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Mist_Rising t1_iu2psge wrote

>How much money is enough?

I'm fairly sure almost nobody has ever said "I'm being paid enough, let's cut my wages." If they did, check the perks benefits.


calicat9 t1_iu2r0mp wrote

I'm thinking of the corporation and their loyalty to the stockholders, who don't actually contribute to the bottom line. Even if sales went stagnant, they would still make money. But it wouldn't be enough, so they'd sell and move on. That drives the stock down and gives the illusion of a declining company. With steady sales. Get where I'm going with this?


Willsmithsdignity t1_iu2zwsx wrote

Credit for using almost. Really cuts down the few examples as people get pedantic.


Mist_Rising t1_iu37g12 wrote

I almost didn't, but I know there one or two folks who probably have.