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usrevenge t1_isnci6j wrote

You would think it would be sorta like the security council because NATO if you add USA France Germany and the UK you have most of the NATO forces right ?


jebuswashere t1_isnlo29 wrote

Turkey has the largest military in NATO after the United States.


usrevenge t1_isnmrc1 wrote

I think Ukraine is showing us it's about how well equipped and experienced the military are..not physical size.


mjgoot t1_isno4wx wrote

russia has a huge military too


Organic_Reputation_6 t1_isopmcm wrote

Largest yes , best equipped no, but the danger lies in the Turks living in Europe. Could cause social unrest


OrdinaryNGamer t1_isnnr2u wrote

Yes turkey has big army but is most unstable country I ever seen being in nato, cough “2016” coup.