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gender_nihilism t1_isnahq3 wrote

fuck erdogan. stop supporting and also actively committing genocide in the region.

not to be rude, but I feel like that's the thing to mention.


Bisping t1_isndxqb wrote

Kick Turkey out of NATO, i wouldnt mind.


[deleted] OP t1_isnfuze wrote



IceColdPorkSoda t1_isnmxwe wrote

Correct. Turkey is a key ally. It’s not like NATO admits new member all the time. Sweden and Finland are important additions to the alliance. Once Ukraine is in, then the rest of nato is free to extract concessions from Turkey whenever the occasion arises.

Edit: I deem it unlikely erdogan survives their currency crisis anyways.


Flashy_Pomegranate23 t1_iso1dwi wrote

I don't think you realize how dumb that sounds. Do some research and see how important they are for NATO.