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calicat9 t1_iu2k71a wrote

Is there something wrong with steady sales? Perpetual growth seems unsustainable. How much money is enough?


Acronymesis t1_iu2oqzm wrote

> How much money is enough?

You must be new here.


calicat9 t1_iu2p739 wrote

It was actually a rhetorical question that really shouldn't have to be.


Acronymesis t1_iu2pt4g wrote

100% agreed. My comment was meant only in jest, I’m one of those that tries to make funny so I don’t cry.


calicat9 t1_iu2q5mn wrote

No tears here. Tone is hard to express with text.


kyungky t1_iu3v00q wrote

Real story this week. Emailed a junior staff to ‘kindly’ explain something to the other party

She wrote a rant about why I think she’s not kind normally , she works even though she is sick, blah blah.

So, yeah.


somereallyfungi t1_iu5qjas wrote

I'd give her a break. I've definitely been sick and bitchy, while also misreading basic social cues


myrddyna t1_iuccj7o wrote

The younger, too. I work with so many emotionally fragile youngsters (17-26). I'm 45, never had to deal with all the issues they deal with. It's amazing to see, though, they're so much more in tune with their emotions and mental health.


TokiDokiPanic t1_iu3uj68 wrote

Capitalism requires infinite growth on a planet with finite resources.


DavidMalony t1_iu2tmwu wrote

Never enough, if you're an insecure psycho douche like Bezos, Musk, Zuckerberg, et al.


BerkeleyYears t1_iu31hwb wrote

The current share price is built on speculated growth not current growth. that is, people gamble on increased growth rates and assume this gamble will pay off in the future. This means the current share price is a prediction - a statement of what the investors think it can be. its not its current estimated value. This feature of the stock market is not a bug and is not evil per se. This mechanism allows for investments in the future - and this in turn can by itself allow for growth! assuming the company can leverage that money that people have gambled on it in a smart way and not syphon to be horded unused or used for things that don't improve growth.


Bison256 t1_iu44p6l wrote

Ie the stock market is a form of gambling.


pinkeyedwookiee t1_iu4dokz wrote

How fortunate my and everyone else's retirement is based on that in 401ks then. I might make it big.



mtarascio t1_iu2zk1o wrote

This was just a known opportunity in earnings to withdraw money from the market by hedge funds.

Nothing tethered to value of Amazon.


cremaster_shake t1_iu3p9e3 wrote

A lot of internet businesses are basically Ponzi schemes, with their theoretical value tied to growth and unrelated to reality. If they don't grow, it proves the value is inflated, and then big sad.


ElectrikDonuts t1_iu4shz0 wrote

Their P/E ratio is based on absurd growth. Stock is going to crash hard if they become a no longer a growth company company.

Growth is effectively a lever arm on share price, and it goes both ways


Mist_Rising t1_iu2psge wrote

>How much money is enough?

I'm fairly sure almost nobody has ever said "I'm being paid enough, let's cut my wages." If they did, check the perks benefits.


calicat9 t1_iu2r0mp wrote

I'm thinking of the corporation and their loyalty to the stockholders, who don't actually contribute to the bottom line. Even if sales went stagnant, they would still make money. But it wouldn't be enough, so they'd sell and move on. That drives the stock down and gives the illusion of a declining company. With steady sales. Get where I'm going with this?


Willsmithsdignity t1_iu2zwsx wrote

Credit for using almost. Really cuts down the few examples as people get pedantic.


Mist_Rising t1_iu37g12 wrote

I almost didn't, but I know there one or two folks who probably have.


Agent_Angelo_Pappas t1_iu3rn9c wrote

Amazon isn’t the only company to invest money in. This isn’t about people not accepting what Amazon is doing, it’s more them thinking maybe there might be other companies that do better and preferring to gamble on them instead.

If Amazon projects lower growth you really don’t think it’s reasonable for some investors to look around and see if there’s companies more optimistic and switch over their holdings? Because that’s what is happening here.


Old_timey_brain t1_iu3ywy1 wrote

> How much money is enough?

Enough is knowing you can sustain your lifestyle for a time with no income. A safety shield. A sensible thing.

Sometimes though, when the money is coming in strong, the lifestyle bumps up a step and it takes more to sustain it so the safety net must get bigger.

Then comes the fear of losing some of those gains, so the safety net must become even larger.

Enough money is a state of mind which many of us need to learn, or re-learn.


Weak-Rip-8650 t1_iu3yy8i wrote

When a stock is overvalued as fuck by people counting on more growth then yes.


