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pegothejerk t1_iu439q4 wrote

You'd think he'd be grateful, considering how many Russians have accidentally cleared them


tetoffens t1_iu43ww8 wrote

At this point, they'd be glad with one Ukrainian dead even if it meant two dead Russians. Cattle to the slaughter.


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trollsong t1_iu4ypf5 wrote

Ronald Rust, the god’s gift to the enemy, any enemy, and a walking encouragement to desertion. The Rust family had produced great soldiers, by the undemanding standards of ‘Deduct your own casualties from those of the enemy, and if the answer is a positive number, it was a glorious victory’ school of applied warfare. But Rust’s lack of any kind of military grasp was matched only by his high opinion of the talent he in fact possessed only in negative amounts

Terry Pratchett - Nights Watch


nunyabidnesz t1_iu52sx0 wrote

More like one Ukrainian for hundreds of Russians. The Russian government doesn't give two shits for their people.


skolioban t1_iu8evcl wrote

They have shown they are glad on using Russians to deplete Ukrainian ammo


skolioban t1_iu8evxv wrote

They have shown they are glad on using Russians to deplete Ukrainian ammo


bemenaker t1_iu43kpz wrote

Fuck you Russia and even more so for placing mines.


NiteSwept t1_iu47qlr wrote

Aren't landmines a war crime?


Sgt-Cowboy t1_iu4941z wrote

Under Protocol II of the Convention on Conventional Weapons, they’re only illegal if you do not mark them and keep a record of them for later removal.

So yes, in Russia’s case, start counting war crimes.


AudibleNod t1_iu4964e wrote

> landmines a war crime?

Russia, the US, both Koreas and some other countries are NOT signatories to the Ottawa Treaty. Ukraine is a signatory. So, since few UN Security Council members didn't jump on, it's basically fluff, sadly.


eobardtame t1_iu4jzc9 wrote

IIRC the USA and the Koreas opted out, turning it into fluff, specifically because the UNSC (ha, halo ref) would not give us the exception for the landmined border between north and south korea.


DibsMine t1_iu4k8ks wrote

also US landmines self destruct after x amount of time


Sgt-Cowboy t1_iu4l88i wrote

Not all do, but we can only design, produce, and use ones that have a self deactivation/destruction feature built in. This was all from the 2020 Mine Ban Treaty here in the USA.


Drachefly t1_iu4x60a wrote

Even those in the Korean DMZ?

That is of course the one legitimate use - VERY clearly marked.


DibsMine t1_iu4xcv7 wrote

we havnt planted mines there since the war, we want defectors to cross. NK keeps planting mines though.


trollsong t1_iu4ywk8 wrote

Laos says hi


immalittlepiggy t1_iu75j86 wrote

So…are ya Chinese or Japanese?

(Sorry, my love for King of the Hill made me. I promise I know it is its own country.)


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AudibleNod t1_iuhjo4f wrote

Likely no.

That seems to fall under a cluster bomb. For which there is a treaty, but none of the belligerents are signatories. If anyone specifically targets civilians at the moment of deployment that's likely a war crime.

And there has to be intent. Unlike when the CIA selected a single target for the Kovoso campaign and it happened to be the Chinese embassy and not a communication building. That was a total accident and not deliberate. In any way. Believe me.


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AudibleNod t1_iuhqr3m wrote

Go on another sub and find an armchair tactician there. I'm not going to research it or get in the mind of some army major as to the reasoning.


SensitiveAd5962 t1_iu498bo wrote

Can't have a war crime if its a "special operation" and not a war.


90swasbest t1_iu4b1yo wrote

Every country on earth commits "war crimes".


detahramet t1_iu4ibmf wrote

Remember kids, its only a war crime if you lose.


Anonuser123abc t1_iu4mbyi wrote

So that makes them all acceptable?


90swasbest t1_iu4xa28 wrote

Are you high??? If nobody follows it, it's pointless. Jfc. Really?!? I had to explain that?


Sgt-Spliff t1_iu4ztro wrote

So they're still war crimes though?


AKA_Steve t1_iu6e2qg wrote

I would think so.... It seems @90swasbest is failing to grasp that one can be morally opposed to a thing, regardless of the past action/inaction of their origin country.

I would go so far as to say one should be even more morally opposed if their origin country is a hypocrite about things.

