice support or opposition to a country, than one where you are penalized for voicing either