Ronaldo_Frumpalini t1_iu67vcw wrote

No amount. If you spend all your money at Amazon they need to sell your time to companies through ads for products which if they thought were right for you would have already been the top option anyways. We must become the product as they become a worse and worse company.


mojizus t1_iu2s9gy wrote

They have to slow down at some point right? They’re going through the labor force with a meat grinder.

Is there just going to be people applying to Amazon in perpetuity? The turnover rate is ridiculous. How is that sustainable?


Willsmithsdignity t1_iu36qy9 wrote

The answer is yes. People keep applying. I know because I train them.

The other answer is more complicated. If you hire 10 people and 5 stick and then hire 10 more people and 5 stick then you have 10 people there but you also lost 10 people and had 100% turnover. It's not that hard to hire for the same spot multiple times until you find the person who stays and end up with those numbers.

It's way more complex than that and there are other factors but it's at least partially that as far as I remember.

Also a looooooooooooooooot of people who quit come back. Amazon knows they will too. They're borderline arrogant about it. In the weekly newsletter (posted in the bathroom and called InSTALLments) it will often remind people that if they're gonna leave, to talk to HR and leave correctly so that it will be easy when they return.


Where_Da_BBWs_At t1_iu3er4z wrote

Lol, at the orientation I went to they openly bragged that they replaced 800 hundred people every 3 months.

I only lasted 2 months before I chose to never go back, but there definitely were people there who were repeat offenders. According to them, if they were to quit, they would be eligible for rehiring exactly 6 months. Claimed doing so gave them an extra 10 days of PTO per year.


BiggumsTimbleton t1_iu4h0d8 wrote

What locations were they able to hire 800 in 3 months? The postal service has a starting pay of $18 and change for carriers and it's almost near impossible to hire people and keep them despite the benefits. (once they are career employees anyway)

Amazon can't be much more competitive than that so I'm assuming the only way they're able to get that many people is that they're in a dense area that's poor where they're able to take advantage. Unless if I'm missing something and someone else has more insight.


Where_Da_BBWs_At t1_iu504sz wrote

This was one of their largest fulfillment centers in the nation in one of the largest industrial districts in the nation.

Amazon was able to find employees by paying considerably more than almost everybody else. But as every other place in the area raised their wages to retain staff, there has definitely been diminishing returns.


solarnuggets t1_iu35pwd wrote

I read an article not to long ago that with how quickly Amazon is moving through the workforce they’re set to run out of people to hire by like 2024 or something


KJBenson t1_iu3lj1f wrote

Every year there’s a fresh batch of 18 year olds on the market.

Yes Amazon can just grind through them all until they burn them out. The pay is very competitive for teenager jobs.


Ronaldo_Frumpalini t1_iu688xg wrote

Its sustainable because all the major corporations do it so people have to regret working for one company after another. The idea that employers have to pay employees amount they accept for the work they do was naïve. They can just cycle through us.


Hypnotic_Delta t1_iu2u0nm wrote

It’s shocking headlines like this..we built a system that MUST keep growing, more plastics, more stuff, more and more..and if it starts to slow down, the system starts to melt down. We’ve pinned ourselves in such a dangerous corner.


GrumpyGrinch1 t1_iu2t6mr wrote

I don't know- Amazon has a working business model that I understand. Meta on the other hand...


veerKg_CSS_Geologist t1_iu39dv0 wrote

Amazon sells products. With Meta, you are the product (which they sell to advertisers).


lurq_king t1_iu2inkx wrote

My heart bleeds lumpy custard


HungryGiantMan t1_iu3sabq wrote

Amazon's 'dynamic pricing' is making shit on there too expensive.

Then they added a service charge for groceries. Whole Foods meats have gone up 30% in price since the Pandemic started as well.

Also, the one time people buy shit non-stop for 6 months is when they get a new house, which also has slowed


cremaster_shake t1_iu3p668 wrote

We're buying almost nothing we can literally live without, these days. Artificial inflation is just way too high.

If prices go down again, fine. If they don't, we'll be glad we weren't spending our money on non-essentials.


G00nScape t1_iu2rwpn wrote

Oh no, I really feel for the stockholders.



TwilitSky t1_iu2jwj1 wrote

What's it going to say "we're in a complete shitstom and are slated to lose trillions! Sell! Sell now!?"



audiofx330 t1_iu2smpj wrote

All the money went to corporate profits...


H3rbert_K0rnfeld t1_iu5kcb6 wrote

No... Only buys from Amazon will be drastically lower.

Somone has forgotten who feeds who. That's what you get for being a dystopian corp.


justforthearticles20 t1_iu5uh9c wrote

Making an announcement like that was guaranteed to tank Amazon's stocks. Some people got much richer short selling Amazon today.


CritaCorn t1_iu3fh0j wrote

Michel Burry predicted this along with the 2008 crash but…what’s he know right?