I would also argue that: talking about, criticizing, or otherwise noting immoral actions is a good thing; and that throwing ones hands in the air and saying it doesn't matter, or in their words "If nobody follows it, it's pointless.", is not constructive


NiteSwept t1_iu4cz71 wrote

sure but they typically don't own up to it


Ahecee t1_iu4di74 wrote

Well, not really, but 3 or 4 of the biggest sure do.


Ahecee t1_iu4dh8j wrote

Well, not really, but 3 or 4 of the biggest sure do.


boznia t1_iu4f1dv wrote

Ireland is not a member of NATO and has a neutrality stance when it comes to war. The Russian ambassador is taking advantage of this to suggest Ireland is violating its principles by being involved in training Ukraine's military to remove land mines. I'd argue training others to remove land mines is not necessarily a military action but rather a humanitarian action.


DontWakeTheInsomniac t1_iu5c28a wrote

Special Training Operation.

Although I'd like to mention that neutrality simply means we do not sign defensive pacts or join allegiances. This allows us to decide how to react to each war on a case by case basis.


EightandaHalf-Tails t1_iu80sms wrote

Ireland's neutrality here surprised me. You'd think they'd be sympathetic to the little guy getting picked on by their bigger neighbor.


MilfagardVonBangin t1_iu84c5y wrote

It’s not a one off stance. We have neutrality (non-belligerence would be more accurate really) written into our constitution. It’d take a national referendum to remove it.

We do peacekeeping really well, and the training we'll provide is part of that tradition. We do support Ukraine.


Hyceanplanet t1_iu43sy6 wrote

Misfire in Russia's diplomatic strategy -- this enerergizes support in Ireland for active help in Ukraine.


candmjjjc t1_iu6d63f wrote

Absolutely! 32 Million Americans are Irish descendants and won't stand for Russia laying a hand on Ireland.


Jspr t1_iu433hg wrote

I don't know why the hell we still have an ambassador.

I thought the fishermen made Ireland's stance clear as day.


ekkidee t1_iu43wmk wrote

Shorter Ireland: You can fuck right off, Russia.


Uncle_Charnia t1_iu48h5h wrote

I will now make a point of buying something imported from Ireland.


ElectricMan324 t1_iu7g2wo wrote

I recommend Kerrygold Butter. Once you have it you'll not want anything else.


TwoCockyforBukkake t1_iu7jmp1 wrote

I would need to know who this Kerry Gold is before I ingest any of his "butter".


TechyDad t1_iu46yqw wrote

>Yury Filatov said: "There is no way around the fact that by engaging with the Ukrainian military, be it on mines or otherwise, Ireland would clearly be involved in the ongoing conflict in a direct way."

It sounds to me like Russia is desperate to say that other nations are actively helping Ukraine fight the war (beyond supplying arms and training). I think they recognize that they're losing and would rather say "it's because we were fighting all of NATO and Ukraine" rather than "we couldn't beat that tiny country on our border."

Of course, the scary part is whether they'll believe their own propaganda and decide to "counterattack" to retaliate for "NATO forces helping Ukraine."


Mimosa_Coast t1_iu4c99n wrote

Dear Russia,

When all your men are dead, your women will be treated well by the kind and handsome Irish people.

-Regards to your obliterated offensive,

The Irish.


Dewey_Cheatem t1_iu9a697 wrote

The Irish do get around, just look at how many americans claim to have irish heritage.


Discoveryellow t1_iu47m4j wrote

That Irish-speak: "I wouldn't trust the Russian ambassador as far as I could throw him" is gold! a pot you know where.


Cerberusz t1_iu47wxq wrote

I don’t think there is a single country that is afraid of Russia anymore.


gravescd t1_iu5i5q2 wrote

Ironic to think that countries might not have cared to expand NATO had they known how pathetic Russia's army actually was.


Cerberusz t1_iu5ynux wrote

Yeah or now they have absolutely no fear of joining NATO. For a lot of the countries, they feared backlash.


air_lock t1_iu489pe wrote

If Russia is trying to garner worldwide support against themselves, they sure are doing a good job.


theubu t1_iu4weuq wrote

Really seems to be about the only thing they’re good at


wanawanka t1_iu4a0em wrote

If this doesn't stop, they may have a drinking contest


TheHairyManrilla t1_iu5018z wrote

Irish fisherman drove off the Russian navy without firing a shot.

I don’t think they’ll be intimidated here.


eidhrmuzz t1_iu4cjhr wrote

Russia came here to do two things.

Warn people.

And lose battles.

And they’re all outta warnings that people care about.


CharleyNobody t1_iu4qbhu wrote

Russia, telling us they’ve never pissed off an Irish family without telling us they’ve never pissed off an Irish family.


Afraid-Palpitation24 t1_iu49f31 wrote

Seems like Ireland has the means to start ww3 now!


mossbrooke t1_iu58azv wrote

You always did. Except you were too busy enjoying a social life in the local pub


Afraid-Palpitation24 t1_iu59dnk wrote

Bet! Can an American join? I got great fight songs like Lizzie’s in a box and Black and Tans


Sydney444 t1_iu4bnds wrote

What country haven’t they warned about something? They better be careful their running out of country’s.


NadonnTwrndak t1_iu4f6w1 wrote

Their running? What about MY running, that's what I want to know!


Due-Designer4078 t1_iu4bsi3 wrote

Just once I'd love to hear a diplomat tell Russia to f*** right off.


Chumy_Cho t1_iu4caw0 wrote

Russians threatening everyone


madumi-mike t1_iu4zm2c wrote

Big talk for a country who's Army ain't got no guns.


BazilBroketail t1_iu4anv2 wrote

Dude, your giving your new war slaves bolt action rifles from WW2 and rations that are wood wrapped in paper. Know you're trash and shut up.


pembroke529 t1_iu4bg2e wrote

The only thing Russia has been good with in this conflict is making empty threats.


MikeLinPA t1_iu4ffrm wrote

Stick this Putin lacky in the middle of a minefield, and see if he wants Ireland to clear the mine for him.


ankisaves t1_iu4hjyr wrote

Threatening the Fighting Irish.. bold move cotton


Zdrack t1_iu4jppz wrote

Don't worry, I'll go over and return the mines to you. In thinking I'll lay them about 100ft deep all around the border


Anonuser123abc t1_iu4m5q2 wrote

What are they going to do about it, invade and annex Ireland? Go fuck yourself Vladimir.


ExPatWharfRat t1_iu4x9b1 wrote

Oh, Russia. You really want to start a war with the world's saddest lovers and happiest warriors? That ain't gonna end well.


Kcb1986 t1_iu56bgm wrote

Bold talk coming from a nation who's navy was effectively defeated by a dozen Irish fishing boats. Russia, please sit.


sassykittygurl t1_iu4be89 wrote

Irelands reply should be along the lines of 'Russian DAmbassadore, Go Fuck Yourself'


criticalpwnage t1_iu6ueeo wrote

Russia is going to learn pretty quick that you shouldn’t fuck with the Irish


fireape55 t1_iu4hxky wrote

Perhaps the ambassador should lead a humanitarian effort of destroying the mines with his own two feet.


8FootedAlgaeEater t1_iu59r1x wrote

Why are we getting so many posts about what Russia or Russian leadership is saying? Seems like a lot. Seems like a lot of posts are "Russia/Putin/warmongers say ____".


Palidor t1_iu5gjou wrote

Next up: Russia threatens Wales


CedarWolf t1_iu5s98t wrote

Wales sends football hooligans to threaten Russia. Forces Russian diplomats to try to say 'Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch,' then uploads the video to YouTube.


Eaton_Rifles t1_iu5nrt6 wrote

Add Ireland to the ever growing list of nations that Ruzzia have pissed off. At this rate the only place they’re going on holiday is Siberia...🤣


Intransigient t1_iu6k1yr wrote

Ó, mar sin tá tú ag rabhadh dúinn anois? Ní dóigh liom go bhfuil a fhios agat cé leis a bhfuil tú ag caint. Ba chóir duit stop a chur suas, agus d'aghaidh a ghreamú ar ais i mbuidéal vodca, áit a mbaineann sé.


JohnnyAK907 t1_iu6wdz4 wrote

To quote my very Irish wife, whom I just read this article to, "Oh come say that to our faces if you have a problem picking up after yourselves, Putty."


Goinwiththeotherone t1_iu64oih wrote

Somehow I don't think Russia is in much of a position to open another front on its war.


lol_treez t1_iu6k1cj wrote

Time for the Irish to “warn” the ambassador back by showing him back to his beloved Russia.


FlightAble2654 t1_iu7zao9 wrote

News flash....Russians warn again. 🥱😴


xpdx t1_iuh286i wrote

Russia out here issuing threats like everyone doesn't already know they are full of shit. What you gonna do Russia? Invade Ireland? With what army exactly? Cut off the supply of gas and oil? Oh wait nobody buys it now. Except India for pennies on the dollar. You gonna block Irish from traveling to Russia? Oh no! so many vacation plans ruined!

GTFO of here.